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Mysterious Tic Tac-Shaped UFO’s scared the crews of US warships for several days

Mysterious Tic Tac-Shaped UFO's scared the crews of US warships for several days 1

By mid-to-late July 2019, at least four U.S. warships patrolling off the coast of California saw mysterious bright UFOs flying at speeds far exceeding the speeds of available spacecraft and drones.

Researchers have seized the logs of four US Navy ships off the coast of California in the Los Angeles area, through the US Freedom of Information Act. The unidentified crafts, described in the logs as “Unmanned Aerial Vehicles,” buzzed three destroyers for several days

These incidents occurred in July 2019 and it was noted that these objects were flying in the sky very fast, at speeds far exceeding the capabilities of any modern drone. These incidents were also reported to the FBI, and the US Navy launched an investigation into what these mysterious “drones” were. It is not known if they found the answer to this question.

Mysterious Tic Tac-Shaped UFO's scared the crews of US warships for several days 2

It all started at 22:00 on July 14, 2019, when two UFOs were spotted by the USS Kidd. Minutes later, the USS Kidd went into silent operation, minimizing communication as they believed they were under threat.

The crew then contacted the nearby warship USS Rafael Peralta, and it was later found that other warships patrolling nearby, noticed strange lights in the sky. At 22:03, the USS John Finn reported the observation of a “drone swarm” and noted that the objects were flashing red light, and it was clear that their capabilities were far beyond the capabilities of known and non-military drones.

The next night, they returned and began observing the ships again as they patrolled closer to mainland California. U.S. warships reportedly have advanced detection systems, but they could not detect these strange UFO drones in advance.

Mysterious Tic Tac-Shaped UFO's scared the crews of US warships for several days 3

That night, the swarm was much more active and observed the ships for three whole hours, approaching them regularly, then moving away and then approaching again, the USS Russell crew spotted nine mysterious UFOs in less than an hour, flying between 1,000 and 700 feet and seemed capable of moving in any direction.

The three-hour UFO sighting lasted until almost midnight, and none of the U.S. warships could say with certainty where these aircraft came from. The Navy’s top management was immediately informed, including the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) and the Commander of the Pacific Fleet. The Los Angeles FBI also investigated the incident.

Subsequent research revealed that there were only a few civilian ships in the area, which could potentially be used as a landing site for these ‘drones’. There was an initial suspicion that these Mysterious drones could have come from a nearby catamaran, the ORV Alguita. 

However, what they actually found is that Alguita had under it’s possession well-known commercial drone and it quickly became clear that they were not capable of such “aeronautical achievements” as those flying over and frightening the crews of the US warships.

The swarm of drones or UFOs disappeared for ten days, and reappeared on July 25 and 30. And although at that time a classified investigation was already in full swing, these mysterious aircraft could not be detected by anyone. 

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Researchers are very confused by these incidents, and especially by the characteristics and speed of these drones and the fact that one could control six such drones simultaneously in difficult conditions of poor visibility. Whether they were terrestrial drones and unearthly origin UFOs, is still an unsolved mystery.


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