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Man-Made AIDS & The Scientific Cover-Up

Alan Cantwell, MD

There is good reason why the “AIDS is a man-made disease” conspiracy theory refuses to go away. It certainly makes more sense than the official theory claiming AIDS came from Africa where  a hunter in the bush cut himself butchering monkey or chimpanzee meat  sometime  around the 1930s. This supposedly resulted in the introduction  of a primate immunodeficiency virus (now renamed HIV —the human immunodeficiency virus)  into the black African population. From that incident the epidemic purportedly evolved via sex, dirty needles, and urbanization to produce a pandemic in the 1980s  that has killed more that 30 million people.

Over the past thirty years, a few diehard health professionals, including Robert Strecker MD, Leonard G. Horowitz DMD, and this author have provided evidence in videos, books, and Internet reports suggesting that the man-made theory is, in actuality,  the most plausible theory of all. This theory is not based on magical  thinking  and paranoia. It is based on  facts systematically ignored and hidden from public view by AIDS scientists and  the media.

The AIDS epidemic in the U.S. began in Manhattan in 1979 when young, healthy, primarily white men began to sicken and die in large numbers. The introduction  of HIV exclusively into this select sexual minority in a distinct geographical locality can only be logically explained by a serious analysis of a government-sponsored vaccine experiment in gay men in Manhattan which quickly led to the first cases of the “the gay plague.” Most significantly, the   vaccine injected into homosexuals was developed in laboratory chimpanzees, the primate that carries an immunodeficiency retrovirus most closely related to HIV.


Beginning in 1974, the New York Blood Center in Manhattan solicited 8,906 gay men for a hepatitis B vaccine research study. More than 10,000 blood samples were donated by homosexuals willing to participate in the development of a vaccine that might prevent hepatitis B, an STD (sexually transmitted disease)  disproportionately  affecting  sexually-active homosexuals. Eventually, 1,083 gay  men  were  recruited to be injected with the experimental hepatitis B vaccine at the Center.

In the months before the experiment, the vaccine underwent preliminary testing on 200 physicians at New York Medical Center, and 28 employees of Merck & Co, which made most of the vaccine The first group of   gay men was inoculated in November 1978. Each man got an initial dose of vaccine, then  a  repeat dose a  month  after, and a final inoculation six months later. All  were asked to donate blood samples for two years after the three injections. Over a period of months, all  1,083 men would be injected. Half the men were given the vaccine; the  other half served as the control group and were given useless placebo injections. Additional experimental hep B vaccine trials, all using gay men, were conducted in 1979 and 1980 in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver and St. Louis.

This experiment at the Center ended in September 1980. The success rate in preventing hepatitis B in the group receiving the vaccine was 92.3%. In May 1981, the men in the placebo group  were offered a chance to take the vaccine. As a result, an additional 270 men were inoculated. Because men in the vaccine-recipient  group and the placebo group were now both inoculated with the vaccine, it would no longer be possible to compare the two groups in terms of future HIV rates. Because the experiment was confidential and anonymous, the fate of the individual men in terms of dying from AIDS in  the  future could never be ascertained.


The first AIDS cases were uncovered in Manhattan in 1979, a few months after the experiment began. The hallmarks of the new immunodeficiency disease, initially found only in young gay men, were a rare form of cancer known as  Kaposi’s sarcoma (KS) and a rare form of pneumonia, caused by a yeast-like fungus. In   June 1981, after 41 cases of this gay disease were reported to the CDC, the AIDS epidemic became official. By the end of 1981 there were 160 cumulative cases from New York City; a decade later,  9,000 cases. The early cases were termed gay related immune deficiency disease.

After a blood test for HIV was devised in 1985, the stored gay blood specimens at the Center were re-examined. This HIV testing revealed that by the end of 1979, 6.6% of 378 men who had been “hepatitis B trial participants” or who had donated blood in the experiment at the Center were already HIV-positive. By 1981 when the epidemic became official, 20% of the men were infected! (This was also at a time when the African AIDS epidemic was unknown.) A letter to the New England Journal of Medicine (May 12, 1983) by  the Center’s Cladd E Stevens noted no increased incidence of AIDS in recipients of the hep B vaccine; and only two men in the group had been diagnosed with the disease. But by 1984 over 40% of the trial participants were  HIV-positive, making this the most infected group in the world!

These  shocking statistics were reported in the JAMA medical journal in 1986 by Cladd Stevens et al. ( This is the most important follow-up paper to come out of the Center because it documents the increasing incidence of HIV in the men in the experiment after 1978. Strangely, this landmark paper is not cited on the PubMed website, hosted by the National Library of Medicine, and the primary source for researchers of scientific literature.

The CDC concluded in  its  Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, dated Dec 14, 1984, that the  hepatitis B vaccine was safe-and that  “epidemiologic monitoring of AIDS cases and high-risk groups confirms the lack of AIDS transmission.” When later studies revealed the high incidence of HIV in these men, as noted above, there was no comment by the CDC. It is current scientific consensus that the gay experiment had nothing to do with introducing HIV into homosexuals. After the experiment at the Center, New York City quickly became the epicenter for   the American epidemic. One hundred thousand New Yorkers have died of AIDS, and more that 100,000 New Yorkers are now living with HIV/AIDS.


The hepatitis  B vaccine was developed by famous Merck vaccine maker Maurice Hilleman (1919-2005) from the pooled blood of 300 highly sexually-active  gay men and intravenous drug abusers from Manhattan in 1977. The blood of these men carried the  hepatitis virus Hilleman required to manufacture his vaccine. Before the vaccine was ready for human use, it was tested in chimps and took  65 weeks to make. In 1977 there were no  AIDS  cases, no KS in young men,   and no  stored American blood  that tested positive for HIV.

In  VACCINATED  (2007) Paul Offit, a pediatrician  and  vaccine developer for Merck, insists the gay vaccine was safe. He theorizes that although “HIV was likely present in the blood from which he made early preparations of his vaccine, Hilleman’s choice of pepsin, urea, and formaldehyde had completely destroyed it.” Nevertheless, when the vaccine was later released for public use, few people wanted to take it because of its connection to AIDS. A new commercial method of manufacture was then devised.

