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Mysterious light over the Indian Ocean: sailors managed to capture a unique phenomenon on camera

Mysterious light over the Indian Ocean: sailors managed to capture a unique phenomenon on camera 1

Just the other day, on March 12, 2021, sailors who were heading across the Indian Ocean to Bangladesh managed to capture an amazing phenomenon on camera.

A so-called light show began in the night sky, and the mysterious glow continued for 20 minutes.

The captain of the ship, the chief mate and other sailors saw the mysterious light. They decided: it is worth filming the curiosity on camera, so that it can then be posted on the Web and find out the opinion of experts – what could it be?

One of the crew members began to record what was happening, setting up slow motion with a good exposure. Thus, it was possible to photograph the phenomenon approximately as the sailors saw it.

The light show went on for about 20 minutes and then the light disappeared. The sailors and the captain unanimously announced that they had never seen anything like it. For clarity, the ship’s coordinates were documented: latitude, longitude and UTC time, at which the crew members were able to see the amazing reflections.

After the video appeared on the Web, users expressed dozens of different opinions about the strange phenomenon. A theory was also mentioned that a change of poles is taking place on the planet at the moment, and the light show could be an “echo” of large-scale events. Someone jokingly suggests that the mysterious flickering is associated with the experiments of Elon Musk.

In turn, some of the Internet users are inclined to believe that the mysterious light is the intrigues of aliens.

A similar incident over Canada

A video was taken some time ago from an airplane flying over Canada. The author of the video does not cite the original, it was not possible to find it, so we watch the show starting at 6:30 of the timeline:

Perhaps these are some secret tests of EPM weapons, perhaps the Blue Beam, or again some kind of intrigue of aliens. 

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At the same time, it is obvious that the anomalies over Canada and over the Indian Ocean are different – they are simply similar with a bright light flash and propagation. 


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