Masters of our planet: secret world government proceedings as depicted in an Ancient Egyptian fresco

These Egyptian frescoes have been known for a long time. We assume that the experts understand perfectly well what is depicted there but for some reason people are not told about alternative interpretations. For example, this table describes the world order. 

One creature with the head of a crocodile, and the other with the head of a snake, the representatives of the reptilian world are at the head of everything. The “interpreters” write that these are pharaohs in masks but that’s not necessarily the case. 

These could be the “masters of our planet” and who they really are, it’s hard to say – alien invaders, or representatives of the subtle world. But these are not what we call the “Committee of Three Hundred” or the “Masters of Money” or the “White and Black Brotherhoods”. It’s someone of higher rank. Perhaps those whom the Egyptians called gods. 

The creatures are not sitting next to each other, but as if they are opposed to each other, perhaps personifying the Darkness and Light. But in fact, there is no confrontation between them. They shake hands. Confrontation, or rather, its appearance, is necessary for the control system. 

Below these creatures are those whom they manipulate directly: Priests, Kings, Presidents and all sorts of other Elites. This is the first level of control and here are just those whom we call the “secret world government.” Those representatives of the unambiguously material, physical plane. They just sort of oppose each other, but actually shake hands with each other. How the creatures control them is not clear from the fresco. Perhaps this somehow follows from the inscription, but there is no “translation” of the text in the public space. 

They can directly come into contact with those in power, or they can do it indirectly, subconsciously, some could say telepathically. Probably, such management explains the strange, in our philistine opinion, craving of people, standing on high levels of the hierarchy, for the occult. Maybe this is a system of addressing the first circle of control to their masters.

At the lower level we see the people, which are also controlled by invisible threads from the first circle of control. And, as can be seen, at this level, the empowering of the establishment takes place. That is, management goes without fail through wars, fights, quarrels, confrontation. Nothing else 

For the creatures that collect for the establishment, eat exactly the energy of discord and the energy component of blood at the moment of murder and violence. Those official governments are needed only to collect food for the creatures and in order for them to do this, they are given the opportunity to live at the expense of the people of the planet, without obtaining food and benefits for themselves by their labor.

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Those who are left for the time being for subsequent establishment loops, are positioned in the very lowest part of the schema. Through the efforts of selected priests, pastors and some kinds of guides, this mass of people is brought to their knees, forcing them to pray, worship and not resist the creatures. They’re in the waiting list for now, until the next “meal”.

Is it possible to resist these creatures? Perhaps, but not by prayers or riots against governments. Otherwise, you will again participate in the establishment. 

After all, it doesn’t matter for what personal purposes you unconsciously become a “dish” for those creatures. Fighters for freedom, for justice feed creatures with their energy in the same way. For they produce the energy of hatred necessary for the creatures, the desire to destroy someone in the literal or figurative sense. Any revolution in this sense will again be supported by these creatures. They don’t care who they devour. The elites will change, some will be consumed, others will come, and the process will continue in a loop.

It seems that the only way to leave the creatures “hungry”, and therefore to destroy them, is to stop feeding them through violence, hatred and death. 

Let it not be through “universal love”, but through simple tranquillity, understanding that this hatred is not yours, it is imposed on you. Almost the same way we give hormones, vitamins, and feed to animals on farms so that they produce milk, eggs, and meat for us. This is exactly the same way they give us “feed” in the form of fostering enmity, so that we quickly give the creatures the food they need.

Such a simple process and so difficult to perceive, understand and realize.

But it must be done! Or at least, the masters strive to do so.

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