Can we trust Offit that the vaccine was not contaminated? Offit claims  the American blood supply was heavily contaminated with HIV in the mid-1970s. He offers no documentation for this statement, nor are there any studies (or epidemic AIDS cases) which document this. In actuality, the earliest HIV-positive stored blood specimens in the U.S. date back to 1978-1979, and  are those deposited by gays at the Center. There may be one exception to this. According to VIRUS HUNTERS OF THE CDC  (1996), author Joseph McCormick states six hundred blood specimens from Zaire, Africa, were sent  to the CDC  in 1976 during the Ebola virus outbreak. When re-tested for HIV in the mid-1980s, five of the specimens were positive. This suggests that HIV was already being passed around in American animal virus research laboratories before the outbreak of AIDS in Manhattan and Africa.

Offit is critical of my research and writings, noting that “The publisher of Alan Cantwell’s book, Aries Rising Press, was founded by Cantwell himself to promote his uninformed views on the origin of the AIDS epidemic.” Unlike Offit, I never claimed that HIV was contained  in Hilleman’s  gay blood brew in 1977. Yet, he insists (without evidence) that HIV first entered the U.S. a few years before Hilleman began working on his vaccine. Offit believes Hilleman would be “the first (and last) to use human blood to make a vaccine. He didn’t know until years later that  the  blood   was heavily contaminated with HIV.” For more details on the hep B vaccine controversy, read Leonard Horowitz’s ‘Early hepatitis B vaccine and the man-made origin of AIDS’ (2002), available on-line.


Hidden from view in the out of Africa scenario of AIDS is the revelation that the NY Blood Center in 1974 established Vilab II, a little-known chimp research lab in Robertsville, Liberia, West Africa. Alfred Prince,  a  hepatitis researcher and virologist at the Center,  was also the Director of  Vilab  from 1975 to 2000. The captured chimpanzees, the only nonhuman species susceptible to hepatitis B, were purposefully infected with the hepatitis virus in order to develop vaccines for human use. In 1978 Vilab began to release some chimps back into the wild. The Blood Center disbanded the lab in 2006.

HIV is not the first primate virus to be widely introduced into the human population. Maurice Hilleman was well aware of simian (primate)  viruses contaminating vaccines, having personally discovered Simian virus-40 in 1960 in polio vaccines. SV-40 is a cancer-causing green monkey virus that  was injected into millions of people worldwide beginning in the 1950s via the polio vaccine. SV-40 was also used extensively to induce cancer tumors in  lab  animals, as part of the largely forgotten Special Virus Cancer Program (1964-1980), which preceded AIDS. For more details, see my article ‘The virus cancer program; the birthplace of AIDS and the Kaposi’s sarcoma epidemic’ (2005), on-line.

In a YouTube  video entitled “Merck chief brings HIV/AIDS to America”, posted by Horowitz,  Hilleman is heard telling his colleagues, “I brought African greens [monkeys] in. I didn’t know we were importing AIDS virus at the time [i.e., between 1970-1974]. His colleagues are heard laughing. Someone says, “It was you who introduced AIDS virus in.” This shocking interview was cut from a TV documentary based on Edward Shorter’s book THE HEALTH CENTURY  (1987). However, Hilleman’s assertion gives further credence to the conspiratorial view  that  the most likely source of HIV was from a laboratory primate used in research, and not from the wilds of Africa in the 1930s.

The close association   between  the   gay experiment and the outbreak of AIDS can hardly be denied. June Goodfield, in  QUEST FOR THE KILLERS (1985), emphasizes the dangers of the experiment, due to the pooling of the blood and possible contamination of the vaccine. She reveals that  some of the vaccine was made by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). “Was something wrong with the vaccine, possibly contamination? This was no theoretical fear, contamination having been suspected in one vaccine batch made by the National Institutes of Health, though never in Merck’s.”


The  development of the hepatitis B vaccine has a  dark history that  precedes AIDS. Less than a decade before the gay experiment, sixty mentally retarded children at Willowbrook State School, on Staten Island, New York,  were fed live hepatitis B virus. In another experiment, the serum from a patient with hepatitis B was injected   intravenously   into 25 retarded children with dire results. According to Hilleman, “They were the most unethical medical experiments ever performed in children in the Unites States.”

The history of covert human experimentation in the 20th century, which likely continues up to the present, is indeed shameful.  For the morbid details, Google: human medical experimentation. Worthy  of  mention  is one recent revelation  uncovered by Susan Reverby in 2010, quite by accident,  while researching the notorious Tuskegee Syphilis  study. This chilling  and unethical experiment was sponsored by the U.S. Public Health Service (now the CDC), the National Institutes of Health and the Pan American Health Sanitary Bureau (now the World Health Organization‘s Pan American Health Organization) and the Guatemalan government. According to the Wikipedia entry, In a 1946 to 1948 study in Guatemala, U.S. researchers used prostitutes to infect prison inmates, insane asylum patients, and Guatemalan soldiers with syphilis and other sexually transmitted diseases, in order to test the effectiveness of penicillin in treating sexually transmitted diseases. They later tried infecting people with “direct inoculations made from syphilis bacteria poured into the men’s penises and on forearms and faces that were slightly abraded . . . or in a few cases through spinal punctures. The  study was sponsored by the U.S. Public Health Service (now the CDC), the National Institutes of Health and the Pan American Health Sanitary Bureau (now the World Health Organization‘s Pan American Health Organization) and the Guatemalan government. Eighty-three people died.


Man-made AIDS has always been a taboo subject for scientists, who simply dismiss it as conspiracy theory. However, the cut-hunter theory is so full of holes, it amazes me when doctors accept it without question. For example, HIV/AIDS is an STD. If one believes the epidemic started in Africa among heterosexuals, why were the first American cases of AIDS exclusively found in homosexuals in Manhattan? How could a black  heterosexual African STD be exclusively transformed into a white gay man’s disease? Common sense would indicate that this is a biologically impossibility; and there is no epidemiological evidence for this. The first U.S. epidemic cases were reported in 1979, but HIV-discoverer Luc Montagnier,  in his book VIRUS (1999), says the  African epidemic did not begin until the Autumn of 1982 at the earliest. He also emphasizes that tracing the origin of epidemic AIDS cases is not the same as tracing the origin of its primate virus cause. The chimp virus may have an ancient history, but the AIDS epidemic traces back to the late 1970s at the earliest. There is also a genetic difference in virus subtype between HIV in Africa (subtypes A,C,D)  and HIV (subtype B) in America. Leading AIDS researcher Max Essex suggests that subtype B spreads more rapidly with anal sex; the African types spread more easily via vaginal intercourse.


