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Mimas icy moon no more: Antarctica military contractor claims Earth is the Death Star

Mimas icy moon no more: Antarctica military contractor claims Earth is the Death Star 1

After the publication of close-up images of the Mimas satellite, many noticed that the planet strongly resembles the Death Star from Star Wars, about which a whole conspiracy theory has appeared.

Over time, most of us somehow forgot about Mimas, and in the secret Death Star, conspiracy theorists began to suspect the moon, on which there is incredible ufological activity, despite the fact that the negative effect of moonlight on people has long been well known.

Mimas icy moon no more: Antarctica military contractor claims Earth is the Death Star 2

However, it seems that the Death Star is actually much closer than we think, because such a device is the planet Earth itself. Very interesting, ambiguous information on this subject has appeared online, although for its understanding, a small historical introductory is necessary. 

In 2005, around the US Amundsen-Scott Antarctic station, they began to build a neutrino observatory called IceCube. The principle of operation of the observatory is similar to all high-energy particle detectors, which monitor flashes of photons of Cherenkov radiation when water atoms collide with particles. But, if traditional devices use water as a catching “screen”, then IceCube uses ice as a recorder, into which a network of wells with sensors is drilled:

When neutrinos and other similar particles fly through the thickness of this ice, light sensors register collisions of particles with water molecules, after which the computer builds a picture of arrival, calculating where it came from, what and how much.

Officially, the observatory monitors neutrino streams from galaxies far, far away, however, as this Raytheon contractor says in his report to senators, everything is slightly bit different there as it seems:

Eric Hecker worked as a mid-level engineer at the station around 2010, when the station was still under construction – there were about 5000 sensors with an ice screen volume of about a cubic kilometer. 

Nowadays this facility is way larger, the Eiffel Tower looks like a match against the background of its structure:

Mimas icy moon no more: Antarctica military contractor claims Earth is the Death Star 3

Hecker did not receive all the information on IceCube, but from what he saw, he understood that it monitors distant galaxies only with its left eye and only occasionally. The main work of the device is tracking all vehicles flying in the Earth’s atmosphere, around the Earth and in near space. IceCube sees not only every plane and every satellite (they all emit neutrinos), but also alien craft. 

It turns out that there are not only sensors inside the ice cube. This device is also capable of generating a beam of high energy from incomprehensible radiation, capable of shooting down large alien ships, and at a small fraction of a percent of its power, this beam can also hit the lithosphere, causing earthquakes and other natural disasters.

Or it is, as it were, a “recoil” when struck by a wonderous weapon. At the cannon, after the shot, the carriage rolls back, and at the Death Star, into which the planet Earth has been turned, the lithosphere swells, hurricanes arise, and so on. 

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It’s hard to say how close this is to the truth. However, you may notice the following:

The hearing is not in a pub in front of people in foil hats, but in front of senators. 

Eric Hecker announces a terrible state secret, for the issuance of which he will be presumably hunted as he talks about a forbidden topic. Nevertheless and although he is 10 years later, he suddenly spoke. This suggests that he received a command from the upper management for this. 

All platforms where the original video was uploaded do spread the news with an amazing buzz speed. Especially the Chinese, although they usually love all dirt about the US government insidious conspiracies, from which China intends to save the world, as usual.  

Some rays began to indeed shine over Antarctica, most likely a consequence of a grand scientific experiment, for which there were even mentions in the press:

Mimas icy moon no more: Antarctica military contractor claims Earth is the Death Star 4

The attention of millions of conspiracy theorists is riveted to the poles, in particular, to the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, where there are even webcams.

According to the general opinion, everything there is actually something like this: 

The man in the video tells the truth, but not the whole truth. The whole truth lies in the fact that a long time ago, an alliance was concluded between the global government and the aliens, which is shown in general terms in the Colony series. The aliens are waiting for the approach of the ships of a competing company, so they strained humans with the construction of the Death Star.

Along the way, extraterrestrials taught humans to build hefty spacecraft that have long been secretly plowing the solar system, building colony forts on Mars and waiting for the arrival of guests from outer space, who will undoubtedly endure all this, since the technologies there are slightly different and little green men for this race – something like rebellious vassals. And, since the space battles are on the way, people began to gradually attach themselves to world affairs, so that countries and people understand what is what, at least in general terms.  

Mimas icy moon no more: Antarctica military contractor claims Earth is the Death Star 5

When the Death Star will be orbitally bombarded and turned into Mimas 2.0, no one knows for sure, but everyone thinks that it could be soon.

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