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Mysterious sounds over the Mediterranean Sea

Mysterious sounds over the Mediterranean Sea 1

In December last year, information appeared on the net about strange voices that came as if from the sky and scared the inhabitants of one of the cities of the Netherlands. Their nature has not yet been established.

Mysterious sounds over the Mediterranean Sea 2

After some time, a new case — a terrible roar came from the Mediterranean Sea.

Residents say that the sound did not appear for a short time, but for three days in a row (watch the video at the end). The sound was not buzzing in a specific place, but spread throughout the coastline of Africa.

The authorities tried to convince people that these sounds were made by whales. But even the people who trusted the authorities the most did not believe their words.

Everyone knows that whales are not found in the Mediterranean Sea. And the whales cannot scream so terribly, for so long and so that their roar was heard for several kilometers.

There are cases around the world with similar sounds, which are already called the “Trumpets of the Apocalypse.” Some believe that this is the influence of extraterrestrial intelligence, while others think that it is the military testing new types of weapons.

Ordinary people are already tired of the ongoing war so they perceive these sounds as getting a means to escape from their difficult life.

You can listen to these creepy sounds that scared the people of Libya. Is this a bad sign — unknown. Who and for what purpose created them?


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