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Mysterious explosions in Britain remain a mystery

By Eleanore Robinson


THE MYSTERY over a series of loud bangs heard over Britain has deepened as it emerged they were also heard in New York, France, and even Sydney.

Theories relating to the unexplained noises have claimed they could have been caused by meteors or even spy planes.

Described as sounding like “distant fireworks”, the noises were heard across the UK between 9pm and 11pm on Saturday.

Alexander Macaskill on the Isle of Skye said the bangs sounded like high-calibre gunfire, similar to ship or jet cannons.

The noises were also heard 3,000 miles away in New York at the same time, with people taking to Twitter to complain that their windows had been rattled by the vibrations.

People in Denmark and even Sydney also reported hearing strange sounds, with Anne SPN Svendsen tweeting: ‘Seriously some heard those mysterious #loudbangs this weekend here in Denmark!!’

And this afternoon, a user named Sally Mueller implied that more noises had been heard in Sydney, tweeting: ‘What the hell was that?! #loudnoises #sydney #innerwest #loudbangs’

One theory that has emerged is that the bangs heard over the weekend could have been caused by a meteorite breaking up in the atmosphere.

A Twitter user, posting under the name Virtual Astronomer, said that material from space entering the earth’s atmosphere could also be responsible.

He told MailOnline: “Space debris such as old satellites and things can cause sonic booms heard over very large areas.

“It’s the same for big meteors or rocks that come in.

“There are also some rare meteorologic phenomena that can cause rumbling or bangs apart from thunder.”

However, experts have said that there was only one piece of debris from the ruined Russian satellite Kosmos 2251 scheduled for re-entry.

Science writer David Dickinson said that the timing was “not a good fit” for it to have been over the UK.

He added: “I do not think it was a meteor or a piece of space junk, as the noises mentioned spanned a large segment of time.”

It was suggested the noises could have been sonic booms from RAF jets flying in the area.

But the Ministry of Defence said it had no record of any planes being scrambled at that time.

Conspiracy theorists have also claimed that the sounds could have been made by a spy jet powered by a ‘pulse detonation engine’.

Another popular theory was that the sounds were caused by systems such as space weather, electrical or severe thunderstorms.

The Met Office, however, said there had been no reports of that kind of weather.

Claudia Angiletta, 27, said that she was watching television at home in London when she heard the unexplained sounds.

They lasted for more than half an hour.

She said: “It was very distracting as it went on for ages.

“I went out to look for fireworks but I couldn’t see anything in the sky.”

Some people took to social media to expound more extreme theories.

One Twitter user, named “Mr M”, claimed the loud bangs were “controlled explosions following a foiled terror plot with controlled media coverage to prevent mass panic”.



Bizzare & Odd

Ultima Thule Asteroid Gets a New Politically Correct Non-Nazi Name

If you name your baby “Hitler,” you can’t escape the fact that you’ve doomed him (or her, if you’re really strange) to a life of derision at best, hate or violence at worst. However, if you name it Wernher, you may be hoping they associate him with the Wernher von Braun who pioneered rocket technology for NASA, not the same Wernher von Braun who developed the V-2 rocket for Nazi Germany. That may have been the idea behind NASA choosing to name a faraway, snowman-shaped, Kuiper Belt asteroid discovered by the New Horizons spacecraft Ultima Thule.

This composite image of the primordial contact binary Kuiper Belt object 2014 MU69 (officially named Arrokoth) was compiled from data obtained by NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft as it flew by the object on Jan. 1, 2019. The image combines enhanced color data (close to what the human eye would see) with detailed high-resolution panchromatic pictures. (Credits: NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Southwest Research Institute//Roman Tkachenko)

Pronounced ‘ultima thoo-lee’, the announcement press release explained that: “Thule was a mythical, far-northern island in medieval literature and cartography. Ultima Thule means “beyond Thule”– beyond the borders of the known world.” However, it didn’t take long for the media and neo-Nazis to point out that Thule is believed by some to be the ancient birthplace of the “Aryan race” – a concept first revealed in the Oera Linda Book, which was allegedly discovered in the 1800s and inspired the occultist and racist Thule Society and Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler, the main architect of the Holocaust. Is it any wonder that modern Neo-Nazis adopted this Ultima Thule asteroid as their own?

“Most people don’t hear the word Ultima Thule and think Nazis, Aryan myths, and strange ghostly white people living at the pole.”

