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Mantras and omens: what has the collective unconscious predicted for 2023?

The first days of January are the traditional time for divination for the next year’s events, which people have been practicing since the pre-dynastic period of Ancient Egypt. In ancient times, fortune telling was done by observing the flights of birds, the guts of enemies, by the scatter of the bones of a priest thrown from a tower, and so on. Nowadays, with the development of the Internet and nuclear physics, ‘divination methods’ have become much simpler.    

Bored housewives guess on wax and coffee grounds, tarot readers lay out solitaire cards but the Internet has its own fortune-telling rules, and for the last 10-15 years, a kind of fortune-telling board has been quite popular, on which it is proposed to find the first three conspicuous words. They will determine the main trends of the next 365 days.

How true the divination turns out to be can be judged based on the popularity of the method. So, even if there is some dose of truth and to some extent – over a certain period of time, then there really is something in it. 

In addition, despite the fact that the letters are English and the words are supposed to be English too, people of different countries and completely different cultures are happy to engage in fun reading and play by doing their own right to left and top to bottom research.

There are no problems with the theoretical substantiation of the method. So, if it is very difficult to justify it’s layout, you need to remind yourselves about quantum mechanics, then everything becomes relatively simplistic with the table’s notion.  

Each person has such a part of the psyche as the subconscious, where every second there are trillions of complex computational processes that control organs and tissues. No one secretes gastric juice by willpower, controls the passage of oxygen through the lungs. Meanwhile, all this is controlled by the very subconscious, the nature of which is little known. 

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However, it has been experimentally established that the subconscious has some degree of awareness of future events, presumably calculating them like a computer. Technically, by reading the press and listening to the news from TV or from others, each person receives enough information to build a fairly accurate forecast. The subconscious builds this forecast remarkably, after which it uses something like a “sixth sense” or “inner voice” to prompt the individual that dangerous situations are approaching. But the subconscious cannot fully reach the brain. 

But in this particular case, a tablet with letters helps to reach the upper layers of the neocortex, snatching from it what the subconscious considers necessary at the moment. Naturally, this works differently for all people and for an accurate forecast, extremely large, statistics are required using AI. However, based on reading the comments in the tweets under these letter sets, we see the following three words in the trends of 2023: ‘Witchcraft’, ‘Blackmail’, ‘Revolution’.

The topic related to witchcraft is somehow in the very foreground, people found many similar words like spirit, black magic, rituals, worship and so on. At the same time, ‘blackmail’ and ‘revolution’, which have become leaders, compete with the words ‘manipulation’ and ‘marijuana’, so for a more accurate option, a much larger sample is needed than a couple of hours of reading tweets.

What we call ‘Magic’ is always present, but more often secretly or not so. Just imperceptibly, sometimes unconsciously. According to Castaneda, then simply keeping the everyday world in the focus of attention is also a magical act and magicians are actually those who can shift this trick.

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However, with magic and the supernatural in 2023, most likely there will still be something connected, since the word is repeated somehow quite often. At the same time, words like ‘quarantine’, ‘masks’ and ‘pandemic’ were not discovered, which is a somehow encouraging sign.


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