AIDS conspiracies began in earnest in 1985 when a commentary from a Moscow radio station concluded that the AIDS epidemic had been caused  by  experiments carried out in the U.S.A. as part of the development of new biological weapons. The accusation harks back to a 1969 Congressional hearing on biological warfare capabilities when Donald MacArthur revealed that “within the next 5 to 10 years, it would be possible to make a new infective microorganism which would differ in certain important aspects from any known disease-causing organisms. Most important of these is   that it might be refractory to the immunologic and therapeutic processes upon which we depend to maintain our relative freedom from infectious disease.”

On May 11, 1987, an article entitled ‘Smallpox vaccine triggered AIDS virus,’ appeared on the front-page of the London Times. Science editor Pierce Wright suggested that African AIDS was a direct result of the World Health Organization‘s smallpox eradication vaccine program conducted in the 1970s. Robert Gallo was quoted as saying, “The link between the WHO program and the epidemic is an interesting and important hypothesis. I cannot say that it actually happened, but I have been saying for some years that the use of live vaccines such as that used for smallpox can activate a dormant infection such as HIV (the AIDS virus).”The Times report is one of the most important stories ever printed on the AIDS epidemic; yet the story was killed and never appeared in the major media in the U.S.

In October 1987, AND THE BAND PLAYED ON,  by gay news reporter Randy Shilts,  was published to great acclaim. Despite exposing the government’s tepid response to the mass deaths in the gay community, the book is probably best remembered for promoting the story of patient Zero —the Canadian airline steward who, according to Shilts, brought AIDS from Paris to New York and “played a key role in spreading the new virus from one end of the U.S. to the other.” Zero’s  real name  was Gaetan Dugas, who had early symptoms of AIDS for a year before being diagnosed with KS in June 1980 in New York. He died 4 years later.

The major media, the tabloids, and even the medical journals,   had a field day with the story, that has since been debunked. The AMA publication American Medical News (October 23) fell for Shilts’s literary fantasy, reiterating that Dugas may have brought AIDS to the U.S. As already noted, 20% of the men in the hep B experiment were HIV-positive when Dugas was diagnosed in 1980, making the accusations against him  ridiculous. The lurid accounts in the media of the dead man serve as examples of how easily so-called AIDS “facts” become propaganda that are then used for various political, scientific, social, and moral agendas.

On Gaetan Dugas’s Wikipedia page, a new Patient Zero dating back to 1969 is now claimed to be Robert Rayford, a 16 year old black teenager from St. Louis who died of KS in 1969. Microbiologist Memory Elvin-Lewis,  who studied Robert’s case, proclaimed to American Medical News (Dec 11, 1987) that  she was sure other cases existed in the 1960s, “but the disease didn’t take hold. The real epidemic required the excesses of the sexual revolution of the 1970s. That condition was met when gay promiscuity and drug addiction  gave the virus the amplification it needed to survive.” Several other old cases, one later debunked as a case of viral tissue contamination, appeared over the years in the major media in the continuing attempt to change the AIDS origin timeline well before the gay experiment in 1978. Some of these include a white sailor from Manchester, England, who died in 1959;  and the most  cited ­ an unidentified Bantu man from the Belgian Congo,  also in 1959,  whose stored blood contained fragments of HIV.

At best, these scattered rare cases over a period of 20 years are an unlikely source of a new immunodeficiency disease and KS epidemic in gay men. What is prominently absent are proven cases from Africa in the 1960s and 70s, even though KS  (the so-called gay cancer of AIDS) has been a well-known common form of cancer in Central Africa in the decades before HIV/AIDS.

Despite the blackout of  a serious discussion of man-made AIDS in medical journals and in the mainstream media (and even in the gay media), a poll of 1,300 adult Americans released in March 2014 by the medical journal JAMA Internal Medicine reveals that half of all Americans believe in one or more medical conspiracies.   When people were specifically asked about “the widely circulated theory that the CIA deliberately infected African Americans with the HIV virus as part of the hepatitis inoculation program,” authors J Eric Oliver and Thomas Weed found that just over half of those polled rejected this statement. But 12% agreed, and 37% said they were unsure. Because medical conspiracy theories are so popular, the authors caution it would be unwise to dismiss all those who believe them as a “delusional fringe of paranoid cranks.” Instead, “we can recognize that most individuals who endorse these narratives are otherwise normal” but use a sort of cognitive shortcut to explain complex and confusing events.”

In an Internet response to the barrage of media coverage, Leonard  Horowitz posted : “I especially oppose the fraudulent diagnosis heralded by Oliver and Weed that most individuals who endorse these medical conspiracy theories   are ‘otherwise normal,’ but ‘use a sort of cognitive shortcut to explain complex and confusing events.’  The major ‘cognitive shortcut’  is  the fraudulent conclusions drawn by the authors in their polling statement: The CIA deliberately infected large numbers of African Americans with HIV under the guise of a hepatitis inoculation program.’” Horowitz claims no  reasonably informed person would answer ‘yes’  to such a false and misleading question. “As noted by Dr. Cantwell, no legitimate social scientist would have drafted this deceptive CIA/AIDS question, since the targeted population in America was not African Americans, but mainly and initially gay men in New York City.”


In October 2000 the Royal Society of London held a two-day conference on the origins of HIV. The man-made theory was not discussed. One professor simply declared: “All human infectious diseases have an animal origin.” The “Last Word” at the conference was that “all human viral infections were initially zoonotic (animal) in origin. Animals will always provide a reservoir for viruses that could threaten human populations in the future.” The scientists predicted: “There is still a myriad of current unknown viruses in animal populations on land, sea, and air with the potential to cause human disease.”

But what about dangerous animal  viruses  forcibly transferred between species and adapted to human cells in various laboratories as part of the Special Virus Cancer Program (1964-1980)? And the human cancerous tissue and blood routinely pumped into primates?  That was never considered.

In the July 2000 issue of Lancet, virologist and primatologist Preston Marx states: “There is no evidence that a person can contract AIDS from a monkey or chimpanzee”. He agrees that HIV   originated from an immunodeficiency virus found in African non-human primates. However, the assumption that AIDS is a zoonosis, meaning a disease of animals that can be transmitted to humans, is incorrect. “We do not know what launches animal viruses to become epidemic in humans,” says Marx. “Much is known about emerging viruses, but almost nothing is known about emerging viral diseases.” His views certainly cast doubt on the cut-hunter theory.


