NASA is Confused: Hubble Space Telescope Shows ‘Something Strange’ Is Happening with our Universe ‘simulation’

The Hubble Space Telescope is one of the most powerful instruments known to the world when it comes to interstellar measurements. Hubble is currently working on a large-scale mission to determine how fast our universe is expanding. Now new results show that the universe is not expanding at the same rate. 

The telescope, launched in 1990, has helped astronomers identify 40 space and time “poles” that measure the expansion rate of the universe. Now, however, NASA scientists have come to the stunning conclusion that “something strange” is happening to our universe. They discovered a discrepancy between the current rate of expansion and the rate that was immediately after the Big Bang, which happened about 14 billion years ago.

In a statement, the agency said: “Attempts to estimate the expansion rate of the universe began as early as the 1920s with measurements by astronomers Edwin Hubble and Georges Lemaitre.”

“This led to the discovery in 1998 of dark energy, a mysterious repulsive force that accelerates the expansion of the universe.”

“Over the past few years, thanks to data from Hubble and other telescopes, astronomers have discovered another interesting point, namely the discrepancy between the expansion rate observed in the near Universe and independent observations regarding the period immediately after the Big Bang, which predict different expansion rate.”

The reason for this discrepancy remains a mystery.”

Conspiracists: Simulation or black hole?

Edwin Hubble, who lived at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries is rightfully considered one of the greatest astronomers in history and the father of cosmology. His most important achievement was the so-called Hubble law – a system of equations describing the expansion of the universe. 

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The equations are built around the H coefficient, the so-called Hubble constant, which relates the distance to very distant objects from us with the speed of their movement. Therefore, when the Americans launched their telescope, they named it Hubble not so much in recognition of the scientist’s merits, but because of the tasks that were set for the telescope. And the main task there was the refinement of the Hubble constant. 

NASA refined this constant for 30 years only with the help of a telescope, and even before that it was refined for a hundred years, but now Hubble has finally measured the redshift of the nearest galaxies and, based on this, astronomers have concluded that the local universe is expanding for some reason faster than the global one. That is, the galaxies around the Milky Way have been flying away unexpectedly rapidly from us in recent years, which contradicts the laws of nature. 

While officials try to understand what is happening, conspiracy theorists interested in astronomy are presenting their versions, of which there are only two: a simulation and a black hole.

So, if a black hole appeared in the solar system, then the space-time around us was slightly deformed and this gives such an effect of the expansion of galaxies during astronomical observations. It is even possible that the Earth is now falling into this black hole and not the galaxies are moving away from us, but we are flying into some kind of spiral tunnel. 

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The second version is the Matrix, a simulation in which something went wrong again and the projector showing the cosmic sphere broke down slightly, or there is some other new program.

Conspiracy theorists do not know Which of the two theories is more correct, but in any case, the circus observed around definitely ends and the puppeteers in the arena are counting off the last numbers. It remains only to understand what colour rabbit will be their latest, out of the hat. 


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