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Trip Therapy: Beyond reality and the shrouds of consciousness 5

Metaphysics & Psychology

You may remember the Ken Russel-directed fantasy film “Beyond Reality” (1980 “Altered States”) starring William Hurt. An anthropologist decides to embark on the study...

Parallels of hell in black holes and Near Death Experiences 6

Metaphysics & Psychology

The public’s interest in black holes is not attributed so much to interest in astronomy, but to numerous reports that somewhere there is a...

The Afterlife Investigations 17 The Afterlife Investigations 18

Metaphysics & Psychology

Breakthrough scientific evidence for the afterlife: The Scole Experiments. For five years a group of mediums and scientists witnessed more phenomena than in any...

An Animation Of Plato’s Cave 27 An Animation Of Plato’s Cave 28

Metaphysics & Psychology

The trippy cartoon edition of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, a disturbing story used by the philosopher to point our the difficulties in comprehending...