Did HIV originate in  primates held captive in a virus laboratory? Was AIDS a covert biological warfare experiment tested  on gays and African blacks? Such questions are never asked or answered by AIDS scientists. However, well-known to insiders are the embarrassing primate virus contamination problems which plagued Robert Gallo’s virus lab at the National Cancer Institute, and Max Essex’s lab at Harvard. Both men initially proposed the original African green monkey theory of  HIV/AIDS  origin, now shown to be erroneous.

A case in point is Gallo’s reported 1975 “discovery” of a “new” and “human” virus reported in scientific journals as “HL-23.” This virus was eventually proven to be not one, but three different contaminating ape viruses (gibbon-ape virus, simian sarcoma virus and baboon endogenous virus). Gallo says he has no idea how these viruses contaminated his research.

Essex had similar woes. In 1986 he announced the discovery of a new human AIDS virus (HTLV-4). This human virus bore a striking similarity to a monkey retrovirus known as STLV-3. In February 1988, Essex’s new human HTLV-4 virus turned out to be a monkey virus that accidentally contaminated his human blood samples. The source of the contamination was traced back to blood samples from a monkey that was experimentally infected by an AIDS-like virus at the New England Regional Primate Research Center. Carol Mulder of the University of Massachusetts Medical School cautioned: “This episode should serve as a strong warning for all virologists to check any newly discovered viruses against viruses present in the laboratory.”

In 1994, a new herpes virus was discovered and accepted as the cause of all forms of Kaposi’s sarcoma (first recognized in 1872 in Vienna). Scientists explained that two separate epidemics had actually occurred in gay men. One due to HIV; the other to the KS herpes virus-8. How two viruses were introduced exclusively into the gay population at the same time was not discussed. Virologists simply again claimed HIV  and the KS herpes-8 virus were both related to ancestor viruses found in primates in the African wild.

Chimps  were extensively used by the aforementioned Special Virus Cancer Program because ethical considerations would not allow official testing of animal cancer viruses on humans. Conspiracy theorists believe the Program, with its special connections to the biological warfare establishment,  is the most likely birthplace of AIDS. The ultimate goal of the Program was the laboratory production of so-called human candidate viruses, defined as animal or human viruses that might cause cancer in humans. HIV is a primate-derived cancer-causing virus.

In 1967 Herpesvirus saimiri, a harmless squirrel monkey virus closely related to the new KS herpes-8 virus, was forced into different lab animals where it produced cancer in the form of malignant lymphoma, now a common AIDS-related cancer. A few years later, the virus was seeded into laboratory cell lines of human origin.

Certain herpes viruses, like H. saimiri,  were utilized as “helper viruses.” Scientists knew that some cancer-causing animal sarcoma viruses could not produce cancer unless a helper virus was also present. The introduction of a cancer-causing virus (HIV)  and a helper virus like the KS herpes virus into gay men supplied the proof that animal viruses could indeed cause cancer in humans. This proof was the ultimate goal of the Special Virus Cancer Program.

From the very beginning of AIDS most research focused on discovering a new virus as the probable cause. At the time, I was studying bacteria that I discovered in cases of pre-AIDS “classic KS.” My own dermatologic KS research publications, originally dating back to 1981, later showed bacteria in KS tumors in gay men, as well as similar bacteria in an autopsied KS case.  These reports have all been ignored by the AIDS establishment. (See the on-line article, “It’s the bacteria, stupid!” by Lawrence Broxmeyer and Alan Cantwell, 2008)

Animal retroviruses  were discovered in the early 1970s;  and the first human retroviruses were discovered the same year (1979) the first cases of AIDS were reported. Is it just a coincidence that AIDS began soon after gay men were injected with vaccines made by Merck and the National Institutes of Health (both with close ties to the biological warfare community)? Were the primate ancestors of HIV and the KS herpes virus contained in some vials of the hep B vaccine? Was it a coincidence that the epidemic initially infected the most hated minority in the country—and only a few years after homosexuals were no longer considered as mentally ill?

Is there a scientific cover-up to squash evidence supporting the man-made theory of AIDS and the ensuing deaths of 30 million people? Of course there is. That’s why it’s The Greatest Medical Conspiracy Story Ever Told.

Conspiracy Theories

New declassified Pentagon UFO data: 75th anniversary of MK Ultra brainwashing project

Most people are aware of a brainwashing operation funded by the US CIA and British MI6 called Project MK Ultra, which was launched in 1953. However, few people realize the connection between the MK Ultra and the global UFO craze that gained momentum during the Cold War.

Although UFO research has been funded by the governments of the United States and Great Britain since 1947, it was initially conducted separately, under the Project Sign (1947) and Project Grudge (1949) programs.

Only in 1950, in both countries, were established official departments, funded by taxpayers, to carry out scientific research on topics related, in one way or another, to unidentified flying objects.

This research took the form of Project Blue Book (1952), which in turn was modeled after the 1950 British “Flying Saucer Working Group” led by Sir Henry Tizard, Chief Research Officer of the Department of Defense and Chairman of the Defense Research Committee of the British Parliament. …

In her book The Shock Doctrine, journalist Naomi Klein writes that Tizard played a leading role in the creation and financing of the MK Ultra project during a high-level meeting in Montreal. A Wikipedia article on Tizard reads:

“One of the most controversial meetings he had to attend as chairman of the national defense research committee took place, as it turned out many years later, when a number of CIA documents were declassified, on June 1, 1951 in the Ritz-Carlton in Montreal. It was attended by Tizard, Omond Solandt (Chairman of the Canadian Department of Defense Research and Development) and representatives of the CIA, and the main topic was the technology of manipulating public consciousness, or, more simply, brainwashing. “

It was this meeting in the Ritz-Carlton that laid the foundation for the MK Ultra project, which was developed not only for research in the field of brainwashing, but also in “related” fields of science: for example, within the framework of one of the directions, the drug LSD was created, and the other group dealt with the issue of cleaning the human mind to a state of blank slate with the obvious intention of then reconstructing consciousness from scratch.

As Naomi Klein eloquently shows in her book, the US and British authorities had intentions to use these discoveries on a national scale, that is, to arrange “shock therapy” for entire nations. It is about destroying cultures and purifying the historical memory of nations, depriving them of traditions, in order to further reconstruct public consciousness under the rule of post-national state formations with the ideology of post-truth, fit into a single liberal world order.

Although the MK Ultra program was funded and operated primarily by Americans, the operation has always been led by the Tavistock Clinic, a London-based mental health foundation.

