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New crop circle in Robella, Italy gives formula for energy?

A brand new crop circle appeared in Robella, Italy. It appears to be the third in a sequence of stars which began in June of 2010  –  all in Northern Italy. The star in June 2010 was six-pointed, in June of 2011 a seven pointed star appeared, and now this eight pointed star  –  all of them seem to contain what looks like a binary code.
Near Asti, at the foot of Robella (just over 500 inhabitants) is located by Sunday morning a new and interesting crop circle. At first glance the dimensions seem relevant, and good workmanship. Very soon the community of the circles will certainly searching for the symbolic meaning of those shapes, and then we will give account  –  for example  –  of the meaning of those points within a triangle perimeter of the crop circle, the work of artists and certainly not pranksters or newbies (nor even aliens).
As you can see from the video below, some have calculated out the code within the star yesterday to represent elements on the periodic chart: Potassium, Hydrogen, Deuterium and Sulfur. If this is correct, what are the implications of this code? We can look at the basic information known about these elements and then play detective  –  seeing what might come out of the simple act of looking.

Hydrogen is the ‘simplest and most abundant element in the universe.’ Hydrogen is the raw fuel stars burn in order to create energy and is an important part of the manifested liquid form of water.
Deuterium is an isotope of hydrogen  –  also known as ‘heavy hydrogen’ and is abundant in the earth’s oceans. It is a key element in nuclear power  –  also thought to be essential in the creation of energy. In Science Daily May of 2009,an ultra-dense form of Deuterium was supposedly ‘the nuclear fuel of the future’, with a density rivaling the core of the sun. Apparently this ultra-dense deuterium would be an extremely efficient energy only producing byproducts of helium and hydrogen verses the dangerous radioactive counterparts of other nuclear creations. Deuterium is thought to be common in the giant planet of Jupiter.
Sulfur, the tenth most prevalent element in the universe, is believed to be produced within stars and is present within meteorites. On Earth sulfur is found near hot springs and volcanoes and Jupiter’s volcanic moon is thought to contain large amounts of sulfur due to it’s coloring. Sulfur is a common and important element used in mercurial alchemy and was given the symbol of a triangle resting on a cross. This element has been widely used to treat skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema  –  all irritants.
Potassium in its stable state is formed in a supernova and apparently cannot be created on earth as it is too volatile and ‘reacts violently with water’ -which is interesting because it is present in nearly every food on the planet. Our nervous systems absolutely must have potassium in order to run. According to sources, potassium is the ‘8th or 9th most common element by mass in our bodies and there are equal quantities of sulfur in the body as well as chloride. Only calcium and phosphorus are more abundant in the physical human vehicle.
So what is the meaning of all this? What was trying to be communicated through this latest crop circle? Perhaps it is all misinformed, or perhaps there is some sort of message regarding the creation of energy for this planet and the potentially ‘alchemical’ process involved. The eight points on the star seem to point to ‘infinity’  –  maybe an ‘infinite’ source of energy? Whatever it means, it has become more and more clear over the years of appearing crop circles that some sort of information is being communicated through their deep symbolism. Our ability to interpret may only be as accurate as we are open to receive.
The words that seem to pop out when considering these four elements are: Abundant, Energy, Alchemical & Vital.
Whether you believe that crop circles, like the newest one in Robella, Italy, come from extraterrestrial life or not  –  something must be said for the intricate designs and obvious coded messages therein. Another who is more versed in elemental combining might be able to assess a deeper meaning of these four elements presenting themselves in binary code yesterday in Italy. To those who have eyes to see  –  let them see. What do you see?

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Kaikōura, New Zealand UFO sighting still flummoxing locals 40 years later


© Image – supplied; Video – The Project

Forty years on from an unidentified flying object (UFO) sighting that put Kaikōura in the international spotlight, those who witnessed the strange occurrences are still confused by what they saw.

Three bright lights appeared in the Kaikōura sky in December 1978, bewildering those to witness it – including air traffic controllers John Cordy and Andy Herd.

It was even caught on camera by an Australian film crew who was in the area trying to capture footage of them.

Journalist Quentin Fogarty said they were transfixed by the mysterious lights, some of which were the size of a house.

