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Mysterious Booms that “Almost Felt Like an Earthquake” Rock Two North Carolina Counties

Mysterious Booms that “Almost Felt Like an Earthquake” Rock Two North Carolina Counties 1

It rattles windows and wakes people up at night. Neighbors along the Wake and Franklin counties line contacted CBS 17 saying they’ve been hearing loud blasts late at night or early in the morning.

“It almost felt like an earthquake,” Elizabeth Elliott said.

Neighbors have been taking to Facebook and Nextdoor to write about the loud booming sounds or blasts.

One said they lost power briefly, another said their lights flickered.

Neighbors said they thought the blasts could be coming from a North Carolina Department of Transportation project, widening 401.

NCDOT told CBS 17 it’s not them. No project in the area requested blasting.

“We actually heard, felt it this morning at like 5 or something like that,” Elliott said.

Those around the Barham Siding Road area have been impacted. The Wake County Sheriff’s Office said that, in the last two days, it has received eight calls about it.

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The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office said it received two calls Wednesday alone.

“They’re random and there’s just a big boom. I mean, it’s an explosion of some kind that goes off and you can’t pinpoint it. It’s hard for me to say exactly what it is,” Les Radford said.

Radford said he’s heard loud noises in the area before, but this is different. He shared his theory.

“It sounds like to me it might be one of those exploding targets you could find at a hunting store, hunting supply store somewhere. You shot those targets and if you hit the center those targets explode,” Radford said.

The Wake County Sheriff’s Office said they sent investigators out to check. They waited and heard nothing.

The mystery and frustration for homeowners continues.

Amy Cutler


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