It is quite possible to imagine that the very fact of the allocation of government funds for the research of flying saucers was enough to “legitimize” the existence of these saucers and their inhabitants, that is, aliens, in the mass consciousness of Europeans and Americans during the Cold War.

The military-industrial complex and the world of secret patents, secret weapons, secret research and development, which developed during this period at such closed facilities as Area-51 (a remote division of Edwards Air Force Base) in Nevada, made frequent cases of observation of unexplained celestial phenomena. civilians and even military pilots (not burdened with a nondisclosure agreement) are almost commonplace.

In her book, Uncensored Zone 51, published in 2012, journalist Annie Jacobson provided numerous details of the Cold War aerospace technology experiments and nuclear bomb tests that took place at Zone 51.

This is largely reminiscent of an earlier project in applied sociology with HG Wells’s War of the Worlds radio show in 1938, when millions of people were panicked following SBS’s “special alert” of an alien invasion. It made it possible to understand many of the laws of mass psychology, on which many specialists in the field of communicative manipulations had high hopes at that time.

In an interview with NPR, Jacobson stated, “The UFO craze began in the summer of 1947. A few months later, G2, which at the time was an Army Reconnaissance Corps, spent an enormous amount of time and money searching for two former aerospace designers from the Third Reich, Walter and Reimar Horten, who allegedly created a disk-shaped flying machine. US intelligence agents were sent out across Europe in search of the Horten brothers to find out if this information was true.”

During World War II, the Horten brothers collaborated with the Austrian scientist Viktor Schauberger, whose innovative projects in vacuum explosion-based flight technologies used the energy of water currents and electromagnetic waves to create aircraft capable of traveling at supersonic speeds.

While much of his research was confiscated and classified by the victorious countries after World War II, Schauberger was promised government sponsorship in America, and this prompted the inventor to cross the ocean, where the Canadian Avro Arrow program needed his projects for supersonic aircraft to deliver nuclear missiles.

When he finally realized that his work would be used exclusively for military purposes, Schauberger refused to cooperate, and within a few months all of his patents were effectively stolen. The researcher returned to Austria, where he suffered a severe mental breakdown, fell into depression and died in 1958. It was no secret to anyone that the post-1971 global world order, championed by Sir Henry Kissinger, David and Lawrence Rockefellers, and other Malthusians throughout the twentieth century, was initially aimed at a general, controlled collapse.

It was generally accepted that after the massive shock therapy that this collapse would allow on a global scale, it would be possible to destroy the Abrahamic traditions that ruled Western society for two millennia. and then, using the methods of applied sociology, to shape a new society. The greatly diminished humanity of this New World was to live like happy sheep under the rule of a hereditary elite class and under the supervision of their technocratic managers.

The only problem faced by the “social engineers” is the emergence of new genuine statesmen who do not want to sacrifice their peoples and their traditions, bringing them to the altar of a global cult. Such defenders of the best traditions of mankind have created a multipolar alliance and are pursuing a policy of long-term economic growth and scientific and technological progress, brilliantly embodied in the New Silk Road initiative, including its new Arctic direction.

China and Russia sign a bilateral pact on the joint development of the resources of the Moon and the “Artemis Agreement” initiated by NASA, providing for the further development of cooperation in the development of the resources of the Moon, and then Mars.

These agreements aim to usher humanity into an era of unrestricted growth, for which hope was lost as a result of the LSD-induced mass psychosis of 1968 in the form of the “live for today” paradigm, and can now finally be reborn.

Programs designed to focus humanity’s attention on real objective threats, such as the collision of the Earth with asteroids and new ice ages caused by a decrease in solar activity, are seriously discussed by the leaders of Russia, China and the United States.

There are billions of suns and possibly billions of galaxies in the universe. There is a possibility that life exists on many planets orbiting stars, and our universe is still forming. There is no reason to exclude the possibility of the existence of intelligent life on some planets.

The best way to find out is not to sit at home and watch the world economy collapse as a result of controlled disintegration, but to fight to revive the course of development of human civilization as an open system.

This course begins with a joint space program to expand the boundaries of human culture and economy, to include the Moon and Mars, and then other planets and cosmic bodies, followed by flights into deep space. If in fact other civilizations exist, it may be our duty to raise the torch left by John F. Kennedy and find them.

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Conspiracy Theories

Moon myths: A scientific approach on Lunar conspiracy

The moon is always turned to us on one side. The reverse side was only seen in 1959 – with the help of photo-television cameras of the interplanetary vehicle “Luna-3”. There is also a third side of the moon – secret, fictional. It cannot be seen with the eyes, but it is discussed much more often and more aggressively than the two observed.

Hollow moon

After in 1610 Galileo Galilei looked at the moon through his telescope and saw there mountain ranges, canyons and other objects characteristic of earth’s geography, European science unanimously decided: our natural satellite is a smaller copy of the Earth. Astronomers continued to think so for more than two centuries, but the advent of stronger telescopes convinced scientists: although the Moon looks like Earth, it does not have a dense atmosphere, and the notorious “seas” are just regions covered with darker rocks.

However, the hope of finding “aliens” on the Moon still persisted, because no one could know what was going on in its depths or on the invisible reverse side. One of the more original theories was that nature on the moon lives in cycles. When a two-week lunar day begins, the frozen air melts, evaporates, creating an atmosphere, and lunar creatures crawl out of crevices and cracks to bask in the sun.

This hypothesis, for example, was played on by H.G. Wells in his famous novel The First Men on the Moon (1901).

Among the Selenites (illustrations for the novel by H.G. Wells "The First Men on the Moon")
Among the Selenites (illustrations for the novel by H.G. Wells “The First Men on the Moon”)

According to another version, the reverse side of the Moon under the tidal influence of the Earth should be concave, with a large number of depressions, due to which the remnants of the atmosphere can be preserved there. And this version is also reflected in the literature – in the trilogy of Jerzy uławski, consisting of the novels “On the Silver Planet” (1903), “Winner” (1910) and “Old Earth” (1911).

The longer people watched the moon, the clearer it became that life was not there. Although it was still written in the 1920s that there may be vegetation in the hot vents of volcanoes, this was already perceived as fantasy: according to the scientific community, nothing more complex than single-celled microorganisms could arise on the Moon. The Soviet interplanetary vehicle “Luna-3”, which photographed the reverse side of the Moon on October 7, 1959, put a fat point on this issue. Earthlings saw in the photo the same dead surface, covered with dust.

