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Physicists are nearing a breakthrough that could prove the existence of God, a study that might unsettle even the skeptics 5

Metaphysics & Psychology

You may have heard that our universe is not the only one; there are others. A recent scientific paper rigorously proves the existence of...

"The inhabitants of the ethereal realm can contact the earthly world at their discretion." Arthur Findlay's inquiries into life beyond the threshold and the responses from the subtle world 6

Metaphysics & Psychology

“Over the years, I have observed interactions with another realm that is intertwined with our own. This has convinced me that those we refer...

The Afterlife Investigations 17 The Afterlife Investigations 18

Metaphysics & Psychology

Breakthrough scientific evidence for the afterlife: The Scole Experiments. For five years a group of mediums and scientists witnessed more phenomena than in any...

An Animation Of Plato’s Cave 27 An Animation Of Plato’s Cave 28

Metaphysics & Psychology

The trippy cartoon edition of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, a disturbing story used by the philosopher to point our the difficulties in comprehending...