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Massive Volcanic eruption is expected in the Canary Islands after 4200 microearthquakes

Massive Volcanic eruption is expected in the Canary Islands after 4200 microearthquakes 1

The Spanish authorities have activated a warning about the risk of an eruption of the Tenegia volcano on the Canary island of La Palma after more than 4,200 small earthquakes were detected in recent days.

The Canary Islands is a volcanic archipelago consisting of eight islands. At the point closest to Africa, they are 100 kilometers from Morocco.

The Institute of Volcanology of the Canary Islands reported that 11 million cubic meters of molten rock was ejected at Cumbre Vieja on a dormant volcanic ridge on La Palma, where the last eruption occurred in 1971.

Currently, a group of experts monitoring the situation believes that this seismic activity could lead to a volcanic eruption in the coming days or weeks.

The committee reported that depressions had formed in the ground up to 10 centimeters deep, suggesting a possible movement of magma. Before a volcanic eruption, there is a gradual increase in seismic activity, which can increase over a long period.

On Tuesday, authorities raised the volcanic warning level to yellow.

“We cannot give a short-term forecast. But all indications are that this will escalate into earthquakes of greater magnitude, which will be more intense and tangible for the population,” said Maria José Blanco, director of the National Geographic Institute in the Canary Islands.

The first tremors, which began last Saturday, were recorded at a depth of 20 kilometers, and on Wednesday they were located at a depth of 6 and 8 kilometers, while 20 tremors had a depth of less than three kilometers.

A local volcanologist gave a good overview of the situation. He predicts an eruption in one of four possible types. 

So, the first option, according to the Canary volcanologist, is an underwater valve, the appearance of which no one will notice. The second option is the same underwater volcano, but not far from the coast, which will cause a fairly strong steam explosion. The third option is an eruption similar to the Tenegia cone, which appeared during the eruption of 1971:

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Of course, nobody can dismiss an epic eruption of prehistoric proportions, during which the Canary Islands were born. It is possible that after this, a volcanic winter will come in Europe, but maybe everything will turn out much worse. 

Synchronously with La Palma, Alboran, – the westernmost edge of the Mediterranean Sea, began to shake at the bottom of the sea. On this basis, the plume from the Canary Islands leaks there as well. And here, as experts of this system write – everything is exactly like that:

Massive Volcanic eruption is expected in the Canary Islands after 4200 microearthquakes 2

The depths of this gigantic structure are enormous, but if Alboran is shaking in sync with the Canary Islands, the problem is right at this colossal depth. This suggests that, firstly, the process there is now in the mantle of some unimaginable force, against its background where Yellowstone is the pop of a soap bubble; secondly, if the main process lies so deep, then the main ventilation hole will not necessarily be in the La Palma area, and Phlegrean fields could literally explode. Therefore, the topic with La Palma is some kind of global issue and chain reactions in Florida may not be limited. 

It is possible that this is exactly what the Project Avalon project told about, which 15 years ago prescribed a pandemic, after which it promised a geophysical event of terrible power that would turn the whole world into ruins (24:06):  

Nevertheless, if the eruption of La Palma follows the path of a hydrothermal explosion, the adventure will be notable and will be remembered for a long time.

So, now everyone is actively calculating how high the wave will be when it reaches the United States:

Meanwhile, before it gets there – England and Italy will be washed away, Gibraltar will be thrown onto the coast of Israel, and a little later in the Murmansk, tsunami will be one and a half times higher than they will expect in Florida:

Massive Volcanic eruption is expected in the Canary Islands after 4200 microearthquakes 3

UPDATE on the 18th of September:

Late in the evening of September 18, the authorities of the island of La Palma finally raised the alarm level to orange:

The orange level suggests that the volcano will erupt with a 100% probability, the question is only when, therefore an evacuation is suggested and it has already begun:

Optimists from the Discovery TV channel in the distant antediluvian times, when people were still watching TV, saw everything as follows:

Pessimists are afraid that everything will be much worse and the awakening of the volcano will look something like this:

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