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Bizzare & Odd

More strange noises in the sky: The best of 2015 (so far…)

More strange noises in the sky: The best of 2015 (so far...) 1

Sott Editors

More video recordings of eerie, groaning, howling, trumpet-like noises that seem to come from the sky are still appearing on Youtube. Many more of these ‘strange noise’ videos have been recorded and uploaded by people from many different parts of the globe. They have been reported in the UK, Germany, Canada, U.S., Iceland, Netherlands, Brazil, Japan, Hong Kong, France and Russia, to name a few.

The cause of these strange sounds is still unknown. For your listening pleasure, we’ve captured the best of 2015 – so far.

Strange sounds happening again in Terrace British Columbia – 5/7/2015

Strange Sounds – Noises – Trumpet in Sky – in Kentucky – 5/5/2015

Strange weird trumpet sounds in sky of Iceland 2015 – 4/29/2015

Strange Sounds Heard in the Skies of Japan 2015 – 4/6/2015

Strange UFO sounds heard in Jersey City, New Jersey – 3/26/2015

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UK: Strange sounds trumpets sounds dogs going mad – 2/10/2015

Strange sounds in the sky – Minas Gerais/Brazil – 2/1/2015

Strange mysterious sounds in Yosemite’s National Park – 1/2/2015

So what is this? Earth changes? Hoax? HAARP? Signs of the apocalypse?


More strange sounds videos below:

Unknown location – 1/9/2015
Strange Sound From The Sky 2015 (the Netherlands) – 1/29/2015
Strange sounds heard in the sky (unknown location) – 3/27/2015
Strange Sounds in Germany – 4/4/2015
Strange weird rumbling sounds in sky 2015 (Colorado) – 4/6/2015
Apocalyptic-like Sky Sounds Heard Over France 2015 Scary!!! – 4/6/2015
San Francisco Loud Strange Noises – 4/15/15
Strange Sounds Regina Saskatchewan – 4/25/2015
Strange Sounds – Noises – Trumpet in Sky – Russia – 5/5/2015
Strange sounds in sky the over Belfast – 5/5/2015


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