However, gloom did not last long among the dreamers. The theory of the hollow moon soon became very popular. Since the 19th century, it has been believed that the Moon formed from protoplanetary matter together with the Earth or broke away from it later. Thus, the density of the night star must be close to the density of our planet. However, the apparent size of the Moon and its estimated mass indicated that the satellite’s density was much lower – about 60% of the Earth’s. In 1962, Dr. Gordon MacDonald of NASA stated that there is only one explanation for the abnormally low density: the moon is hollow! He was supported by Dr. Harold Urey, Nobel laureate in chemistry.

Science fiction writers and ufologists seized on the idea. They began to write that life was supposed to develop inside the Moon, that there was a Selenite civilization and so on in the same spirit. The most famous work of that time, in which the theory of the hollow moon was popularized, is the fantastic story of Nikolai Nosov “Dunno on the Moon” (1964-1965).

Moon myths, image # 3
A hypothetical cavity inside the Moon and a "dip" on the lunar surface, captured by the American LRO interplanetary vehicle
A hypothetical cavity inside the Moon and a “dip” on the lunar surface, captured by the American LRO interplanetary vehicle

But perhaps the most extravagant hypothesis was proposed by journalist Mikhail Khvastunov (Vasiliev) and engineer Alexander Shcherbakov in the article “The moon is an artificial satellite!”, Published on January 10, 1968 in the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. In it, they claim that the Moon is a colossal starship that came from the depths of space, and this explains all the oddities. 

The thickness of the metal walls of the spacecraft reaches several tens of kilometers, from above they are covered with a special heat-shielding coating, and the lunar seas boxes are protection restored after a collision with massive meteoroids. The authors of the article also calculated the age of the ship – 40 billion years, that is, much older than our Universe! Say, the builders of the Moon could also be the creators of our entire world, in fact, gods! May be, aliens still rest in the inner cavity of the moon? Or maybe they do not rest, but interfere in the affairs of our civilization? ..

The theory collapsed under the pressure of facts. First, astrophysicists showed on models that the existence of a hollow moon is impossible – gravitational forces will simply destroy a sphere of this size if it is composed of materials known to us. And the automatic seismographs installed by the astronauts of the American Apollo program confirmed that there are no significant cavities inside the Moon, but there is a small core – its insignificant mass explains the noticeable discrepancy in average density.

It would seem that everything is clear. But then the lovers of conspiracy fantasies proposed another theory: who can confirm that the Americans were on the moon at all?

Lunar conspiracy

The first claims that the flights of American astronauts to the moon were staged were made back in the days when NASA sent one expedition after another there. But then they did not arouse interest.

In total, in the period from 1968 to 1972, nine expeditions took place – six with a landing on the surface and three without landing. Then the American government froze, and a little later and finally closed the Apollo program: the main task – to get ahead of the Russians – was achieved, and each new space flight was very expensive for taxpayers.

It is often forgotten that there was more than one flight: during the Apollo program, twelve Americans visited the moon (and yes, this photo, of course, is a montage)
It is often forgotten that there was more than one flight: during the Apollo program, twelve Americans visited the moon (and yes, this photo, of course, is a montage)

Despite the fact that over the years of the Apollo program and after its completion, hundreds of thousands of different documents, scientific articles, popular books, documentaries, interviews and memoirs of astronauts have been published, there were people who questioned this vast array of evidence. 

In 1976, the American writer Bill Kaysing published the book ‘We Never Went to the Moon’, in which he argued that all the flights of the Apollo astronauts were falsified, and those of the scientists and astronauts who spoke out against the global deception were eliminated. The reasons for this act are unclear, but there is a version that Kaysing just wanted to improve his financial situation. However, we will not violate the presumption of innocence (we will return to it later!) And we will assume that the writer was sincere in his suspicions.

The main claims of Bill Kaysing were as follows: the technology did not allow sending a man to the moon; there are no stars in the photographs taken there; the photographic film used by the astronauts had to melt when exposed to sunlight; there are many optical anomalies in the photos themselves; a waving flag is visible on the film, which cannot be in a vacuum; after landing, a crater should have formed, which is not observed.

The approximate location of the places where the astronauts landed
The approximate location of the places where the astronauts landed

Other conspiracy theorists began to join the theory of the lunar conspiracy, among whom there were enough technical specialists, so it began to acquire a halo of credibility. 

Today it looks something like this: the American government initially knew that it would not be able to cope with the daunting task of sending pilots to the moon until the end of the decade, as bequeathed by President John F. Kennedy, therefore, in parallel with the usual preparations, it launched a project to create a fake, in which the special services took part , agencies, corporations, astronauts, flight managers and a whole army of engineers. The main role went to the great director Stanley Kubrick, who shot historical footage of the moon landing in Hollywood pavilions.

The theory of the lunar conspiracy to this day remains on hearing, because time passes and the direct participants in the events are becoming less and less, and those who want to “expose” more and more. At some point, NASA simply ceased to enter into a discussion with conspiracy theorists, publish refutations, and so on, because material evidence of the reality of the flight, including the lunar soil brought by astronauts (which any competent specialist can order for research) and the archive of documents posted for free access, more than enough. 

For example, anyone who knows even the slightest bit of the history of astronautics will easily answer why the film in the astronauts’ cameras did not melt. Exactly for the same reason why the film did not melt in the Soviet interplanetary spacecraft “Luna-3”: a special thermal protection was provided for it.

Lunar microbes

Apollo 11 crew greets President from quarantine van
Apollo 11 crew greets President from quarantine van

Long before Apollo launched to the Moon, the scientific community was firmly convinced that lunar conditions were unsuitable for the emergence and development of even the simplest forms of life. Nevertheless, NASA experts insisted on the use of special measures that would prevent the possible penetration of lunar microorganisms to Earth.

For this purpose, the Lunar Receiving Laboratory was built on the territory of the Manned Space Flight Center in Houston. It contains three zones: the crew zone, designed for isolated living for three weeks; a zone for lunar soil samples with vacuum chambers, where the samples were stored and analyzed; administrative area with laboratories, offices and conference rooms. The first two zones were separated from the outside world by a “biological barrier”.

Immediately after landing in the Pacific Ocean, astronauts transferred from the ship’s command module to an inflatable boat, put on biological protection suits, and then transferred to an airtight van in which they were taken to Houston. Despite these tricks, in the entire history of the Apollo program, not a single lunar microbe has been caught.

