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“Birth is not a beginning. Death is not the end." Researcher D. Hodson expanded knowledge about life after death with the help of clairvoyance 5

Metaphysics & Psychology

“This topic always arouses the highest interest, because what person has not experienced the bitterness of loss, and at the same time the desire...

Telepathy, mind reading and talking with spirits: An answer to the human consciousness “mystery of the millennia” has been given? 6

Metaphysics & Psychology

Stuart Hameroff of the Center for Consciousness Research at the University of Arizona put forward a revolutionary theory that is so convincing and beautiful...

Mad genius Van Gogh got a new diagnosis 32 Mad genius Van Gogh got a new diagnosis 33

Metaphysics & Psychology

Scientists have given a new diagnosis to Vincent Van Gogh. According to experts, the painter suffered from several disorders, including attacks of delirium tremens. At the...