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Manifesto of a new world which will no longer be the same: Schumann resonance in 2023 and its role in the Quantum Leap

Manifesto of a new world which will no longer be the same: Schumann resonance in 2023 and its role in the Quantum Leap 1

Conversations about the the “Quantum Leap” now inevitably come to the mention of the “Schumann resonance” – since it has appeared, it means that the world is definitely transforming. This value is referred to when they want to show that not only people are changing – the planet Earth itself is changing.

Schumann resonance indicators are the responsibility of geophysicists, and they are not going to simplify their science so that esotericists can understand it more clearly. Scientists from different fields communicate little with each other, but in vain – data from different offices, superimposed on each other, provide real insight: an understanding of the overall picture opens up of how connected we are to the planet we live on, and where we will end up in 2039, when the Quantum Leap is finally completed. Spiritual distance is not measured in miles – but, as it turned out, it can be measured in Hertz, as a physical quantity “oscillation frequency”.

So, what is Schumann resonance (also called “Schumann frequency”)?

The next layer after the stratosphere is called the ionosphere and begins approximately 50 km from the Earth’s surface. There is a high concentration of electrons and free ions, all of this is influenced by ultraviolet and cosmic rays from space, and by its gravity and magnetic field from the Earth. We can say that the ionosphere is the energetic shell of the Earth, where the flows of energy coming to a person from space intersect with the energy that the Earth gives us.

At an altitude of 55 kilometers, a cavity forms in the ionosphere, which acts as a waveguide for electromagnetic waves. Electromagnetic waves that are located in the lower part of the ionosphere are called “standing” by physicists. In 1905, Nikola Tesla patented his idea that the Earth is a resonant circuit. He then even determined the resonance frequency at 6.18-30 Hz, but purely theoretically – much later instruments appeared, and they showed an amplitude of 7.83-32.4 Hz. That is, Tesla had an almost exact guess (or rather, foresaw, surpassing the technical component of science with his genius).

Thunderstorms have the greatest impact on the ionosphere. Lightning discharges generate electromagnetic waves that become trapped and propagate through the ionosphere. Their frequency is the Schumann resonance. It is named after the German physicist Winfried Otto Schumann, who mathematically predicted its existence in 1952. Lightning and magnetic storms, energy discharges in the atmosphere during thunderstorms increase the Schumann frequency by about 15%.

Schumann resonance is constantly measured by stations in different parts of the globe: West Greenwich station (USA), Hollister and Parkfield station (USA), Moshiri station (Japan), Martovaya station (Ukraine), Ioannina University station (Greece), Nagucenk station (Hungary), Mitzpe Ramon station (Israel), Tomsk State University station (Russia, Tomsk), Lekhta station (Russia) and stations at the South and North Poles. At the same time, their data may differ.

Relationship between the Schumann resonance and the human brain

Conversations about the Global Transition (also known as the “Quantum Leap”) now inevitably include the mention of the “Schumann resonance” - since it has risen, it means that the world is definitely transforming.-2

It was noticed almost immediately after Otto Schumann announced his discovery to his colleagues – he worked on this issue in 1952-1954. In 1954 and 1960, Koenig and his colleagues (König, H.L.; Krueger, A.P.; Lang, S.; Sönning, W. Biological Effects of Environmental Electromagnetism ; Springer: Berlin, Germany, 2012.) During their studies, they revealed the presence of a pattern between resonance The Earth and the ionosphere and the activity of the human brain. This similarity extended to the values ​​of the electric field (mV/m) and magnetic field (pT) components.

In 2006, a scientist from Tomsk State University, Sergei Pobachenko, confirmed the existence of similarities between variations in Schumann spectra and brain activity in the frequency range 6–16 Hz. (Pobachenko, SV; Kolesnik, AG; Borodin, AS; Kalyuzhin, VV The contigency of parameters of human encephalograms and Schumann resonance electromagnetic fields revealed in monitoring studies. Complex Syst. Biophys. 2006, 51 , 480–483.)