Germans on the moon

During World War II, the engineers of the Third Reich managed to generate several projects that at that time were considered fiction: heavy ballistic missiles, self-guided cruise bombs, rocket fighters, electronic computers, a uranium reactor for submarines, flying disc-shaped vehicles. The specialists of the anti-Hitler coalition troops, who worked with captured documents and prototypes after the war, were shocked by the scale of these projects.

It seemed that the “gloomy German genius” had indeed made a breakthrough into the future. Therefore, almost immediately after the war, rumors spread: if the Nazis had such a unique technique, then, perhaps, some of the leaders of the Third Reich managed to escape from burning Berlin on rockets or disc-shaped vehicles, hid in a secret place and are now preparing a monstrous armada to inflict “retaliation.”?

Moon myths, image # 8

The first to use this idea in a literary text was the American science fiction writer Robert Heinlein, who published in 1947 the novel “The Galileo Rocket Ship”. The plot of the novel accidentally gave rise to another conspiracy theory: the Nazis used their advanced technologies to get to the moon, earthly governments know about this, but they carefully hide everything so as not to provoke another world war. Subsequently, the theory became popular, played up in comics, science fiction novels and ufological books. But the most original and absurd reading of this idea was shown by the Finnish director Timo Vuorensola in the film “Iron Sky” (2012).

Could something like this actually happen? Of course no. Despite certain successes, Hitler’s engineers were unable to go beyond the known technologies: neither ballistic missiles, nor disc-shaped aircraft, nor rocket aircraft developed speeds sufficient to enter the Earth’s orbit, let alone the Moon.

Russian Moon

In the 1990s, documents related to the Soviet lunar program were finally declassified. The names of the projects became known, technical descriptions of launch vehicles and spacecraft appeared, memoirs of the developers of lunar technology began to be published. Of course, all this abundance of information did not go unnoticed by conspiracy theorists. A version appeared that far from the whole truth about the space projects of the USSR was revealed, that in reality the Soviet cosmonauts tried twice to land on the moon and failed twice.

According to the version of this myth, the first attempt was made by none other than Yuri Gagarin, who went to the moon on the 7K-L1 ship (“Zond-4”). On March 2, 1968, he took off from the Baikonur cosmodrome, circled the moon, but something went wrong, and the ship exploded. The Soviet authorities classified the death of the first cosmonaut, and twenty days later, on March 22, they faked his death in a banal plane crash.

Moon myths, image # 9

In this story, lies are mixed with truth – Yuri Gagarin did indeed take part in the launch of Zond-4, but as a member of the flight control group. Immediately after the launch, he went with a group of officers to Evpatoria, where the Center for Long-Range Space Communications was located, to monitor the work of an unmanned spacecraft, whose task was to fly around the moon and return to Earth at a second space speed. 

The ship really lost control and was destroyed upon entering the atmosphere. Yuri Gagarin remained in Evpatoria for some time and on March 9 he celebrated his birthday there with his friends-cosmonauts and residents of the city.

The second attempt to fly to the Moon was allegedly made by Soviet cosmonauts in November 1968, trying to outrun the launch of the American Apollo-8 expedition on the 7K-L1 spacecraft (“Zond-6”). The ship successfully flew around a natural satellite, but on its return the descent vehicle crashed. 

Therefore, the authorities allegedly concealed the fact of the presence of the astronauts on board and the fact of their terrible death. Such a launch took place in reality and went exactly as the conspiracy theorists describe. Only there were no cosmonauts on board – the Zond spacecraft had not yet been adapted for human flight.

The film "First on the Moon" gave impetus to the birth of a new patriotic legend
The film “First on the Moon” gave impetus to the birth of a new patriotic legend

The main problem with the conspiracy theory is that the cases described have nothing to do with the hypothetical landing of astronauts on the moon. It requires a completely different ship, as well as a huge rocket “N-1”, which, despite four launches, was never able to put a payload into orbit. If there is no corresponding rocket, there is no flight to the Moon. 

Which, however, does not prevent fantasizing on this topic, as did the creators of the film “Apollo 18” (2011), in which the mythical “military” expedition of American astronauts and the remains of a Soviet cosmonaut, who are still reached the moon, after which he died in a battle with local aggressive life forms.

And the creators of the pseudo-documentary film “First on the Moon” (2005) showed a fantastic story that in 1938 in the Soviet Union all conditions were created for launching a spacecraft to the Moon. The film was shot in the spirit of an investigation report: the viewer is shown documents, newsreels, secret recordings, eyewitness accounts. 

On the whole, one gets the impression of a colossal scientific and technical breakthrough that provided a dramatic flight and a successful landing of a Soviet officer on the moon. It’s a pity that this is just a fantasy …

Anomalies and aliens on the moon

If you think that the supporters of the hollow moon have abandoned the development of their theory, then you are wrong. On the contrary, she received new “facts” in her confirmation. Conspiracy theorists asked the question: why, in fact, the United States so suddenly interrupted flights to the moon, and the USSR not only did not try to “catch up and overtake”, but also classified its lunar projects for decades? And they instantly came up with the answer: because the Moon is already occupied – by a civilization that is much more powerful than the earthly one.

The prerequisites for the emergence of such a theory appeared long ago. Astronomers from the time of Galileo noticed strange flares on the lunar surface, but mistook them for volcanic eruptions. When observations became fairly regular, there was a need to register “short-term lunar phenomena” (or LTP – from Lunar Transient Phenomena). 

Since 1957 they have been entered into a special catalog, dividing them into several types: changing the appearance and clarity of the image of relief details; change in brightness and sudden flashes; changing the color of the lunar object; the appearance or disappearance of dark spots; lengthening of the lunar horns; anomalous phenomena during the covering of stars by the Moon; non-stationary phenomena during lunar eclipses; moving objects.

Short-lived lunar phenomenon: a mysterious glow on the surface of the moon
Short-lived lunar phenomenon: a mysterious glow on the surface of the moon

Here are just a few of the registered LTPs. In May 1964, American astronomers observed a white spot over the Sea of ​​Tranquility for an hour, moving at a speed of about 32 km / h. It is curious that it gradually decreased in size. A little later, in June, the same observers recorded a slick moving at a speed of about 80 km / h.

On a moonlit night in 1966, an English astronomer, examining the bottom of a lunar crater, noticed strange stripes that turned from black to green-brown, then diverged in radii, changed shape, grew and reached their maximum size by lunar noon. By the moonlit evening, they shrank, faded and finally disappeared altogether.

