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New Chupacabra story surfaces in Puerto Rico

New Chupacabra story surfaces in Puerto Rico 1

The tale describes an encounter wih a strange creature that took place earlier this month in Guayama.
According to the report, Rey D. Rodrνguez ( nicknamed ‘Chaka’ ) and his nephew had been using a pickup truck to find and round-up his cattle. Night had fallen and the men were using the truck’s lights along with a powerful flashlight to help them find the animals. As they were leaving, Chaka spotted a pair of red eyes darting through the darkness. Turning the truck around, they pursued the animal believing it to be one of the cows, but when they finally came face to face with the creature it turned out to be something altogether unexpected.
Described as an orange/yellowish humanoid with red eyes and quills down its back, the creature dashed in to the undergrowth as they approached. Chaka attempted to pursue the intruder and managed to keep up for a time but it was ultimately too quick for him and eventually disappeared.
The following week, reports surfaced of attacks on animals with the mysterious slaughter of two mares and two calves in the area. The case remains both unverified and unexplained.

Chaka reached for his flashlight, got out of the vehicle and pointed it at the figure. He was only able to make out the glow of a single eye; we are uncertain if this was due to tis position. It had a yellowish or bright orange color that gradually diminished in brightness. He also noticed the figure had something strange on its head and back, resembling quills.

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