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Many UFOs appeared near the Falcon-9 rocket

Many UFOs appeared near the Falcon-9 rocket 1

On June 13, a Falcon 9 manned rocket was launched with 58 Starlink and SkySat microsatellites and the live broadcast of this launch was a real event in terms of revealing the presence of many UFOs in Earth orbit. 

A significant addition to the appearance of a huge number of UFOs in orbit on May 18, then May 30 during the launch of the astronauts and now June 13 during the launch of the satellites. Now we found some more, very revealing and interesting examples of UFOs.

Many UFOs appeared near the Falcon-9 rocket 2

On Saturday, June 13, a Falcon 9 launch vehicle with 58 Starlink microsatellites and three SkySat planets of the American company Planet Labs with a portable telescope and a camera for monitoring the Earth’s surface was launched from the launch site at Cape Canaveral. 

SpaceX broadcasted for several hours and turned off the live broadcast when this object appeared on the screen. SpaceX turned off the live broadcast too late after the appearance of these UFOs and many people recorded the broadcast, which subsequently allowed to see what happened in detail.

The first UFO, flies in an orbit of the earth in a direct trajectory, flies over a rocket and stops in order to make a change in the course of the flight by 90 degrees and go down to the ground in an instant. 

The second and third UFOs also appear very revealingly, they emit very bright light, so bright. that the feedback to the solar panel that fell into the frame is even discarded from it. 

What other evidence for UFOs do we need? By the way, after the launch of the Mask rocket on May 30, live broadcasts from the ISS were discontinued.

The camera mounted on the outer shell of the ISS and broadcasting video in real time was disabled and still does not work. The attempt to turn on the broadcast during the launch of the satellites, which took place on June 13, ended with SpaceX turning off the broadcast due to the appearance of UFOs. 

We think the answer to the question “Why was the ISS camera turned off?” – is obvious. Because the number of UFOs – alien ships in orbit of the Earth seems to be huge!

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