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Mysterious forces are pushing the earth’s plates to reorganize and restructure

By some kind of mysterious force push, the Earth is on the verge of changing its pattern, which makes the future of the planet’s oceans area of dramatic change, that is the equivalent of the Earth’s plates are somehow restructuring.

A study published in Nature pointed out that these changes mean that geography textbooks may be rewritten. Humans have to recalculate the size of the earth’s plates, as well as changes in boundaries and geographic locations, which will be a new kind for human understanding.

The Atlantic Ocean expands, the Pacific Ocean shrinks

The earth is a whole, whether it is the expansion of the Atlantic Ocean or the shrinking of the Pacific Ocean, this has not changed the entire area of ​​the earth. Of course, under the activities that continue to promote changes in the earth’s plates , the ocean area will definitely change accordingly. Scientists estimate that the Atlantic Ocean actually expands by a few centimeters every year, but there is no way to measure it.

The earth is a “living body”, and it is not a constant pattern, but these changes are slow but not good for life on earth.

What is this mysterious power?

At present, scientists do not have a precise answer, and now they can only estimate and explain that it may be a change in the earth’s plates. At the beginning, many scientists said that the slow movement of glaciers may have caused the earth’s structure. The plates continue to move, because the plates under the Americas are separated from the plates under Europe and Africa. Therefore, the expansion and contraction of the area have been formed, and the new theory is that in the mid-ocean ridge area, mountains have appeared on the seafloor, which promotes the transfer of materials between the upper and lower crust and the mantle.

Matthew Agius, a seismologist from the University of Southampton, UK , through 39 seismographs deployed on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, recorded seismic activity in the mid-ocean ridge region, and indeed found signs of this. In the mid-ocean ridge region, structurally speaking, it is the Americas and Europe. Africa is separated by the ridge border, so it may have an obvious role in changing the overall expansion and contraction of the ocean. This separated area is about 660 kilometers below the ocean surface, and there are signs of material transmission.

So this may be the separation of the mid-ocean ridge, which led to the expansion of the ocean. Of course, whether this is the case, we cannot define it yet, because there are data showing that in areas like the central Atlantic Ocean, the force on the ridge is separating newly formed plates This aspect plays an important role, that is to say, this discovery today is not the only zone, there may be other corresponding areas, so how much this kind of power is, or how this kind of mysterious power is pushed, still needs ongoing investigation.

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Experts believe that this is not a marine area. In terrestrial areas, there are also terrestrial terrestrial areas being formed, which shows that the land and oceans of the earth are being split.

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Land split is taking place

The land separation area is actually what we are talking about in the eastern part of Africa-the Great Rift Valley of East Africa. In 2020, scientists once again released a piece of data, that is, in 2005, a crack appeared in the area. In 2020, it has been extended to about 56 kilometers. This shows what the problem is. The division of the continent is now unfolding.

It is estimated that after about 5 million to 10 million years, structural geological faults will form in eastern Africa, causing the African continent to be “split” into two parts. So the division of land is also happening now, and this is not limited to the ocean area.

Many studies have pointed out that the earth was once a whole, and the land and ocean were completely in a large-scale connection mode. It is also because the pattern of the earth’s plates has changed that it has formed the current state.

In general, whether it is land or ocean areas, the earth has always been changing, but what forces are driving the changes of the earth is still an unknown state. Speaking, this problem can still be explained, but according to the research of scientists, there are still restructuring factors in geological structure .

The change of the ocean area is a “hidden” model. If there is no data support, many people may not know it. The same is true for the division of land, so the future reorganization of the earth is not abnormal. All these have yet to be further studied by scientists.


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