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Mystery in Singapore: Huge alligator-sized “prehistoric” fish found dead on the beach

Mystery in Singapore: Huge alligator-sized "prehistoric" fish found dead on the beach 1

The locals thought it was a crocodile until they realized it was a huge fish – The body referred to a prehistoric fish with large jaws and teeth.

Surprised were the locals Singapore, when a Briton identified monstrous ‘prehistoric’ fish on the banks of the reservoir of MacRitchie, which is considered the oldest.

The species has been named a “living fossil” because of its biology, which is reminiscent of its early ancestors and can breathe air and water.

The huge alligator- sized fish is a mystery. The locals were shocked by the discovery.

The 31-year-old Karen Lythgoe, who is working on the documentary, recorded the location of the huge fish, which does not thrive in the wild in the area.

Many could see the fish, but from a distance it was not clear what it was.

At first, it was thought to be a crocodile. But Karen and her team thought such a scenario seemed unlikely, so they went out of their way to take a closer look.

” Ιτ was not a crocodile! “It was like a species you could see in a zoo – it looked prehistoric with its big jaws and teeth, ” she said.

At first, everyone was shocked and tried to find out how he got to that point. Others thought it was a predator, as it looked like an alligator.

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The monstrous creature has now been identified

The answer has deepened the mystery. In a joint statement, the city’s water agency and the National Parks Board said the creature was an alligator fish – a fish that originated in the southern United States, about 10,000 miles away.

The species is called a “living fossil” because much of its biology can be traced back to its early ancestors.

As for how the creature ended up in Singapore, authorities believe it was kept as a pet and released as soon as it was very old.

Young alligator fish – on average about 20 cm – can be purchased at local fish markets, according to local reports.

I am shocked that someone could be so irresponsible in releasing it into the wild. “It’s a top predator, so it really affects the ecosystem,”  Karen said.


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