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A threat to global demographics? People fall in love with virtual characters just like real people 5

Metaphysics & Psychology

In place of, or rather, in addition to other agendas, as well as the childfree ideology, which implies the voluntary rejection of offspring, another...

"The time of departure from Earth is predetermined for every living being." Anabela Cardoso and her experience of transcommunication with the subtle world 6

Metaphysics & Psychology

Some people believe that tape recorders can be used to hear the voices of the dead. More technologically advanced than séances and not as...

Mad genius Van Gogh got a new diagnosis 21 Mad genius Van Gogh got a new diagnosis 22

Metaphysics & Psychology

Scientists have given a new diagnosis to Vincent Van Gogh. According to experts, the painter suffered from several disorders, including attacks of delirium tremens. At the...