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Marvelous World and Precious Possessions: Have Globalists given permission for the perpetual generation of clean energy from the air or ether?

Anyone who has ever seen a lightning strike from the sky knows that the air around them can literally be saturated with electricity. A team of scientists have demonstrated that this free energy can be extracted from moisture non-stop. Almost any material is suitable for this, as long as it has nanopores less than 100 nm in diameter.

Scientists have called their new discovery, which performs this function, the “general effect of Air-gen”. A device built on this principle is already successfully generating electricity and shows great promise.

In fact, the principle of operation of Air-gen is based on the creation of a charging imbalance with the help of water droplets passing through its porous structure. Any material can become an Air-gen device if it is perforated with tiny holes of 100 nanometers or less. At this scale, the holes are large enough to allow water to pass from the upper chamber to the lower chamber, but small enough that the water droplets come into contact with the material as they pass through the holes. As a result, an imbalance of charges is created in the device, since water droplets increase the charge of the upper layer, being absorbed into it when moving into the lower chamber.

This is possible due to the property of water to be a dipole molecule, which means that it has positive and negative charges. When water passes through holes in the Air-gen material, it causes an imbalance of these charges, which is eventually converted into electrical current.

Scientists have developed a device that extracts electricity from moist air. Artist’s impression of Air-gen. Derek Lovley/Ella Maru Studio

The important point is that air filled with moisture is present almost everywhere and constantly, which allows this device to generate energy 24/7. This is in stark contrast to other renewable energy sources such as solar or wind, which depend on the time of day or weather conditions. And while a single-level Air-gen cannot compete with other energy sources in terms of power output, a multi-level Air-gen system can increase power production without taking up extra space by moving air through each layer.

Perhaps one day we will be able to get clean electricity literally anywhere and anytime using Air-gen technology (that is, the concept of “all kinds of energy supply”), since air humidity is present 24/7 and everywhere,” said Jun Yao, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering at UMass Amherst and senior author of the study.

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The microscale device was able to produce the equivalent of several hundred millivolts of continuous power during a test period of a week, much longer than other air generator concepts that had a one-time power output lasting no more than 48 hours Its material versatility opens up the possibility of scaling the idea to meet commercial or industrial energy needs.

Ethereal electricity?

It is not a fact, of course, that Air-gen electricity is obtained by catching the charges of water molecules, perhaps there is some kind of ethereal technology, and water was invented for the masses so as not to destroy their usual paradigms. But this does not negate the main thing: the world is about to change wildly and conspiracy theorists have very big questions about this. 

The miracle discovery of Air-gen was made in 2020, with the onset of the pandemic. And in the same year came: a) cancer vaccine; b) incubators for artificial growing of children; c) a breakthrough in thermonuclear energy; c) mind reading devices; d) AI accessible to the masses. You can also add here the so-called “fog harps” – mechanisms similar to honeycomb frames made of thin wire that collect water from the atmosphere even in the Sahara:

Isn’t it too much for one year of breakthrough inventions? It seems that the big global bosses have opened some kind of cornucopia, having taken out inventions from the safes that have been gathering dust there for many years. 

To use the energy of the galaxy, as the science fiction writer Helge Kautz wrote, we have not yet learned, but even on Earth there are some amazing sources of electricity.

It seems that the new and marvelous world will be really sensational and terribly interesting. 

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