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Mother recorded her daughter’s “creepy” conversation with an imaginary friend

Mother recorded her daughter's "creepy" conversation with an imaginary friend 1

Blogger @autist_artist_ recorded on camera how her daughter interacted with an imaginary friend. Frightened viewers considered the conversation “too creepy” and even put forward several theories that the girl was communicating with paranormal beings. The video is available on TikTok.

The video captures the mother of the child. The woman turned on the recording on her phone when she heard her daughter start “laughing maniacally” in the next room. 

The blogger thought she was going to write down “the sweetest thing in the world.” but the girl’s next actions made her scared: her daughter slammed the door and said: “Nobody will leave the room.”

In a few days, the video has gained more than 2.3 million views. Some of the viewers suggested that the child communicated with invisible spirits or other otherworldly beings. 

“Get out of the house immediately,” one commentator recommended. 

“This video was an excuse for me to take contraception,” another joked.

In one of the following videos, @autist_artist_ explained that there is nothing to be afraid of: the girl was just talking to her imaginary friend.


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