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Microsoft’s “060606” patent has been filed, leading to the “Mark”: We will pay and be paid with a chip in the “body”!

Microsoft's "060606" patent has been filed, leading to the "Mark": We will pay and be paid with a chip in the "body"! 1

In continuation to our recent article on Bill Gates and Microsoft’s infamous 060606 patent, we would like to delve more on this patent application which was published in the midst of the coronation pandemic and naturally, does not allow conspiracy theories to not raise voice and rehearses concerns about the normalization of the prospect of the “chip”.

It is a patent with cryptotechnology that will allow the “extraction” of cryptocurrency by the people themselves, ie their payment using data from their physical movement and their biological daily life that will be monitored with their own chip.

The reason for the patent entitled “Cryptocurrency system using body activity data” (“WO2020060606 – “).

The patent depositor is Microsoft Technology Licensing, LLC .

The application was submitted on June 20, 2019 and was published on March 26, 2020 with the number “WO / 2020/060606” . It is posted on the “PATENTSCOPE” database hosted on the website of the International Intellectual Property Organization, WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization), as well as on “Google Patents” with the number “WO2020060606A1”. The inventors are Dustin Abramson, Derrick Fu and Joseph Edwin Johnson, Jr.

Microsoft's "060606" patent has been filed, leading to the "Mark": We will pay and be paid with a chip in the "body"! 2

Microsoft Technology Licensing (MTL) “holds the vast majority of patents previously held by Microsoft Corporation,” according to, and is responsible for licensing the company’s patents and other subsidiaries.

The system Microsoft wants to develop will allow people to “crypto-mining” Bitcoin, using data from their bodies as proof of project completion or “proof of operation . 

These “tasks” include viewing ads or using online services. According to the text of the patent, the work can be counted with brain waves or body temperature emission:

“A wave from the brain or the temperature emitted by a user’s body when the user performs an action according to a ‘task’ given to him to complete, such as seeing an ad or using specific internet services, can used in the mining process. “

It is the body’s data that proves each time the project is completed, to be followed by compensation.

As Liam Frost writes in “Decrypt”, the examples of the patent’s “physical activity” are body radiation, brain activity, blood flow, organ activity and movement.

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The sensor will also be able to distinguish between different brain waves, such as gamma rays (related to learning or memorization activities), beta rays (related to logical thinking) and alpha rays (related to subconscious thoughts).

Users will “receive cryptocurrency as a fee for completing activities that include viewing ads, using chatbots or uploading material to websites with shared content.”

Other actions may include running for a run (it has become fashionable due to corona) , as an insurance company rewards you to stay healthy, or play a specific game, or follow specific instructions that will be given to you.

The energy that the human body creates from the commands and translates into “payment” is reminiscent of episode 2 of the first cycle of the “Black Mirror” series entitled “Fifteen Million Merits”.

The protagonists ride their entire day on a stationary bike to generate electricity and are paid for it in digital currency, the “merits” with which they buy all their goods, the majority of which are digital.

The technology is based on already existing trends, such as movement during running through smart watches and mobile phones, which in this case also share data with various applications and develop reward or punishment systems. As the description states:

“Instead of using enormous computing power through traditional cryptocurrency production systems, data generated by the user’s body movement can be a proof of work, and so the user can solve the computationally difficult problem unconsciously.”

The news of the patent’s application immediately sparked controversy, as it raises huge questions about the individual’s privacy, as it will be constantly monitored, but also the consequences in broader areas, such as at work.

Also, the majority of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, are decentralized, and this will be under Microsoft control.

John McAfee, the famous creator of “McAfee Antivirus”, said in a post on Twitter: “Microsoft is the owner of the international patent # 060606 … A cryptocurrency system that uses people who have been chipped as” miners “. I’m not kidding. “

The three sixes that appear on the patent number, along with the fact that it has to do with the form of a coin, provide food for the connection with the “engraving” mentioned in the 13th book of John’s “Apocalypse”, verses 16 to 18.

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The biblical reference is clear and needs no misinterpretation:

Anyone who does not have the “mark” of the beast, which is the number “666”, will not be able to sell or buy.

Conspiracy theories are already giving and taking by “decrypting” the code as “World Order 2020 666”, ie “World Order 2020, 666”.

Microsoft's "060606" patent has been filed, leading to the "Mark": We will pay and be paid with a chip in the "body"! 3

“Snopes” explains that WO is a nickname for WIPO and “A1” mentioned at the end states that this is the only patent, while “B1” is for patents that have been granted.

He attributes the existence of three sixes “to nothing more than coincidence”!

However, despite McAfee’s reference to “people who have been chipped”, the patent does not explicitly mention microchip implantation or any other type of implantable technology.

Analyzing the theories, the Snopes website said that the “person”, the “user device” and the “sensor” “are all separate objects” in the application . As mentioned in the patent application:

“The 130 user device may include any device that can process and store data / information and communicate via a 120 network. For example, the 130 user device may include personal computers, transmitters, mobile phones, laptops, smart devices (eg smart watches or smart TVs). “

Regarding the sensor, the patent application states that it can be added to one of the aforementioned devices, such as a mobile phone, or be a standalone component:

“The 140 sensor can be set to sense the activity of the user’s body 145. As shown in Figure 1, the 140 sensor can be a separate component from the user’s device 130 and be connected and / or communicate with the user’s device. 130.

Alternatively, the 140 sensor can be included and integrated into the 130 user’s device. For example, the 130 user’s device can be a device that can be worn and has the 140 sensor inside. The 140 sensor can transmit information / data to user device 130.

Microsoft's "060606" patent has been filed, leading to the "Mark": We will pay and be paid with a chip in the "body"! 4

Apparently, there is no specific reference to a microchip or implant in the patent, however there is some ambiguity about the type of sensor and device that will record the cryptocurrency and this ambiguity gives reasonable space for connecting the microchip or a similar technology to the patent in the future.

An additional reason why some people are making this connection is that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, founded by Microsoft founder Bill Gates, has made huge sums of money in recent years to research and develop technologies related to implantable microchips. with subcutaneous medical “quantum tattoos” controlled by the telephone as well as the “ID2020” program for the development of a global form of electronic identity.

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Gates, who in a way “predicted” a global pandemic, also funded the development of anti-coronavirus vaccines and said in a recent interview that the next challenge for humanity is to combine pandemics and terrorism in the form of bioterrorism.

Finally, it is worth noting that the Democrats in the United States have tabled a proposal to create a “digital dollar” in the framework of the support package for dealing with the economic consequences of the corona.

According to Forbes, the proposal was well received by investors in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a US move in favor of blockchain technology. With the “digital currency”, as reported by the “Wall Street Journal”, the spread of diseases from banknotes, coins and checks can be reduced.


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