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Most powerful seismic “Armageddon” since 1939 equal to 130 atomic bombs: What will happen next? The cracked dam and the ‘planetary geometries’

Most powerful seismic "Armageddon" since 1939 equal to 130 atomic bombs: What will happen next? The cracked dam and the 'planetary geometries' 1

On the morning of February 6, 2023, a catastrophic series of earthquakes began in Turkey with a maximum magnitude of up to 8 on the Richter scale. The epicenter of seismic events lay in the Kahramanmarash region. The macabre toll from the Turkey-Syria earthquake continues to rise at a very rapid pace, with rescue crews digging up bodies throughout the night. At the same time the earth has not stopped giving strong earthquakes.

The earthquake occurred on a very large fault, which separates the Arabian plate from the Turkish plate. Turkey is moving like a wedge along two major faults, the eastern Anatolia and the north.

A ‘huge event on a global scale’

Dedicating its front page to the 7.8 Richter scale earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria at dawn, Corriere della Sera spoke to the president of INGV (National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology), Carlo Doglioni, who pointed out that the Anatolian tectonic plate moved as much as three meters.

“What happened is that what we call the Arabian plate moved about three meters in a northeast-southwest direction relative to the Anatolian plate,” said Carlo Doglioni, adding that “the fault was activated for at least 150 kilometers, with more displacement and greater than three meters”.

“We are talking about continuous movement, the plane of the fault is very inclined and during the event we observe a horizontal displacement of the two sides of the fault. The two fins moved relative to each other. In other words: it is as if Turkey had moved in relation to the Arabian plate to the southwest.”

There is a great risk that these accounts will continue to increase at a rapid pace, taking into account the fact that apartment buildings have collapsed in cities such as Adana, Gaziantep, Sanliurfa, Diyarbakir. In Iskenderun and Antiyaman, public hospitals collapsed.

The earthquake was the biggest disaster in Turkish history since the catastrophic 1939 Erzincan earthquake that killed more than 33,000 people. However, there is every reason to think that things are actually much worse. 

In 1939, Turkey was not at all a huge industrial country, people lived in small houses, from which it was easy to jump out at the beginning of an earthquake. Today, half of the country lives in high-rise buildings, which are stacked like houses of cards. And there are hundreds of people in each such building. 

Besides, it’s winter time of the year. This greatly reduces the chances of people under the rubble and puts survivors who find themselves without light, water or even without a roof over their heads in a very dangerous position. 

Some estimated that the dead from the earthquake in Turkey will reach 15,000, as thousands are still trapped under tons of concrete, while almost 3,000 buildings have been leveled within a radius of 600 km from the epicenter. 

Cracks appeared on “Ataturk” Dam in SE Turkey after the earthquakes – Risk of collapse

The huge “Ataturk” dam in SE Turkey seems to be in a critical condition after the devastating earthquakes at a short distance from the dam.

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As stated “there are many cracks in the dam after the huge earthquakes”.

The nearby area has already been evacuated. Experts warned that the dam could break at any moment and the resulting devastation could affect an area of ​​30 square kilometers near the dam.

Most powerful seismic "Armageddon" since 1939 equal to 130 atomic bombs: What will happen next? The cracked dam and the 'planetary geometries' 2
This is where the zone of engineering structures of the Atatürk Dam are located – the third largest dam in the world.

Below this dam are the Birecik and Karkamysh dams, two more are under construction. Therefore, when the Ataturk dam collapses, the entire cascade will collapse and the flood zone will be colossal. And they are now writing on social networks that visible cracks have formed on the dam.

The Ataturk Dam is the main construction of the Southeast Anatolia GAP Program (Güneydou Anadolu Projesi) which aims to exploit the water resources of the sources of the Tigris and Euphrates.

The local Ataturk dam system on the Euphrates is further supplemented by the upstream Keban and Karakaya dams and the downstream Birecik and Karkamis dams, with two more under construction.

Moreover, what is very annoying for Turkish conspiracy theorists is that this dam is printed on a Turkish banknote of one million lira. Usually drawing engineering structures on banknotes does not promise anything good for these structures:

Most powerful seismic "Armageddon" since 1939 equal to 130 atomic bombs: What will happen next? The cracked dam and the 'planetary geometries' 3

A Dutch researcher predicted the deadly earthquake in Turkey and Syria – What he says about ‘planetary geometries’

In a tweet on February 3rd, Dutch researcher Frank Hoogerbeets predicted that an earthquake larger than 7.5 on the Richter scale would hit Turkey. His prediction came true three days later, on Monday, when 4 earthquakes shook Turkey and Syria.

Frank Hoogerbeets works for the Solar System Geometry Survey (SSGEOS). SSGEOS is a research institute that monitors the geometry of celestial bodies in relation to seismic activity.

“Yes, there is a lot of backlash in the scientific community about the influence of the planets and the moon on seismic tremors. But there is no extensive research that “disproves” it. It’s just an assumption. In fact, a scientific paper in Nature suggests otherwise.”

However, some on Twitter have labeled him a pseudoscientist and questioned his earlier predictions. Hoogerbeets retweeted a post from his research agency SSGEOS shortly after the once-in-a-century quake, predicting the possibility of another major quake. A second 7.6-magnitude earthquake struck Turkey about three hours after the tweet.

Explosion, strange light or something else?

What caused such a nightmarish earthquake is a separate topic for discussion, since nothing foreshadowed today – there were no foreshocks, there was no noticeable tremor in the regions associated with the Turkish faults. Strangely enough, there was a bizarre light phenomenon just before the earthquake.

On social media, local citizens report a huge explosion in the sky of Kahramanmaraş, 70 KM NW of Gaziantep city, Southern Turkey after the M7.8 earthquake.

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The explosion resembles a nuclear mushroom, however some who saw it up close said it looked like a strange light and not an explosion and it happened just before the earthquake in Turkey.

There are also reports pointing to a Russian operation in a Turkish pipeline carrying Azeri gas to Europe.

It is possible that the earthquake in Turkey is a catastrophe in itself, that is, everything will end in Turkey. However, it is also possible that Turkey is just the beginning and in the near future cataclysms will spread all over the planet.  


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