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Motorcycle Travels 310 Miles On Single Liter Of Water

Motorcycle Travels 310 Miles On Single Liter Of Water 1

A motorbike that runs on water is able to travel 310 miles on just one single liter and not surprisingly has gained a great deal of interest.

The motorcycle has the name of the T Power H20, and the creator is Ricardo Azevedo, a public officer in Sao Paulo. The motorbike does not even need clean water to get it running as it can even run on water that comes from a polluted river.

The motorcycle was designed to use a combination of one external car battery and water, which is used to generate electricity and separate hydrogen from the molecules of the water. This is a process that makes use of a pipe system, and it results in combustion, which creates the energy the motorcycle needs to run.

Mr. Azevedo demonstrated his water-powered motorcycle and he first took a drink from the bottle of clean drinking water that he filled the motorcycle with to prove that it was, in fact, drinking water and not fuel that he was putting into the motorcycle. He then hopped onto it and took it out onto the open road.

The motorcycle does not need clean drinking water to run, and Azevedo demonstrated this when he went to the Tiete River, a river that is polluted, and filled the motorcycle up from that. He has been talking about the environmental benefits of his H20 motorcycle and of course the benefits of the cost associated with running a motorcycle that does not require fuel.

He said that one advantage of the motorcycle only using water to run was that it works with hydrogen that comes from the water and this means that the only thing that comes out of the exhaust pipe of the motorcycle is water vapor. He went on to point out that this is unlike a traditional motorcycle running on fuel which sends out carbon monoxide.


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