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May the breakthrough light shine all over you in 2022

May the breakthrough light shine all over you in 2022 1

Although now it may seem that the Dark Forces still rule and there is no way out, in reality everything is completely different – their war is lost, and we won! Breakthrough energy is growing among the people – and one day, which no one can predict, completely unexpectedly, the full scale of victory over darkness will become obvious to everyone.

At the turn of 2021-2022, like a thief in the night, a lot of things came together; the pandemic, the fight against the pandemic, vaccinations, the threat of the Third World War, the climate crisis, the economic crisis, the energy crisis, the food crisis turning into the threat of large-scale famine, and so on.

The Bible, the Torah and the Koran answered all the questions long ago. That is, everything develops according to the eschatological scenario reflected in these books, which will end with the victory of Light over Darkness. 

Consider the current period as preparation, but the Breakthrough will definitely happen. The matrix is being destroyed, now the matter is only for the mass awakening of the people. They must be able to see corruption with their own eyes in order to understand who and what they are, and that they have caused untold harm to people.

Everything revolves around independent thinking; unfortunately, few have learned this.

May the breakthrough light shine all over you in 2022 2
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Therefore, in the light of the above, we wish all our readers that in the New Year the final storms and changes approaching the world either do not touch you, or touch you at a minimum, because the changes are global and one way or another they will affect everyone. 


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