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Mysterious pentagram appears in Aktau

Mysterious pentagram appears in Aktau 1

A new Google maps mystery has appeared to rack our brains. A five-pointed star or a mysterious pentagram is 200 meters (656 feet) in diameter and is situated somewhere near Aktau and Akshukur village, Tengrinews reports referring to Lada.

The symbol etched on uninhabited lands of Western Kazakhstan can be found at +43°43’46.07” +51°07’43.02” on the Google Maps.

No one can explain the origins of the pentagram in Aktau. The symbol has evoked superstitious associations among some internet folks. However, the hard-core realists believe the strokes of the five-point star are the marks of motor delta plane carts.

The Aktau pentagram is not the first one found in Kazakhstan. Daily Mail reported the first pentagram that appeared in Kostanai Oblast, some 12 miles from Lisakovsk town earlier this year. There were several explanations of the mysterious five-pointed star of around 365 meters (1,200 feet) in diameter situated on the shore of a desolate lake in Kostanai Oblast. The Dail Mail quoted Kurt Yates, from Seattle, Washington who claims to be a pilot: “It’s probably an abandoned surface to air missile site. I was a military pilot and these things are all over the place in areas that use(d) Russian (Soviet) air defense systems.” He said that the shape is linked with the tracking radars work during the Soviets. However the conspiracy theory was proved wrong, when archeologist Emma Usmanova told LiveScience that the pentagram was an outline of a park created sometime in the 70s. Star-shaped parks were not unusual for the Soviets as the symbol was popular.

But the question remains: is the pentagram in Aktau another remnant of the Soviet Era, or maybe something else?



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