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Man That Claims To Be From the Year 6491 Takes LIE DETECTOR Test?

Man That Claims To Be From the Year 6491 Takes LIE DETECTOR Test? 1

ApexTV Claims to have performed a lie detector test on James Oliver.
James alleges that he is from the year 6491 and is stuck in 2018 after his Time Machine broke.
In this interview, They ask about the legitimacy of his story and what the future holds.

Who is “James Oliver”?

ApexTV recently interviewed a man named James Oliver who claimed to be a time tarveler from the year 6491.
Oliver states he’s stuck in 2018 and reveals that he is from another galaxy.
He states he’s a “Field Analyst” that studies different time periods and cultures and wants to share his tragic story.

He states the way time travel works where he’s from is by using smaller, more portal Particle Accelerators in a one-seat craft.
He states that by traveling twice the speed of light allows you to travel into the future! James says he specializes in the Solar System and has been to several main events in history.

He claims that On January 21st of this year. The Super Blue Blood moon interrupted a transmission from Headquarters and the geological even had disrupted his signal and fried the system to his ship leaving him stranded in 2018.
He says that he cannot even do what he is sent to do in our time.

He said that on the 3rd of March of 2018 he is supposed to contact his Headquarters to give a monthly report, and someone in his time will hopefully be able to reach him. James compares his experience in our time to being stuck in another country and not knowing how to get home.

He begins to explain that his country is one large land mass divided into sectors and it has a citadel specifically devoted to Alien information. Also, they have agents that specialize in tracking down Alien life forms.

The supposed time traveler mentioned the Yellowstone volcano and how it is going to erupt.

He says that we should be very cautious of the Yellowstone Volcano because it will release a lot of ash into our atmosphere. James also warns us that when Yellowstone does, in fact, erupt, that we should get to the airport and leave the country immediately.

Is global warming an issue in the future, James says it is a MAJOR issue. He says we are destroying our atmosphere and we are in a warming phase.

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James states that in his time, movies are transmitted into our brains and nervous system, We will be able to feel raindrops and hear the voices like we are sitting right next to the person. Video games have a chair that taps into your nervous system as well and allows you to see things and feel things. It allows you to control your video game character with your brain giving it a more real-life feeling.

He then starts to talk about cell phones from his time. He says that the phones in his time are made with synthetic material that spreads open into a glass-like material with a holographic mapping system.

James then goes on to tell us, that many planets have habitats on them to support human life. He says that the habitats are the size of continents that can be reached by different shuttles. He says that land vehicles still exist and that the cars are much faster and also hovering.

James says in the future everyone is injected with a chip at birth that is unique to the person. The chip holds information like Social Security Numbers, bank accounts and etc. Also, paper money is no longer used in his time. There is no need for it. Except for the coins that are described a paper thin that have there own serial numbers.He also states that there are steps taken in his time to make sure everyone has the money they need.

He states that in the future, there is a federation responsible for all human life in every galaxy. Also, every individual world has its own government.

He claims that he has given more than enough evidence for the skeptics to believe him. He says that you are entitled to your opinion, but that he is only here to help us!

James gives a warning to the people of 2018. He warns us to be careful of blind anger but cannot specify on what he means by that. He claims it will cause a ripple, which we know as a paradox or changing the course of reality. But he does say that it is human nature to assume a group of people is all the same, and if we can change that about us we could possibly abolish racism.

James states that there is a digital assistant connected to everything we have in the future that is run by AI. He states that it is a dangerous thing to be playing around with, but we can change everything about it including its voice and personality.

When asked about his family and friends he gets emotional. James says he has his mother and father back in his time and siblings too. He says that he is thankful for not having kids due to his job and that being away from his family is rough. But it is also his motivation to get back home. James’ family gets compensated for his work, his family receives the salary ahead of time while James is traveling.

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