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Maybe the Earth is not our planet?

The curious hypothesis of the cosmic origin of mankind was put forward by the American ecologist Ellis Silver

The question of how exactly our planet received life remains open. Some scientists believe that the first living organisms appeared on Mars. Others indicate that many amino acids have been discovered in space. And therefore, life could appear in the entire solar system at the same time. 

What is out there in the solar system? Living organisms, in their opinion, are everywhere in space. And somewhere, life advanced very quickly to complex forms. And somewhere, it remained at the microbial level.

Among researchers there are those who believe that planet Earth is not really the birthplace of mankind. And that we, in fact, appeared in some other place in space. And we just settled this world once in ancient times.

This is not our planet

There is one environmentalist in America, his name is Dr. Ellis Silver. A few years ago he wrote a book in which he reflected the above point of view

People are not at all from the Earth

Neanderthals startled and looked at each other.

The author claims that humans cannot be “natives” on this planet. And perhaps they came here from completely different places. Silver makes arguments based on human physiology. He suggests that we did not evolve along with other forms of life on Earth. But in fact, we arrived from somewhere else in the universe. Or some extraterrestrial beings brought us here tens of thousands of years ago.

Does that sound crazy? Or is it contrary to your beliefs? Having read this, your friends may be ready to laugh at you and tell you that you are reading insane theories? Do not listen to them. It is believed that higher entities were actually left to watch us …

But seriously – why not? Maybe we really look at familiar things in a different way? After all, we really want to understand our tasks in this world and find out our real origin. In addition, Silver is still an environmental scientist. He devoted his life to cleaning the Pacific Ocean from plastic waste. And, besides, Silver claims that his book is based on completely scientific works. They studied the obvious differences between humans and other animals.

So what are the facts and arguments of the ecologist?

Does your back hurt? Time to go home

Silver believes that some chronic human diseases, such as back pain, may indicate that people actually evolved in a world with less gravity. The scientist also talks about other unique human traits. For example, that babies have relatively large heads and women have difficulties in childbirth. (The question is debatable here. It turns out that in our native world, babies have smaller heads or something?). Silver argues that no other species on Earth has such a problem. He also points to 223 additional genes in humans that are not found in any other genome of an earthly being.

Silver believes that the human race has “serious flaws” testifying that we are not from this world.

“We are all chronically ill,” says Silver. “If you find a person who is 100% healthy and does not suffer from any (possibly hidden or unidentified) condition or disorder (there is an extensive list in the book), I will be extremely surprised. I haven’t seen such people. ”

Yes, it was not without reason that the famous saying was born that there are no healthy people. This topic is severely unexplored.

“I believe that many of our problems stem from the simple fact that the clocks of our internal organism evolved in a 25-hour cycle. This has been proven by sleep researchers. But the earthly day lasts only 24 hours, ”the scientist writes.

Raw meat? Eat yourself

In his book, Silver suggests that one of the possible places where a person actually appeared is Alpha Centauri, the star system closest to the sun.
What other arguments does the scientist give? He writes that humanity is obviously the most highly developed species on the planet. However, man is surprisingly poorly adapted to the conditions that our planet provides. Sunlight gives us cancer. Natural (raw) foods disgust us. We have an extremely high level of chronic diseases and much more. Plus, many people have the feeling that they are strangers in this world. They feel like guests on this planet.

Silver suggests that humanity did not evolve on Earth from a specific local ancesto but was developed in a completely different place. We were transferred to Earth as a fully developed species of Homo sapiens somewhere between 60,000 and 200,000 years ago.

Could an American environmentalist be right? Could it be that this planet is just our colony? The idea is interesting. And there is not a single argument that would completely reject such a possibility …


Fact or fiction

El Coco – a child-killing monster from Hispanic folklore

The amazing HBO new series “The Outsider” based on the novel by Stephen King, refers to a mythical creature called El Coco (El Cucuy, El Cuco, etc.), which brutally kills children.

From the point of view of folk mythology, El Coco is an analogue to the Boogeyman, but the stories about him are much more detailed and scary.

