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Migration or sign of impending doom: black birds invasion in Texas worries people

Migration or sign of impending doom: black birds invasion in Texas worries people 1

A few days ago, Texas media reported a very strange event in a Houston parking lot. So, hundreds of black birds overshadowed the blue sky, they were absolutely everywhere. Journalists wrote about the plague approaching from China and made other disappointing forecasts.

Readers immediately remembered Wuhan (the epicenter of the disease in China), where an invasion of black birds was also observed. After this, the concern of the Houston residents is understandable.

Ornithologists began to talk about the migration of birds, but few people believe in it, especially considering the fact that the birds are not urban. During the migration, they would fly around the city on their way, and did not “visit” them.

Superstitious people see a certain sign: it is not just that flocks of black birds appearing in the sky. Such assumptions definitely make sense, but the usual change in bird habits should not be ruled out. Due to changes in the environment, absolutely all creatures adapt, birds are no exception. 

Feathered species are more acute than other animals, are experiencing pole shifts and chemotracks. From such things, a certain internal computer is mulfunctioning.


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