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Near Death Experience: Man describes a Tunnel of Light and a Journey among the Stars

Near Death Experience: Man describes a Tunnel of Light and a Journey among the Stars 7

A man who died temporarily claims to have traveled through a tunnel of light, then told the story of the universe and time and was taught all that was known by a mysterious higher being.

Providing his name only as Fred, he describes the suffering of a serious and unknown illness when he died clinically for several minutes. Although he was brought back to life by paramedics after a short time, Fred said the experience seemed like an eternity.

Near Death Experience: Man describes a Tunnel of Light and a Journey among the Stars 8

The witness said he was dying, then he began to see the walls all around his room falling down and he began to see a bright light through a tunnel. “From this light came a ladder with a man coming towards me,” Fred says to the British tabloid Daily Express.

The mysterious man introduced himself as “HeaTayaham” and led Fred up the stairs and through a bright tunnel. Fred wrote this story at the Near Death Experience Research Foundation: “He took me by the hand at an extraordinary pace through a tunnel and then through all the space and all the other planets that existed. Moving into space, he explained everything to me and wanted to show me everything he had already created. He was “downloading” information on how everything was done, how long it took. ” Fred then said that the man “transmitted” a new language to him in his vocabulary, which will allow him to communicate at any time, before returning him to his hospital bed.

Near Death Experience: Man describes a Tunnel of Light and a Journey among the Stars 9

Fred continued: “What he left me was a language I can communicate with him. He took me back to my room where everything was as it was. “Then he told me:” Remember. If you think you can’t find me, use the language I gave you and I’ll answer you. It took me a week before I could walk after this event. The rhythm through the universe was so intense that it made my legs numb and I could not walk. In the following months, I could hear a voice, but in a language I could not understand. I could even speak that language, but I couldn’t understand what I was saying.

NDE’s such as that experienced by Fred is not uncommon and researchers believe they can have an explanation. Sam Parnia, head of intensive care and resuscitation research at NYU Langone School of Medicine in New York, told Oz Talk: “People describe the feeling of a bright, warm and welcoming light that attracts them. They describe the feeling of seeing their dead relatives, almost as if they had come to receive them. They usually say that they didn’t want to come back in many cases, it’s so comfortable and it’s like a magnet that attracts them and they don’t want to go back.

Near Death Experience: Man describes a Tunnel of Light and a Journey among the Stars 10

Many people describe the feeling of parting with themselves and observing doctors and nurses working on them.

Doctor Parnia says there are scientific explanations for the reaction and says that seeing people is not a test of the afterlife, but the brain is more likely to be analyzed as a survival technique. He said: Death through modern technology and science should not be limited to philosophy and religion, but can be exploited through science. They can listen to things and record all the conversations that are happening around them. Obviously many researchers and scientists think differently about what Dr. Parnia says. There is a lot of convincing evidence in which many people describe their experiences of NDE – Near Death Experience, separation from the body and journeys to the afterlife with flat ECG, then return to the body and daily life.

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