Stories about El Coco as a night grandmother can be traced back to the 16-17th century, but stories about a monster named Coca or Cuca arose much earlier. Back then this word was associated with a strange sea monster, unlike any known animal. For example, there is a story about a monster that looks like a turtle, which attacked cats and children and ate them. This monster was called Cucuy.

The word Coco itself in Spain and Portugal can be translated as “the crown of the head” or “skull”, so El Coco is a creature primarily with an unusual head. Sometimes he has a pumpkin head, sometimes like a coconut with three “holes” (the word coconut came from there), sometimes like a naked skull.

If the child does not obey, parents can say that El Coco will come for him and take him with him in his bag, and then eat him. The oldest children’s scarecrow poem about El Coco dates from the 17th century.

Sleep baby, sleep …
Otherwise, El Cuco will come and eat you.

In Brazil, there is a traditional lullaby with the words:

Sleep baby, otherwise El Coco will come
When your dad goes to the farm and your mom goes to work.

El Coco may not take children, but scare them by watching them through the window or somehow force the child to leave his bed (move into his body, for example) and go where no one will find him and the child will die there.

In addition to Spain and Portugal, horror stories about El Coco are mainly used in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Chile. Hhe is depicted everywhere in different ways, like a man in a hood, a hairy monster under the bed, sometimes even like a humanoid dragon. Such a discrepancy is justified by the fact that the eyewitnesses who could normally consider El Coco did not survive, while others saw him only briefly.

If the Guardian Angel cares about the safety of people, then El Coco is often represented as his opponent and the children are his victims, because they are easiest to reach and defenseless. In this interpretation, El Coco is an evil demonic creature.

In Brazil, El Coco looks like a monster with the body of a woman and the head of an alligator. On her back, there is a large bag where she puts the abducted children. Brazilian El Coco is often the main villain in children’s books.

There are many stories from eyewitnesses who were frightened by El Coco in their childhood and who actually saw something that could be imagined as El Coco. On the whole, the whole range of strange creatures that come to the children at night to scare them or cause them physical harm is very large, diverse, and difficult to combine into one.

Some researchers are convinced that the myths about El Coco and their relationship with children most likely arose not just as an ordinary parental scarecrow, but on the basis of something real. Something scared the children, and then the children disappeared and they were never found. Therefore, they began to say that the one who abducts them swallows them.

It is possible that the basis of the myth of El Cuco is criminal activity, children have always been a welcome prey for different purposes. Perhaps even, they are the same creatures abducting children and adults in our days, including irrevocably – the aliens.

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Fact or fiction

Angels may be aliens from Atlantis, Tom DeLonge insists


It “looks like” Jason Colavito, author and editor based in Albany, NY, internationally recognized by scholars, literature theorists and scientists for his pioneering work that explores the connections between science, pseudoscience and speculative fiction, did not like a message recently posted by Tom Delonge on the Instagram.

Angels may be aliens from Atlantis, insists Tom DeLonge

Last week, To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science founder and interim leader Tom DeLonge shared a bizarre Instagram post in which he seemed to endorse a number of controversial ancient astronaut and Theosophy-style beliefs about the imagined connection between space aliens, Atlantis and Lemuria, and Biblical angels. DeLonge discussed midcentury ideas favored by Theosophy-inspired “contactees” and UFO preachers, and it appeared that he favors the idea that Biblical angels and space aliens are the same. Here is what he had to say:

Here’s what he published:

In the early 50’s a man was claiming to have regular visits from “spacemen” that were the same entities that UFO contactees describe meeting, as well as the same ones he said were portrayed in the Bible as “Angels.” He said they had outposts in our Solar System and had connections to Atlantis and Lemuria. He took many photos in the early 50’s (no photoshop, no computers) but many were overexposed (potentially) because of the propulsion field coming from the craft — A man in 2017 wanted to make a 3D animation of these craft and asked to borrow all the photos and negatives from the 50’s to help create the animation. Upon digital enhancement, within a black negative, this figure and a craft appeared. This may be what people describe as the “Tall Whites” or, “The Atanteans” [sic] or… “The Angels” of the Bible. They glow, they can almost look translucent (potentially) if they are surrounded by an electromagnetic force field, but really, they may be walking around on Earth “just like men” as the Bible and Vedic texts describe.