In September 1967, Canadian astronomers recorded in the Sea of ​​Tranquility a dark body with a purple tint along the edges, moving from west to east for ten seconds. The body disappeared near the terminator (the line dividing the illuminated and shadow sides of the celestial body), and thirteen minutes later, a yellow light flashed for a split second near the crater located in the area where the spot was moving. And so on and so forth…

Short-lived lunar event: a strange object above the lunar surface
Short-lived lunar event: a strange object above the lunar surface

For some LTPs it is not difficult to find a natural explanation: the release of gases from the crack, the consequences of tectonic activity, the fall of a meteoroid. However, the vast majority remains a mystery. However, the conspiracy theorists already have detailed versions of what happened.

In 2007, scientific consultants Richard Hoagland and Mike Bara published the voluminous book Dark Mission. The Secret History of NASA “, which collected a huge number of” facts “(including LTP), which allegedly testify to the presence on the moon of a powerful space civilization. They said that NASA itself invented the lunar conspiracy theory to “avert their eyes” from more important and sensational information. 

According to the authors of the book, even during the Apollo flights, the American government came into contact with the Selenites and is now receiving ready-made technologies from them to achieve total superiority over other powers. Therefore, NASA in every possible way prevents the collection of true information about the solar system, so that our knowledge is distorted by falsifiers.

And here we have to admit: it is impossible to refute the theory of Richard Hoagland and Mike Bar, because it is based not on vague suspicions, like all the previous ones, but on the belief in the truth of a deliberately fantastic assumption. And faith, as you know, is not refuted by scientific arguments.

Short-lived lunar event: a luminous object at the edge of the lunar disk
Short-lived lunar event: a luminous object at the edge of the lunar disk

The “big moon effect” is well known. It manifests itself in the fact that when the Moon is low above the horizon, it looks much larger in size than in the position near the zenith. In fact, the apparent size of the moon does not change – this is an illusion that our brain generates.

Conspiracy theories can be considered by some the same illusion. Upon close examination, they turn out to be a figment of the imagination, operating with imaginary phenomena and incredible events. All of them, without exception, are a kind of fantasy. On the other hand, who can determine with scientific accuracy even the boundaries between what is real and what is not. No more, but no less, nobody. Its down to you, readers.

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Conspiracy Theories

‘Red Bishops’: The cosmic plan of the Reptilians to inject alien eggs into our blood

On July 28, 2020, a huge medical scandal began to flare up in the United States, which began with the fact that Donald Trump retweeted a video of Houston doctor Stella Immanuel, in which she argued that there is an effective drug for COVID-19 – hydroxychloroquine and that masks and quarantines are useless.

Donald Trump’s son, Donald John “Don” Trump Jr., generally declared Stella Immanuel’s video “must-see.” And then it began. 

The main newspaper, which initiated the attacks on Tramp, was the Daily Beast, which studied in depth all the previous speeches of Stella Immanuel. In the opinion of some, Dr. Stella’s ideas are ridiculous and smell like the dark Middle Ages.

Further, the topic was picked up by other publications and began to scold Trump for listening to the advice of doctors with very strange views on medicine. Nevertheless, this Stella Immanuel seems to be a smart woman who publicly voices rather shocking things. Many doctors know about all this, but they are afraid to speak out loud so as not to lose their license – which, by the way, is already a real threat for Dr. Immanuel.  

Stella is a pediatrician by training and, along the way, a religious figure. In her YouTube sermon  and articles on her website, Dr. Immanuel argues that many medical problems such as endometriosis, cysts, infertility and impotence are caused by having sex with “spirit husbands” and “spirit wives”:

“These entities are responsible for serious gynecological problems. We call them all kinds of names – endometriosis, fibroids, cysts, but most of them are evil deposits from the astral husband,” Dr. Immanuel says in a 2013 sermon.

In her sermon, Dr. Immanuel calls these astral entities “Nephilim” – biblical characters who exist as demonic spirits and come to the sleeping people, as if were in a sexual relationship, causing the reality of subsequent health problems and financial losses. According to Dr. Immanuel, many diseases, such as fibroids and cysts, originate from demonic sperm after having sex in a dream with one or another astral entity.

“They turn into a woman and then sleep with a man and collect his semen. Then they turn into a man and sleep with a woman, laying eggs in her with their genocode. This is how the spirits multiply,” says Immanuel.

An even more interesting sermon by Immanuel was laid out by a doctor in 2015, although the Daily Beast were afraid to bring it and only retold it in their own words.

It turns out, according to Immanuel, by some sorcerers acting at the global level, and by people in governments who are not really people, but reptiles, a plan has been developed to exterminate humanity by promoting abortion, same-sex marriage and poisonous toys that kill children.

However, the latest innovation of the globalists, according to Dr. Immanuel, was the DNA of space aliens, which is currently actively used in medicine and is injected into humans as a medicine. They need a “vaccine” to install microchips to suppress a certain gene that controls people’s religious preferences and direct its work in a different direction.

Naturally, the press has now seized on all this, working on the principle: since a person speaks such a medieval heresy, then his statements about hydroxychloroquine are worthless. However, as one famous Hollywood character said:

What is your evidence? What medical luminary can refute the assertion that people get different diseases after contacts with certain astral entities?

This is exactly how shamans and healers of all nations around the world explain many diseases, and these people do not care about the opinion of medical luminaries. No one has seen a single healer who came to treat oncology with academicians, but when the academicians get utterly confused themselves, queues of curving professors stand in front of the witchers. And Nigeria, where Dr. Immanuel comes from, generally has a special place in the topic of magic.

What happened to the world before the current round of civilization, which began somewhere 400-500 years ago – no one knows for certain. That is, there was a global Flood, Nibiru, a nuclear war or, in general, a war with some aliens – a moot point. Nevertheless, it is well known what happened next. 

Then in Europe and in Asia there were some kings who formed kingdoms in Europe, around the dungeons of Switzerland, and in Asia around some mysterious Shambhala. Under the kings, the Inquisition was created, which hunted for ancient books, which were ruthlessly destroyed. The same fate befell those who read these books. 

Further, when the sailing fleet appeared, Columbus was delegated to America and the Inquisition began to clean it up there. But for some reason, Africa was left unattended for a long time and therefore local shamans know a lot of things that will make even conspiracy theorists look on their foreheads. For example, the famous conspiracy theorist David Icke was initiated there – that is, he talked with a wise African grandfather and everything in his head suddenly started to make sense. 

Therefore, there is definitely some ancient African truth in what Dr. Immanuel says. Something can be announced, something is debatable, but the topic of the DNA of some aliens is raising interest.

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