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Mystery Kalachi sleep epidemic continues

Mystery Kalachi sleep epidemic continues 1

Villagers in a remote Kazakhstan village are still inexplicably falling asleep for days at a time.

The peculiar malady, which has afflicted as many as 100 people over the last two years, has now become so notorious that the people of Kalachi have taken to calling the place “Sleepy Hollow”.

The ailment sees people suddenly falling asleep out of the blue and sometimes remaining that way for several days.

In one of the most recent cases eight children fell asleep within the space of an hour on the first day of school in September.

In another a total of 20 people fell unconscious at around the same time and couldn’t be roused for several days. One ambulance driver even reported encountering as many as 60 people who were suffering from the condition during his visit to the village to investigate the phenomenon.

Whole groups of doctors, virologists, radiologists and toxicologists have all been to the village at various times but to date nobody has been able to find a conclusive explanation.

A Russia Today documentary detailing the mystery can be viewed below.


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