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Nazi UFO model kit pulled from store shelves

Nazi UFO model kit pulled from store shelves 1

Image Credit: Amazon / Revell

The model kit has now been discontinued. 

Model company Revell took the decision to discontinue the kit due to complaints over its historical accuracy.

Dubbed ‘Haunebu II’, the model flying saucer, which is pictured on the box shooting at Allied aircraft with its built-in machine guns, is described as being the first man-made object in outer space with a top speed of 6,000 kilometers per hour.

Its release drew ire from both The German Children’s Protection Association (DKSB) and Dresden’s Military History Museum (MHM) due to the lack of disclosure over its clearly fictional nature.

Although Revell is known to produce models of both real-life war machines and fictional spaceships, this unusual cross-over has been accused of perpetuating the myth that the Nazis possessed the technology necessary to build highly advanced space-faring vehicles in the 1940s.

“At that time it was technologically impossible to build something like this,” said Military History Museum historian Jens Wehner. “Enthusiasts can use this as a strategy to cast doubt on what we know today about National Socialism.”

It is understood that no further units of the controversial new model will be produced.

Source: Popular Mechanics

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