To be fair, there is actually a connection of sorts: As Ignatius Donnelly recognized (mostly by accident), Plato modeled the end of Atlantis in the Critias on Near Eastern flood myths, so the story resonates with intertestamental Jewish myths of pre-Flood activities of the fallen angel Watchers and their giant sons the Nephilim, whom Theosophy identified with Venusians and Martians and whom ancient astronaut theorists identified as visitors from other star systems.

I’d like to say that this was out of character, but it isn’t. These same ideas permeate DeLonge’s books, and they have also shown up in his Twitter feed and his media interviews, particularly his train wreck appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience a few years ago. DeLonge is proud of the fact that much of his knowledge of the paranormal and extraterrestrial derives from 1960s and 1970s paperback bestsellers, and there is no evidence that his knowledge base has grown since claiming to be the anointed mediator between the U.S. government and humanity.

This is not the first time DeLonge has shared dubious material on social media. He infamously shared a screen capture from the 2000 miniseries Taken and claimed it to be secret government images of a flying saucer.

I am, however, interested in the increasingly explicit efforts of the TTSA crew and their cousins in the Ancient Aliens orbit to equate angels and aliens and to follow Ignatius Donnelly in making Atlantis into an Eden. It has long been obvious that the ancient astronaut theory is religion in the guise of pseudoscience. It was even fairly obvious that the religion in question was Theosophy, since all the major ancient astronaut writers cite Helena Blavatsky approvingly.

But is there anything someone can say anymore that will disqualify one from lucrative government research contracts and cable TV contracts? It seems the only thing that can ensure that one is locked out of the government-media revolving door is to conclude that pseudoscientific ideas are bullshit.


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Fact or fiction

Man behind US Navy demonstrates exotic UFO patents

Pais UFO designs

The engineer responsible for several exotic ‘UFO technology’ patents spoke to the media for the first time.

Man behind UFO patents
Is that what they are trying to build in the end? (Image not related to the patents mentioned in the article.)

Among them, there was a ‘hybrid-underwater aerospace‘ capable of unmatched maneuverability in and out of water – something that looks a lot like the ‘Tic-Tac’ UFO chased by pilots during the infamous USS Nimitz incident in 2004.

Similar patents have also been filed for a ‘high frequency gravitational wave generator’, an ‘electromagnetic force field generator’ and even a ’spacecraft using an inertial mass reduction device’.

Then, in October 2019, it was revealed that the same engineer had patented a new type of nuclear fusion reactor compact and revolutionary.

Often seen as the Holy Grail of power generation, nuclear fusion is the same process that produces energy in the Sun and works by fusing hydrogen nuclei to create helium. Unlike nuclear fission that comes with the inherent risk of collapse, fusion is much cleaner and safer, while the hydrogen fuel used by the process is so abundant that it is virtually unlimited.

Now, finally, after many months of refusing to answer questions, the man behind these exotic patents – Salvatore Cezar Pais – has finally responded to emails sent through the website The War Zone.

Dr. Pais is certainly well qualified, having previously worked as an aerospace engineer in the Navy Naval Systems Command, before moving on to the Navy Strategic Systems Programs.

In an interview for the Drive, he emphasized that he was confident about the validity of his inventions.

He wrote:

The fact that my work on the design of a Compact Fusion Reactor has been accepted for publication in a prestigious magazine such as the IEEE TPS, should speak volumes about its importance and credibility – and should eliminate (or at least alleviate) all the misconceptions that you (or anyone else) can have regarding the veracity (or possibility) of my advanced physics concepts.

Who is Salvatore Caesar Pais?

