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Michael Jackson: His Death and the Ongoing Mystery

Michael Jackson: His Death and the Ongoing Mystery 1

Was it an accident, or was Michael Jackson’s sudden death all part of a conspiracy carried out by the recording industry. That is just one of the many questions and theories surrounding the sudden and heart wrenching death of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

The Death of an Icon

Six years ago, the world received the news the one of the most beloved pop stars of all time had passed away. When it was learned that it was due to a drug overdose by his personal doctor, we were stunned.

The questions began how his doctor could mistakenly give him a lethal injection of Propofol, and more importantly why. When the official cause of death was released, the world was even more stunned.

Official cause of death: Officially it is reported that on June 25th 2009, Michael Jackson died of an overdose of anesthetic which was administered to him by his cardiologist Dr. Conrad Murray. Later in November 2011, a Los Angeles courtroom found Dr. Murray guilt of involuntary manslaughter.

What has many people wondering is if the King of Pop’s death was accidental or were there other factors involved.

The King of Pop

Michael Jackson, or MJ began his solo career in 1971, and he was already a star. Beginning with two wins in 1972, he went on to win an astonishing 86 music awards. In 1995, the King of Pop joined the other music greats in the Music Hall of Fame.

Famous worldwide for songs that include Billie Jean, Beat It, Smooth Criminal, and of course Thriller, fans worldwide always eagerly awaited his next musical release. His album Thriller broke and set records worldwide.

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Over $600 million earned in his lifetime, MJ could make money as fast as he spent it and the problems began.

And, He Went Down …

Suddenly it seemed that the world had lost their pop star. Gone was the handsome and suave looking successful music idol. Instead, the world watched in shock as Michael began to change. Nose surgery was just the first in a long line of ensuing surgeries until the old MJ had been replaced by a white and frail shadow of his former self.

Was this the start of the conspiracy to murder the King of Pop? Some conspiracy theorists wondered.

His descent in public favor continued with photos of the star holding his infant son over a hotel balcony, financial problems, child abuse allegations, and even his tiny pet monkey received criticism. It seems that now he could not please the public.

The worst came in 2006 when his financial difficulties were first beginning to truly surface. By 2008, his beloved Neverland Ranch was in foreclosure. The Financial Title Company would also seize his train, artworks, and even the rides.

Then, in 2009 Michael Jackson was back with his This Is It tour. Some conspiracy theorists believe that this was one of the underlying reasons for his accidental death.

The Conspiracy

Many fans believe that MJ was murdered, and the culprit was greed. Other questions are arising, including whether executives in the entertainment industry believed that he was worth more dead.

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As startling as this might be, some insiders do not consider this theory to be too farfetched. Consider the health of the singer. Multiple surgeries and continuing reports of ill health have continuously surrounded the pop icon since the mid-nineties, making these concerns over his health valid concerns. Some friends close to the Jackson family even concede that MJ knew that he would not be able to keep his hectic concert schedule. One reporter so stunned by the singer’s frail appearance stated that he did not expect the star to live past six months. This reporter was Jackson insider Ian Halperin, who was shocked to learn that he was only one day off on his sobering prediction.

Following the Money

To begin understanding the conspiracy theorists, it is important to understand how much money was involved in the greatly anticipated This Is It tour.

Ticketmaster: Initial ticket sales overwhelmed the system causing a temporary shutdown. Final numbers reported by the ticket giant were a record breaking 360,000 tickets in 18 hours, and this was only the numbers for the presale.

Imagine if tickets sales had continued at the rate, and what would have happened if the concert had to be cancelled after the opening date. AEG and Sony Entertainment would have lost millions in refunds and sales.

Just eighteen days before the concert opening, the pop king was dead. To recoup their losses, Sony and AEG announced that they would be releasing a music video with footage that had been shot for the upcoming tour. The Jackson family was furious. Sister, Janet Jackson reportedly stated that the family could not believe that the music industry would try to make money off of her brother’s death. It seems that the family agreed with her and the matter ended up in civil litigation.

Meanwhile other reports concerning the singer’s poor health were being to surface. This Is It film producer and family friend Kenny Ortega even stated that there was no way his friend was mentally or physically healthy enough to withstand the grueling concert schedule, but no one listened.

WATCH: Michael Jackson against Sony Speech in London

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Ongoing Concerns

While it is true that it is possible the Michael Jackson may have been worth more to Sony and AEG dead, this is not definitive proof. Many theorize, including Jermaine Jackson that with the footage from the concert rehearsals the companies were looking at millions of dollars in sales. Revenue that would not have been possible if the pop singer was still alive and not well enough to perform.

His Legacy

Even with Los Angeles county medical examiner, Jerry Mckibben’s report that the singer died from an accidental overdose of prescription medication the questions still remain. Why did it take so long for the authorities to be called? Why did Dr. Murray spend so much valuable time on the phone after the singer’s death? Chances are these questions will continue to be asked for generations to come.


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