More and more scientists believe in aliens and that the universe is full of life

More and more scientists have publicly stated that they believe that there are aliens in the universe . In particular, Jiao Lizhong, a former Chinese astronaut from NASA , said: “The universe is full of life.”

Leroy Chiao was the first Chinese to walk in space and stayed on the International Space Station for 230 days. This former astronaut , engineer, and PhD graduate who worked for the Aerospace Agency for 15 years publicly discussed the existence of aliens, and pointed out that:

“The view that humans are the only intelligent life in the universe” is a manifestation of “arrogance.”

Dr. Jiao Lizhong published an article on the astronomical website, saying that people have realized that there may be extraterrestrial life, especially the discovery of terrestrial planets very close to the earth, which makes people believe that we will find life other planets.

Dr. Lizhong Jiao added:

“I believe that there is life everywhere in the universe. I think that, in some ways, life on earth will perish due to natural causes and human practices.” Not only is technology impossible to save mankind, but will accelerate the demise of mankind.

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He believes that those aliens are too far away from us, so humans cannot find evidence of their existence. However, the nearest planet to humans, Mars, is most likely to have life. Because it is warm and there is water, the “neighbor” Mars should be continuously monitored.

Dr. Jiao Lizhong said that the discovery of the planet Proxima b in recent years further proves the possibility of aliens. Proxima b, which is 4 light-years away, is the closest Earth-like planet to us so far. Its rocky characteristics and star size are very similar to those of the Earth.

Among scientists, it is not just Dr. Jiao Lizhong who believes that there is life everywhere in the universe. In 2014, Seth Shostak, a senior astronomer at the Organization for the Exploration of Extraterrestrial Life (SETI), said:

“There are at least six planets (except Earth) in the solar system that may have life”.

Dr. Jiao Lizhong is not the only NASA astronaut who believes in the existence of aliens. Dr. Edgar Mitchell, known as the sixth man on the moon, Dr. Brian O’Leary, professor of physics at Princeton University, and Gordon Cooper, have publicly stated that they were exposed to evidence of the existence of UFOs and believed in the existence of aliens.

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