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Mysterious sea creature washed ashore at a Jomoro beach

Mysterious sea creature washed ashore at a Jomoro beach 1

A huge mammal has been found at the shores of the Asanta Beach in the Jomoro District of the Western Region. The mammal is reported to weigh between six and eight tonnes.

The decomposed sea creature was washed ashore about three days ago but residents, who are mostly fishermen, say they can only bury it on Tuesday since that is the only time they do not go fishing.

According to residents, the stench emanating from the mammal is disturbing and makes it hard to for them to breathe.

A business man, Isaac Bentum Williams who was at the shore said the mammal may be an endangered species which requires further studies by scientists and researchers.

Mr. Williams told Joy News the head of the mammal looks like the crocodile while its tail looks like that of a whale.

He said vultures have already started feeding on the intestines of the creature which is already rotting.

Jomoro beach creature 2



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