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Michael Salla’s hypothesis: an expedition to an ancient installation in Antarctica will help in the fight against reptilians

There is belief that since 1939, the US has been negotiating with the so-called grays. There are also claims that these negotiations have been going on since the 18th century. Well-known Australian researcher Michael Salla is convinced there is a direct connection between this event and the mass disappearance of people in Puerto Rico. 

Since the middle of the 20th century, more than 30,000 people have disappeared here without a trace. Given that today the number is no more than 3.3 million people, this figure looks frightening.

But that’s not all. Michael Salla collected the testimonies of those who returned after a sudden disappearance. It turned out that in 80% of cases, they were abducted by gray aliens. From their stories, the researcher concluded that the aliens take biomaterial for any purpose. In addition, off the coast of Puerto Rico there is an increased activity of UFOs flying out of the water. According to the Australian, in the water column there is a base of aliens and secret American units where hey take people in for research.

We can assume that all these rumors are unfounded, however, in Puerto Rico, since 2012, six large-scale demonstrations have already been held due to the helplessness of the authorities in helping to find missing relatives. And in 2016, an attempt was made on the head of the army, no one was hurt, but the accused said that politicians and the military are closely connected with the actions of gray aliens.

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Michael Salla believed that in other countries where the US army was rampaging, the grays, under the guise of military operations, took people away. However, according to the Australian, in the near future, the oppression of humanity will subside along with the fall of American primacy. He also published data on the implementation of a secret expedition to a cave in Antarctica. 

Enlightened people from China, Japan, India, Russia, Iran and Israel took part in it. Thanks to their energy, a large intergalactic ship was activated, which had been waiting for its awakening all these years. This is not only a UFO, but also an ancient installation that will allow you to resist not only grays, but also black Drago reptilians, who also rampage on Earth.

It would seem that it is impossible to believe, but in addition to Michael, several other like-minded people wrote about these events: Cohen, Webre, Dean and Ike. The latter is also convinced that now there is a war for the Earth not only in our physical world, but also at other levels. Not only the evil forces in the form of reptilians in the shadow government became more active, but also the ancient gods. 

It is important for humanity to understand whose side it will choose now – evil and greed or goodness and justice. It is to this that expert Michael Salla leads his conclusions.

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