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Bizzare & Odd

Mysterious phenomenon in Wichita neighborhood

Mysterious phenomenon in Wichita neighborhood 1

Jim Grawe, [email protected]

The weirdness began Tuesday morning when the pond outside his Wichita house took on a pinkish color.  Within a few hours, it had turned blood red.

Fernandez says the pond is full of fish, and there’s no indication any have died because of this.  There’s also no odor.

Fernandez took a photo last week of the pond when it was frozen-over.  At that time, an unusual pink pattern had formed in the ice.

“I just don’t want any zombies  coming out of there!” he says.

Fernandez posted photos on Facebook, and within just a few hours friends have shared them around the world.  Some suspect it’s algae, while others wonder if it’s caused by iron.  There are all sorts of theories.

“I just don’t want people showing up, thinking this is some Biblical phenomenon or something like that,” Fernandez says.

We tried to get in touch with an expert to find out what may be to blame for the red water, but had no luck.

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