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Mysterious message kills iPhone

Netizens talked about a cryptic message that leads to iPhone problems. The device turns off when the owner of an Apple smartphone or tablet accepts it in any of the instant messengers, users write on Reddit.

A“Text Bomb” consists of the emoji of the Italian flag and one of the symbols of the Sindhi language. Users noticed that when the owner of the iPhone or iPad receives these characters in the message, the device freezes, reboots or turns off. In some cases, a complete flashing of the device is required. Judging by the reports of victims of a particular message, the problem affects all Apple smartphones and tablets running on current versions of iOS and iPadOS.

According to comments in posts on Reddit, the message “kills” the device as soon as it appears in the notifications on the gadget. Moreover, the “text bomb” works both in the native application for messages on devices and in third-party messengers. Judging by the reviews, Android devices are immune to error.

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At the time of writing, Apple did not respond to the problem. In February 2018, iOS users encountered a bug that could remotely disable Apple devices. To activate it, you had to send the owner of an iPhone or iPad a message with the symbol “sign” in Telugu. Apple later released an extraordinary update to fix the bug.


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