Mexican Zone of Silence: The Unsolved Mystery of Mexico’s “Quiet Region”

When it comes to unexplained places, the Bermuda Triangle is usually the first thing that comes to mind. Located in the Caribbean Sea, it is known for the mysterious disappearances of ships, which, after they entered the area, were not known. However, there is another, lesser known area in which the unexplained is happening. This place is often called the Mexican Zone of Silence.

Located in the Chihuahua Desert, the Mexican Zone of Silence is exactly what its name suggests: a vast tract of land where radio signals are lost and direction is not determined. Visitors to this area, which is also known as the Mapimi Silent Zone, say that compasses brought there can only show an uncontrolled rotation of the needle.

Rumor has it that the Mexican government is hiding unexplained incidents, as evidenced by the lack of tourist facilities and hotels near the desert. It is believed that this place became widely known to the public as unusual only after an American missile fell here by some mistake. When searching for the wreckage of the rocket, United States agents were faced with unexplained phenomena.

As in other cases, one way or another connected with something inexplicable, numerous “researchers” are trying to determine what other factors may play a role in such a strange activity of this territory. Hence, there are many reports on the research of plants and animals, as well as on the study of the geological structure of the region.

And, of course, as in all places where the words “unexplained” or “mysterious” are added to their names, rumors about alien research are extremely widespread.

It seems that many people have reported UFOs in the region, strange lights and burning bushes, not unlike those described elsewhere around Roswell, New Mexico or Area 51. Theorists are also interested to note that the Zone of Silence falls at the same coordinates as the Bermuda Triangle, which, by the way, has recently received a plausible explanation.

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Nevertheless, in addition to numerous theories about the influence of UFOs and aliens within a radius of fifty kilometers of the Zone, inexplicable phenomena can actually be given quite logical explanations. So, in particular, scientists have discovered underground deposits of meteorite debris, which is the cause of magnetism. In fact, the magnetism beneath the surface of the desert is precisely what influences, as it seems, mysteriously, the radio waves and the metal arrow of the compass. 

This theory is supported by the fact that meteorites falling on the Chihuahua Desert were not uncommon in the 1900s. For example, during the period from 1938 to 1969, three such strikes on the desert were reported.

However, those who prefer the theory of aliens, accordingly, do not particularly believe in such claims about meteorites. These people prefer to insist on government cover or an alien ploy.

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Also, it cannot be ruled out that the Zone of Silence remains on the list of unexplained also because in this status it is much more profitable for income from tourists than the name “Zone of not so inexplicable silence.”

But, be that as it may, it must be admitted that many consider all these explanations not convincing enough and the mysterious Quiet Zone of Mexico is still included in the list of the most mysterious places in the world.


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