Benjamin Teitelbaum, an ethnomusicologist who researched a Scandinavian band called Ultima Thule that taps into this racially charged definition, defended the nickname to Newsweek after it was announced in early 2018. However, he points out (as you may have already discovered for yourself), a quick Google search says otherwise. 20th century philosopher Julius Evola, whom Steve Bannon and other alt-right leaders like to cite, used the term frequently. At the time, Mark Showalter, a planetary astronomer at the SETI Institute and investigator on the New Horizons mission who led the naming process, said the new name for 2014 MU69 was accepted because:

“We’re very, very tired of talking about 2014 MU69. Any name is better than 2014 MU69.”

Well, almost any name. On November 12th, NASA decided enough was enough and gave 214 MU69 a new moniker.

“In a fitting tribute to the farthest flyby ever conducted by spacecraft, the Kuiper Belt object 2014 MU69 has been officially named Arrokoth, a Native American term meaning “sky” in the Powhatan/Algonquian language.

With consent from Powhatan Tribal elders and representatives, NASA’s New Horizons team – whose spacecraft performed the record-breaking reconnaissance of Arrokoth four billion miles from Earth – proposed the name to the International Astronomical Union and Minor Planet Center, the international authority for naming Kuiper Belt objects.”

To link Arrokoth to the asteroid, the announcement points out that the Hubble Space Telescope (at the Space Telescope Science Institute) and the New Horizons mission (at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory) are operated out of the Chesapeake Bay, Maryland, region to the Powhatan people.

NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft flew by the distant Kuiper Belt object Ultima Thule (2014 MU69) on Jan. 1, 2019. The object, the most distant ever visited by a spacecraft, is now called Arrokoth.
(Image: © NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Southwest Research Institute/National Optical Astronomy Observatory)

The team used this connection to associate the culture of the native peoples who lived in the region where the object was discovered; in this case, both the Hubble Space Telescope (at the Space Telescope Science Institute) and the New Horizons mission (at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory) are operated out of Maryland — a tie to the significance of the Chesapeake Bay region where descendants of the indigenous Powhatan people still reside.

Naming an asteroid Arrokoth shouldn’t be controversial to many people, other than those who preferred the Nazi-connected name. Naming your child Arrokoth shouldn’t doom them to a life of therapy either. Naming your band Arrokoth sounds pretty cool. This looks like a good choice all around.

Source: Mysterious Universe

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Bizzare & Odd

Curiosity recorded an increase in oxygen concentration on Mars

For the first time in the history of space exploration, scientists have measured the seasonal changes in gases that fill the atmosphere directly above the surface of the Gale Crater on Mars. As a result, they noticed something extremely interesting: the oxygen, the gas that many earthly creatures breathe, “behaves” very strangely. In particular, an increase in its concentration in the atmosphere of the planet was recorded.

Mars rover Curiosity never ceases to amaze

Where does oxygen come from on Mars?

For three Martian years (or nearly six Earth years), a gas analyzer built into Mars rover Curiosity, passed through all the surrounding gases in the vicinity of Gale Crater and analyzed its composition. The results confirmed previous data that the composition of the Martian atmosphere by volume is 95% carbon dioxide (CO2), 2.6% molecular nitrogen (N2), 1.9% is argon (Ar), and 0 , 16% and 0.06% for molecular oxygen (O2) and carbon monoxide (CO), respectively. The remaining tenths and hundredths of a percent are distributed between other gases, which are present in very small concentrations.

Research also showed how molecules of Martian air mix and circulate in the planet’s atmosphere throughout the year. But then the interesting thing began: the analyzer of the composition of the atmosphere showed that the oxygen concentration increases by 30% in the spring, remains at this level until the fall, and then returns to normal values. The same strange process happens with methane – its usual concentration in the Gale Crater is 0.00000004% of the total volume, and in the summer months it increases dramatically by 60%.

It has been suggested that these changes are due to the fact that CO2 freezes over the poles in winter, thereby lowering the pressure on the entire planet. After this, the redistribution of gases in the atmosphere to maintain equilibrium. That is, with a decrease in CO2 level, the percentage of gases changes, but their volume remains the same. And when CO2 thaws, the reverse process occurs.

Curiosity at Gale Crater

Indeed, scientists have found that nitrogen and argon follow this seasonal pattern, increasing and decreasing their percentage concentration relative to how much CO2 is currently around. Researchers expected oxygen to do the same. But instead, the amount of gas in the air increased during the spring and summer by as much as 30%, and then fell to initial levels. This picture was repeated every spring, as if something produced it, and then took it away.

The first time we saw this, it was just overwhelming, ”said Melissa Trainer, a planetologist at NASA’s Space Flight Center. We are struggling to explain this phenomenon. The fact that the behavior of oxygen is completely repeated every season makes us think that this is not only about atmospheric dynamics. There must be some kind of chemical or biological source.

