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Massive Oil Discovery in Australia Is Deathblow For Saudis

Massive Oil Discovery in Australia Is Deathblow For Saudis 1

It is 6 times larger than the  Bakken, 17 times the size of the Marcellus formation, and 80 times larger than  the Eagle Ford shale.
All told the recent discovery  outside a sleepy Australian town contains more black gold than in all of Iran,  Iraq, Canada, or Venezuela.
The current estimates of 233 billion  barrels are just 30 billion barrels shy of the estimated reserves in all of  Saudi Arabia.
Now, one renowned international energy expert predicts the proven  reserves will be much bigger.
“The find may land at 300 or 400  billion barrels, making it one of the greatest unconventional oil discoveries  any of us will see in our lifetimes,” says Dr. Kent Moors and advisor to  six of the top 10 oil producers and active consultant to 20 world governments.
“It represents a bona-fide  redrawing of the global energy map as we know it,” Moors says, “and  the mainstream media is completely ignoring it.”
Editor’s Note: Experts  value this find at over $20 trillion. To see the one stock that will deliver a  record payday, go here.
Where  the Hell is Coober Pedy?
To the people who call this place home,  the oncoming oil boom means nothing will ever be the same ($20 trillion  worth of oil can do that to a town).
The boom is centered around a place  called Coober Pedy, an inhospitable speck on the map in Southern Australia.
The big draw is the riches found in the region’s vast geological structure, the Arckaringa basin.
Encompassing an area in excess of  30,000 square miles, what’s buried within the basin is enough black gold to  completely change the global oil landscape-not to mention the lives of early  investors.
Analysts believe this is equivalent to investing in Saudi Arabia in the early 1950’s.
And according to this inner circle  briefing by Dr. Moors, one little company controls the whole thing.
Editor’s Note:  This is the biggest find in 50 years and it will create unheard of fortunes for investors who act now. Watch this unbelievable video to learn more.



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