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New Car Runs on Air and Water! Bye Bye Gasoline!

New Car Runs on Air and Water! Bye Bye Gasoline! 1

Glenn Canady

Amazing technology from an Israeli company has created a new type of battery using aluminum, water and air that recharges the normal lithium ion thus giving this electric car a 1,000 mile range!   This type of technology has been hidden from us for a long time.  Be sure to also watch the second video also and you’ll hear from Gordon Duff of VeteransToday how we’ve had free energy and antigravity technology since 1945!  Spread this information everywhere so we can’t be kept slaves anymore!

A Car That Runs on Air, Water: Here’s How It Works

US has had Free Energy and Antigravity Since 1945!  Gordon Duff

31 Minute Mark is when Gordon goes into Free Energy!


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