As soon as scientists discovered the “oxygen mystery”, they started work, trying to explain it. Researchers first tested accuracy three times with a gas measuring device. The tool was in perfect order. The experts then considered the possibility that CO2 molecules could release oxygen when they decompose in the atmosphere, which would lead to a short-term increase in the level of this gas. But it would take a lot of water to produce additional oxygen, and CO2 decays too slowly to generate oxygen in such a short time.

Scientists came to the conclusion that oxygen can be obtained both in biological (using microbes, for example), and non-biological way (from the chemical elements that make up the Gale crater). Currently, experts are considering both options, although they have no convincing evidence of biological activity on Mars. Curiosity simply does not have devices that could accurately capture the presence of organic matter. Now scientists are inclined to believe that non-biological explanations are more likely, but for final conclusions it is still far. So it is quite possible that this story will still be continued. And, who knows what we will find thanks to potential life on Mars.

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Bizzare & Odd

Las Vegas Approves Paying for Parking Tickets with Food Donations but Feeding the Homeless is Outlawed

Isaac Davis, Staff Writer
Waking Times

Government certainly does love to portray itself as the hero and savior of the people, and most often they do this so well that most people cannot even imagine a world without mandatory taxation, countless punitive laws, or roaming authoritative enforcement agencies watching over them.

In another case of such an attempt at public relations, earlier this year the City of Las Vegas approved a measure allowing parking tickets to be paid with school supplies. Apparently the effort to give back to the communities from which they tax was so successful at boosting the city’s image that they are doing it again, this time by allowing people to donate food in payment of parking tickets.

This new measure will apply only during the holiday season, as Fox-5 Las Vegas reports:

“The Las Vegas City Council unanimously voted in favor of allowing parking tickets issued between Oct. 16 and Nov. 16, 2019, to be paid with donations of food for those in need during the holiday season.

Those who have a non-public safety parking infraction in the city of Las Vegas that was issued between the allotted time frame may resolve their tickets by donating non-perishable food items of equal or greater value to their fine.” [Source]

Supporting local food banks and homeless shelters is certainly critical during the holiday season, but it’s important to remember that as a citizen, feeding homeless people is effectively illegal in Las Vegas and can result in hefty fines and punishment as well as ongoing legal issues.

In December of 2018, the Las Vegas Review-Jounral reported that police were actually stepping up their efforts to ticket people who might dare to feed homeless people. There are no doubt plenty of victims of actual crime in Las Vegas looking for justice, yet police had delegated an increased amount of their resources toward the victimless crime of giving away food.

“So Joey Lankowski, 32, knew the risks when he parked his white RAV4 in the red zone on Wednesday. He said he’d been handing out food to the homeless there since the summer and hadn’t had a problem.

This time was different.

Within minutes, he received a citation carrying a $200 fine for creating a traffic hazard and blocking a fire lane.

Three marshals from the city and two Metropolitan Police Department officers stood by as Lankowski pleaded with officer John Purcell to look the other way.” [Source]

In general, the homeless population int he Western United States if growing rapidly, and Las Vegas is among the US cities with the highest rates of homelessness, and we’ve seen in many cities around the US, government is willing to ignore the root causes of the homeless epidemic while simultaneously making it more difficult for people within the same community to heal each other without involving the government.

Here, a local health official chimes in on why they think its best to punish people for participating in supporting community members in need:

Metro and city representatives justify the crackdown by claiming the well-intentioned souls are creating a traffic hazard by blocking the street and encouraging the homeless to foul the area with garbage and human waste.

“We appreciate when people want to help,” said Jace Radke, a city spokesman, “but we feel there’s a better way to do that than street feeding.”

A Southern Nevada Health District official told the Review-Journal that there are serious health concerns because the free food could make somebody sick, attract varmints or even increase the risk of waste “getting into our public waterways and introducing pathogens into the community.” [Source]

Furthermore, Las Vegas just passed an ordinance making it illegal to camp or sleep on the streets if there are spaces available at local shelters, which was passed during an uproar of citizens who view the measure as a Draconian solution to a complex problem.

All of this is especially ironic and sickening when you consider the fact that Las Vegas is currently building a nearly $2 billion dollar NFL stadium which will have to be funded by forcibly taxing every individual and business in the area, whether they watch the mindless Roman circus or not.

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Isaac Davis is a staff writer for He is an outspoken advocate of liberty and of a voluntary society. He is an avid reader of history and passionate about becoming self-sufficient to break free of the control matrix. Follow him on Facebook, here.

This article (Las Vegas Approves Paying for Parking Tickets with Food Donations but Feeding the Homeless is Outlawedwas originally created and published by Waking Times and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Isaac Davis and It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this copyright statement.

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