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Mysterious Orbs Seen Rising Out of Large Hole in Spain

Mysterious Orbs Seen Rising Out of Large Hole in Spain 7

“What is clear is that it is a cylindrical object of two meters in length. No doubt it is not part of a terrestrial technology so it could be a sort of robotic probe programmed to monitor what happens on our planet.”

We’ll let you draw your own conclusions after watching videos that surfaced on YouTube recently – the first showing a high-speed cylindrical UFO and the second showing night-vision images of what appear to be orbs exiting from a hole or cave in the ground near where the first was taken in La Rioja in northern Spain. The source claims there are more. Let’s see if the next one is worth waiting for.

(Watch the first video here.)

The videos come from YouTube channel Verdad Oculta (Hidden Truth) and the first was published on January 25, 2019. Taken by drone, it shows something flying by the camera at a high speed that most people would initially consider to be an insect. However, Verdad Oculta’s analysis puts it as being too big and too fast to be a bug and speculates that it could be “a new type of UFO that takes off from an extraterrestrial base hidden somewhere in Spain.” That’s an awfully big stretch from this one video that again, most would say is a bug or possibly CGI. Some comments refer to a “Utah drone video” which appears to be this one (see it here) posted on January 12 showing a similar UFO that similarly could be a bug or CGI.

Mysterious Orbs Seen Rising Out of Large Hole in Spain 8

Inspired by the excitement said to have been generated by the video (over 1 million views – not too shabby), Inexplicada reports this week that another crew of investigators led by Nacho Rojo met with the authors of the original video and visited the UFO site. There they found “La Grieta” (the Crack), a “vast” cavern “20 meters in length,” which mean either a diameter (big) or a circumference (not so big) of 65 feet which the authors were now saying was the origin point of the UFO. Not seeing anything during the day (but picking up some nice drone shots), this team set up infrared night vision cameras and … well, here’s what they said:

“(We captured) something no one was prepared to see. We couldn’t believe it. Not just one UFO, but two, and they crossed each other’s path in the sky. These are anomalies that shine like stars in a linear travel path, but they are not airplanes,” concludes the researchers, adding that “this is the first video-program of all the material we have, and believe me, the best is still to come.””

(Watch the latest video here.)

While not jumping to any conclusions, Nacho Rojo says “many have questioned the veracity of the recordings and many believe there is no extraterrestrial base. Our research points out the truly extraordinary nature of that place.”

Mysterious Orbs Seen Rising Out of Large Hole in Spain 9

Could these be something other than alien UFOs? The website says this:

“According to experts, it could be orbs – energy entities from another dimension. The human eye can not notice these objects, while the equipment is under force. Orbs most often appear around similar dips. For example, they “chose” the Cave of the Swallows in Mexico. People who jump into such holes and shoot it on video, often notice mysterious lights on the recordings.”

As of this writing, there don’t seem to have been any more videos released and no reports of Spanish UFO investigators climbing into (or disappearing in) “La Grieta.” That’s usually not a good sign. Let’s hope the investigations continue (we’ll try and keep an eye out for them) and someone gets better evidence one way or the other. The orbs angle may bear more fruit than the alien base.

Aliens? Orbs? CGI? Something else? Are these alleged sightings being blown way out of proportion?

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They can’t all be bugs … can they?

Mysterious Orbs Seen Rising Out of Large Hole in Spain 10

Bug? Org? Something else?

Source: Mysterious Universe


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