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NASA is in touch with at least 4 distinct kinds of aliens

NASA is in touch with at least 4 distinct kinds of aliens 1

Weird how NASA forgot to enlighten the people with the fact it has established a contact with aliens. Recently, Trish Chamberson, an official delegate for NASA, ratified the presence of extra – terrestrial life and declared aliens have been visiting Earth for thousands of years.

People who were interested in extra – terrestrial affairs had some theories and beliefs that were declined by NASA as unproven. However, recently, during her two – hour conference, Trish Chamberson corroborated how these theories happened in the real world. In addition to that, she delivered other, astounding affirmations that the alien species known as the Greys are visiting us regularly for over thousands of years. Moreover, she claimed that some of these aliens even helped building the enormous structures like the pyramids around the globe.

The NASA representative stated: “There are so many films, documentaries and TV programs on aliens, that we thought everyone was aware of them by now.”

Trish Chamberson also discussed several theories about alien mining procedures in the solar system. She said that one of their fields is on the far part of the Moon and that the other planets in the solar system were being evaluated for minerals. Furthermore, she said that the visible new rings around Jupiter are a result of the aliens mining it.

In her conference, Trish stated NASA has friendly, amiable relationship and communication with four distinctive alien species living on different locations in the space. She continued explaining how the aliens don’t have an intention to compete with the humanity but have many worries about the nuclear weapon’s testing which is destroying not only the Earth but the galaxy as well.

Trish Chamberson says: “The aliens are actually harmless and only interested in the planet’s natural resources.”

About the issue of the mysteriously abducted people, Trish Chamberson didn’t confirm if it is alien’s deed or not.

NASA’s representative says they fully forgot to mention anything to the public because of their preoccupation with back – engineering their technology. All they confirm is that the aliens have base on the distant part of the moon and that they are mining the planets in our solar system at this moment. Starting from Jupiter, they plan to continue on the other planets. Trish Chamberson described them as creatures that don’t talk too much but always grumble about the humanity’s examinations of nuclear weapon.


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