“We saw this string of lights, it started as a small pinpoint of light then grew into this large pulsating globe with tinges of orange and red,” he said.

“I’m sitting there transfixed – we were told after it was about the size of a house.”

The objects even appeared on radar, further confusing air traffic staff.

The Muldoon Government said it was squid boats, the moonlight bouncing off cabbages or Venus rising – but those who were there aren’t convinced.

“Come on, radar returns from a field of cabbages? Squid boats doing 180 knots at 14,000 feet?” said Mr Cordy.

Even Mr Herd, a sceptic according to his son, believed the flashing lights were not normal.

“My father was a very sensible man,” Daniel Herd said. “It would have taken a lot for him to believe that this was something as unusual as he did believe that it was.”

Further complicating the mystery is other sightings of UFOs six years earlier in 1972, and a US scientist who studied the lights admitting he believed it wasn’t a hoax… or explainable as squid boats.

You can watch Newshub’s video coverage here.

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Watch How A Lightning Strike Temporarily Disables This UFO’s Cloaking Shield

It seems electrical disturbances have an impact on a UFO’s cloaking device, as evidenced by the following video.

An unidentified flying object’s cloaking shield is one of its best assets since it allows the craft’s occupants to remain undetected while performing their obscure activities on Earth.

Visible light can be considered an oscillating electric and magnetic field and because the cloaking shield works on a visible level, it must operate on some kind of electromagnetic principle we’ve yet to discover. You know what else is electromagnetic? The immense power surge caused by a lightning strike. So it makes sense that when a camouflaged UFO is hit by the thousand or so Giga Watts discharged by a lightning bolt, some interference may occur.

In the following video we are treated to the rare sight of such a phenomenon.

During a recent thunderstorm in the U.S., a large, circular UFO became visible after coming in contact with the immense voltage of an electrical discharge between clouds. It is unclear whether the craft was accidentally hit or it was there exactly for that reason. Perhaps these advanced vehicles are able to harvest energy from a variety of sources, including, but not limited to volcanoes, lightning and solar wind.

After lightning touches its surface, the UFO becomes visible for approximately 30 seconds during which it remains lit and illuminates the sky and clouds surrounding its massive body. Once the UFO disappears, the surrounding area returns to its normal luminosity.

Although videos like this are rare, they are not unheard of. In a previous article, we showed you a fleet of UFOs recharging their batteries during a thunderstorm. Another video that quickly went viral featured a creepy UFO exiting a lightning storm at a high velocity.

It’s obvious that aliens always need two things: human specimens and a whole lot of power.


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Forestry Worker Attacked By Aliens In Scotland

A seemingly unprovoked attack on a Scottish forestry worker over 30 years ago has been recounted by the victim, who still has no idea why he was targeted.

The forestry worker, Robert Taylor, arrived at work as usual on a typically cold November morning and began walking towards the job site through a woodland path only to emerge into a clearing and see the alien craft.

He described the object as spherical, around 20-30 feet in diameter and hovering around 15 feet from the ground. Shortly after this two objects fell from the craft resembling world war two sea mines, rolled towards him and attached themselves to his hips. As the objects approached, he remembered smelling burning, and shortly after they attached themselves to him they began to pull him towards the main craft.

At this point, he lost consciousness and remembers nothing of whatever happened next. After he came to the object was gone, leaving only marks in the ground below where the craft had been, a graze on his forehead and what he described as an incredible thirst. He also believed at the time that he was not unconscious for more than a minute or two, although was somewhat disoriented by the events.

What provoked the attack is unknown, although presumably, the craft was not expecting Taylor to approach it. Some have speculated that the aliens abducted Taylor in an attempt to erase his memory of having seen them. Others that he was experimented on, and that his time aboard the craft may have been much longer than he thought at the time.

Unlike the majority of UFO sightings or abduction experiences, there are seemingly no arguments forthcoming that the events could have come from a man-made source. Experimental aircraft would not have accounted for the spherical objects that pulled Taylor towards the ship, nor the lack of consciousness. Not to mention that West Lothian where the attack took place is not a location known for its abundance of secret military test bases.

The full eyewitness account of the abduction can be found here:

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