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Alien life in four-dimensional space and the ability to penetrate into each of the subsequent dimensions 5

Metaphysics & Psychology

We, people living in a three-dimensional world, believe that our Universe is the only one. And that life on Earth is the highest manifestation of biological evolution. But what if...

“I don’t believe for a long time that death is the end of our existence.” Nine proofs of eternal life from Jeffrey Long 6

Metaphysics & Psychology

“I grew up among scientists. My father was a candidate for the Nobel Prize. My father and other members of my family helped me love science. Because...

You Are Not Just a Machine 35 You Are Not Just a Machine 36

Metaphysics & Psychology

“A living man can be enslaved and reduced to the historic condition of an object. But if he dies in refusing to be enslaved,...

What Witchcraft Is Facebook? 37 What Witchcraft Is Facebook? 38

Metaphysics & Psychology

Mass psychogenic illness—historically known as “mass hysteria”—is making a comeback. “Eerie and remarkable.” Those are the words that Robert Bartholomew used to describe this...