Many began to wonder if Salvatore Caesar Pais was even real. Reporters found that Pais received a bachelor’s degree in 1990 and a master’s degree in 1993 in mechanical engineering. There is also evidence that he received a Ph.D. from Case-Western Reserve University in 1999.

Also, there is an image allegedly depicting Pais on a Chinese news blog that also covered patent history.

The alleged image of Salvatore Pais, standing among the large Super Hornet and Growler models.

The alleged image of Salvatore Pais, standing among the large Super Hornet and Growler models.

For many years, scientists have sought to create such superconductors, zero-resistance electrical circuits that generate powerful electromagnetic fields. Most superconductors require incredibly low temperatures, however, which makes them impractical for most applications outside of laboratories or other carefully controlled environments.

As Pais noted in his 2019 AIAA presentation, achieving room temperature superconductivity (RTSC) is a very disruptive technology that can completely change the paradigm in science and technology, and added that its military and commercial value is significant.

Actually, one of the patents

Actually, one of the patents

Several recent experiments in the field of high-temperature superconductivity have had some preliminary success, which suggests that this once inaccessible technology may become available in further research. In a 2019 article, Nature published a summary of high-pressure superconductivity at room temperature and reported that “it seems more likely than ever that the dream of superconductivity at room temperature can be realized in the near future” and that “experimental data now confirms superconductivity at higher temperatures than ever before. “

Thedrive reporters spoke with Dr. Mark Gubrood, a physicist at the University of North Carolina, who holds a Ph.D. in ultra-low temperature and nanoscale experimental physics.

“In the past, I attended“ free energy ”and“ cold fusion ”conferences, and I came across very similar statements. The statement that he has developed or knows how to develop a room temperature superconductor is eternal; as well as statements based on some confusing physics to change space, inertial mass, or the laws of motion. Such things can be seen in meetings and publications, which are a crazy hobby industry, which is mainly associated with the vanity of its participants. “

“Pais’s patents would be considered by most physicists to be nonsense, but there will always be those who can believe it.”

“Pais uses pretty complicated babble to make this sound believable to those who know how real physics sounds, but he doesn’t understand much of it himself. Which probably applies to most patent experts, journalists and the Navy itself.”

If this is nonsense, why did the US Navy “cling to it” like that?

Despite months of research, it is still unclear why the fleet is fighting so fiercely for these patents.

If the U.S. Navy really managed to develop workable room temperature superconductors and electromagnetic force fields, these technologies would revolutionize the war in ways unknown before, not to mention the fact that they led to a paradigm shift in civilian technology. Nevertheless, the biggest question remains: if the fleet really possesses these technologies or thinks that they will become available in the near future, why publish patents?

Given all this, it is entirely possible that these patents are part of some ongoing information campaign aimed at sowing doubt among our opponents and even causing confusion among the American population.

For example, the United States and China are in a new technology arms race. Part of this race involves the production of misinformation to force the enemy to invest resources, both intelligence and research and development, which ultimately lead to a dead end.

In general, these patents certainly add only mystery to the increasingly complex narrative mosaic, which comes directly from the Navy, and which began just when a new era began, the so-called “competition of great powers.”

At the same time, perhaps this is an exciting attempt by the Pentagon to try to understand and imitate the mysterious and, it would seem, highly developed ships, which are supposedly increasingly seen near their own aircraft.

Also, it is worth considering that a breakthrough in a very exotic engine could still be made and that the fleet is ready to invest a lot of money in order to see their further progress. Or, nevertheless, this is a case of wasteful, erroneous, or even directly corrupt spending on ideas that have no real chance to pay off in the future.

The bottom line is that after several months of investigations, referring directly to the fleet and all those involved, it is not clear what the US Navy came up with. The existence of these patents and the main documentation that were revealed only made it all the more confusing.

“But we are not going to stop there”, the authors of the article finalize.

By the way, the device in the patent is very reminiscent of those same “flying triangles, because of which, for a decent time, ufologists are going crazy.

Does this mean that all of the patents mentioned will actually be served in the real world? Probably not, but if one of them does, it will certainly be interesting to see it in action.

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