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NASA Pictures Of Nephilim Giants’ Anomalies, Fact Or Faked?

NASA Pictures Of Nephilim Giants’ Anomalies, Fact Or Faked? 5


NASA Pictures Of Nephilim Giants’ Anomalies, Fact Or Faked? 6

A note: One way to find the origin of an image is to make a copy and save it to your desktop or a folder where you can easily find it.  Then open Google images and drap and drop the photo into the search engine.  Google will find all similar images then and list the website.  This is a good way to find the first posting of an image.  This method will also work with the Snippet tool that comes with Windows 7.  Open the Snippet tooll and draw a box anround a still image in YouTube, then drag and drop this image into Google Images search.

Some may recognize images from the contest to create archaeological anomalies such as giants. Below is one of the fake photos from a contest that has been widely circulated on the web as real.  While I am not saying there were no giants in the past,  one must still beware of the many hoaxes and try to find the source of these hoaxes.

Giant Skeleton 1

Here is another manipulated photo from the same contest/

NASA Pictures Of Nephilim Giants’ Anomalies, Fact Or Faked? 7


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