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Memorabilia: Leaked Video of the “gray” alien survivor of the Roswell UFO crash

After all these years, we have decided to refresh the subject with an old film footage of a typical “gray” alien, possibly the survivor of the Roswell UFO crash over sixty years ago in New Mexico. Below is an excerpt from black and white footage that was filmed by government agents working on a top-secret UFO study between 1942 and 1969.

In total, there were 7 tapes in the archive, with a total duration of 21 hours. Only a small part of this archive has been published, only about 180 minutes.

The source of the leak asked to remain anonymous to keep him safe.

The video captures a humanoid that flew to us from the neighboring star system Zeta Reticuli – this is a double star in the constellation Mesh. It is located about 39 light-years from the solar system.

The star system is visible to the naked eye, but since it is located in the southern hemisphere on the celestial sphere, it is inaccessible to observation north of the tropics.

As you can see in the footage, the humanoid is wearing a tight-fitting spacesuit. This is how the “grays” are usually described by those who came into contact with aliens.

The author of the video publication Skinny Bob believes that the footage is authentic, and this “permitted” leak indicates that the US government is on the way to the official disclosure of materials about alien visitors to Earth.

The first video shows a small part of tape # 5, assembled from 3 of its fragments.

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The second video is a compilation – it uses footage from the first video, but there are also additional footage taken at the time of negotiations with the “gray” aliens.

According to the internal protocol 23/04 of the US intelligence services, meetings with aliens must be held in secrecy, with a limited number of visitors, who must be accompanied by special agents, and the meetings themselves must take place only with high-ranking officers. According to this protocol, meetings must be confidential and filming or photographing is strictly prohibited.

According to document 072 / E, at a meeting in 1961 with 3 visitors, there was an incident on the territory of a military base related to a violation by officers – they were filming inconsistently with a hidden device.

Video of the interrogation of an alien from the future

The author of the videos below, initially claimed that the publication became possible as a result of a leak from NASA. Believe it or not – it’s up to you.

During interrogation, the alien tells that he is from the distant future of planet Earth, and has arrived in our time in order to “observe”. The newcomer mentions that a nuclear war awaits us and gives the reason why it became possible.

It is a well known fake but unless proven otherwise, it’s not. It had a nice, convincing set up though, we must admit!

In the face of all these false positives, mysteries, and straight-up hoaxes, it’s hard to keep faith in reports of extraterrestrials. It’s enough to make Fox Mulder hang up his badge and gun, but in the end, we all want to believe.


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