In 2016, the Behavioral Neurobiology and Biomolecular Research Laboratories of Laurentian University, Ontario, Canada, published the article “Similar Spectral Power Densities Within the Schumann Resonance and a Large Population of Quantitative Electroencephalographic Profiles: Supporting Evidence for Koenig and Pobachenko.” This study provides further evidence of the similarities between human brain activity and the Schumann resonance – conclusions drawn from the observation of consistent spectral patterns of electromagnetic fields in both systems. The subjects were given an electroencephalogram and its pattern was compared with graphs of fluctuations in the indicators of the station closest to the experiment that measured the Schumann resonance.

This is the dry language of scientific articles – but we are talking about mysticism. Esotericists, who draw their knowledge directly from space, rarely refer to what the international scientific community has discovered and published. Moreover, the two parties are skeptical of each other and, in a rather insulting tone, exchange statements like “You don’t understand anything!” But in the case of Schumann resonance research, the relationship between the human brain and the ionospheric Earth is recognized by both.

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If there is a relationship, it can be used for the benefit of a person. In 2017, several Iranian university laboratories published the article ‘Effects of Extremely Low-Frequency Electromagnetic Fields on Neurogenesis and Cognitive Behavior in an Experimental Model of Hippocampal Injury’.

In short, low-frequency magnetic fields, in which Schumann resonance exists, improve spatial learning and memory. Exposure to low-frequency magnetic fields increases the number of BrdU+ and NeuN+ cells in the dentate gyrus, the brain structure involved in the regulation of memory functions, spatial navigation and attention control.

What does it mean? Low-frequency magnetic fields enhance neurogenesis, that is, the formation of new brain cells. The saying that nerve cells do not regenerate became outdated several years ago – scientists now believe that the human nervous system is capable of regeneration.

Schumann resonance is growing. It means something is happening

The most surprising thing in the light of the above is that the Schumann resonance, which in the arithmetic average has remained around 7.8 Hz since the 1970s, when it began to be measured, is now growing, and very quickly.

In 2023, the average Schumann frequency in the entire ionosphere is already 38 Hz.

And this is just the beginning. The earth and all the people on it are now moving from Kali Yuga (as Hindus call the era of aggression, competition, calculation) into the era of open consciousness Satya Yuga, when people will become more conscious, kinder and relationships will begin to be built on the principles of cooperation.

The Quantum Leap began on September 21, 2019, and it will end in 2039 – that is, we have already covered a considerable part of the path.

From the results of laboratory studies, it is concluded that the human brain adjusts its frequency to the level of wave oscillations in the Earth’s ionosphere – that is, to the indicators of the Schumann resonance. Electroencephalograms of the volunteers participating in the experiments show that the level of oscillations in the brain strongly depends on what emotion a person is currently experiencing.

The higher, brighter, kinder the feeling, the higher the resonance.

The Earth is ahead of the people living on it – it makes the Quantum Leap a little faster than we do, ahead of us to prepare the ground. In 2023, Schumann frequency fluctuates in the range from 20 to 60 Hz, on average, to be very precise, it turns out to be just 38 Hz. That is, the Earth brings us – all of us – to the level of sincere politeness, when we want to say “Thank you.” A little more and we will approach 50 Hz, when you want to love.

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In a state of highest concentration—during meditation, for example—the human brain generates waves with a frequency of up to 200 Hz. Therefore, compilers of meditation music compilations often indicate the frequency of the track. The stronger the meditation, the more difficult the task you set for yourself, the higher the frequency should be.

The Schumann resonance has not yet caught up with the brain waves of a meditating person. Because in meditation we are much higher, closer to the divine, than the “average hospital temperature” of humanity. And Schumann’s resonance is aimed precisely at everyone, its task is to slowly raise and open the consciousness of everyone in order to lead humanity through the Quantum Leap.


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