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Man behind US Navy demonstrates exotic UFO patents

Pais UFO designs

The engineer responsible for several exotic ‘UFO technology’ patents spoke to the media for the first time.

Man behind UFO patents
Is that what they are trying to build in the end? (Image not related to the patents mentioned in the article.)

Among them, there was a ‘hybrid-underwater aerospace‘ capable of unmatched maneuverability in and out of water – something that looks a lot like the ‘Tic-Tac’ UFO chased by pilots during the infamous USS Nimitz incident in 2004.

Similar patents have also been filed for a ‘high frequency gravitational wave generator’, an ‘electromagnetic force field generator’ and even a ’spacecraft using an inertial mass reduction device’.

Then, in October 2019, it was revealed that the same engineer had patented a new type of nuclear fusion reactor compact and revolutionary.

Often seen as the Holy Grail of power generation, nuclear fusion is the same process that produces energy in the Sun and works by fusing hydrogen nuclei to create helium. Unlike nuclear fission that comes with the inherent risk of collapse, fusion is much cleaner and safer, while the hydrogen fuel used by the process is so abundant that it is virtually unlimited.

Now, finally, after many months of refusing to answer questions, the man behind these exotic patents – Salvatore Cezar Pais – has finally responded to emails sent through the website The War Zone.

Dr. Pais is certainly well qualified, having previously worked as an aerospace engineer in the Navy Naval Systems Command, before moving on to the Navy Strategic Systems Programs.

In an interview for the Drive, he emphasized that he was confident about the validity of his inventions.

He wrote:

The fact that my work on the design of a Compact Fusion Reactor has been accepted for publication in a prestigious magazine such as the IEEE TPS, should speak volumes about its importance and credibility – and should eliminate (or at least alleviate) all the misconceptions that you (or anyone else) can have regarding the veracity (or possibility) of my advanced physics concepts.

Who is Salvatore Caesar Pais?

Many began to wonder if Salvatore Caesar Pais was even real. Reporters found that Pais received a bachelor’s degree in 1990 and a master’s degree in 1993 in mechanical engineering. There is also evidence that he received a Ph.D. from Case-Western Reserve University in 1999.

Also, there is an image allegedly depicting Pais on a Chinese news blog that also covered patent history.

The alleged image of Salvatore Pais, standing among the large Super Hornet and Growler models.

The alleged image of Salvatore Pais, standing among the large Super Hornet and Growler models.

For many years, scientists have sought to create such superconductors, zero-resistance electrical circuits that generate powerful electromagnetic fields. Most superconductors require incredibly low temperatures, however, which makes them impractical for most applications outside of laboratories or other carefully controlled environments.

As Pais noted in his 2019 AIAA presentation, achieving room temperature superconductivity (RTSC) is a very disruptive technology that can completely change the paradigm in science and technology, and added that its military and commercial value is significant.

Actually, one of the patents

Actually, one of the patents

Several recent experiments in the field of high-temperature superconductivity have had some preliminary success, which suggests that this once inaccessible technology may become available in further research. In a 2019 article, Nature published a summary of high-pressure superconductivity at room temperature and reported that “it seems more likely than ever that the dream of superconductivity at room temperature can be realized in the near future” and that “experimental data now confirms superconductivity at higher temperatures than ever before. “

Thedrive reporters spoke with Dr. Mark Gubrood, a physicist at the University of North Carolina, who holds a Ph.D. in ultra-low temperature and nanoscale experimental physics.

“In the past, I attended“ free energy ”and“ cold fusion ”conferences, and I came across very similar statements. The statement that he has developed or knows how to develop a room temperature superconductor is eternal; as well as statements based on some confusing physics to change space, inertial mass, or the laws of motion. Such things can be seen in meetings and publications, which are a crazy hobby industry, which is mainly associated with the vanity of its participants. “

“Pais’s patents would be considered by most physicists to be nonsense, but there will always be those who can believe it.”

“Pais uses pretty complicated babble to make this sound believable to those who know how real physics sounds, but he doesn’t understand much of it himself. Which probably applies to most patent experts, journalists and the Navy itself.”

If this is nonsense, why did the US Navy “cling to it” like that?

Despite months of research, it is still unclear why the fleet is fighting so fiercely for these patents.

If the U.S. Navy really managed to develop workable room temperature superconductors and electromagnetic force fields, these technologies would revolutionize the war in ways unknown before, not to mention the fact that they led to a paradigm shift in civilian technology. Nevertheless, the biggest question remains: if the fleet really possesses these technologies or thinks that they will become available in the near future, why publish patents?

Given all this, it is entirely possible that these patents are part of some ongoing information campaign aimed at sowing doubt among our opponents and even causing confusion among the American population.

For example, the United States and China are in a new technology arms race. Part of this race involves the production of misinformation to force the enemy to invest resources, both intelligence and research and development, which ultimately lead to a dead end.

In general, these patents certainly add only mystery to the increasingly complex narrative mosaic, which comes directly from the Navy, and which began just when a new era began, the so-called “competition of great powers.”

At the same time, perhaps this is an exciting attempt by the Pentagon to try to understand and imitate the mysterious and, it would seem, highly developed ships, which are supposedly increasingly seen near their own aircraft.

Also, it is worth considering that a breakthrough in a very exotic engine could still be made and that the fleet is ready to invest a lot of money in order to see their further progress. Or, nevertheless, this is a case of wasteful, erroneous, or even directly corrupt spending on ideas that have no real chance to pay off in the future.

The bottom line is that after several months of investigations, referring directly to the fleet and all those involved, it is not clear what the US Navy came up with. The existence of these patents and the main documentation that were revealed only made it all the more confusing.

“But we are not going to stop there”, the authors of the article finalize.

By the way, the device in the patent is very reminiscent of those same “flying triangles, because of which, for a decent time, ufologists are going crazy.

Does this mean that all of the patents mentioned will actually be served in the real world? Probably not, but if one of them does, it will certainly be interesting to see it in action.


Fact or fiction

Psychics from Poland and UK scare with catastrophic predictions for 2021

Psychics from Poland and UK scare with catastrophic predictions for 2021 86

Throughout September, October and November, a large part of Poland is in some panic, frustrated by the predictions of its famous psychic Krzysztof Jakowski. And now, to this mass of excited Poles, the British were added, who listened to what their favorite renowned parapsychologist was saying.

Krzysztof Jakowski for 2021

Early in the morning of November 20, 2020, an interview with the famous Polish clairvoyant Krzysztof Jakowski was posted on YouTube with his predictions for 2021. The video was made in collaboration with a famous Polish youtuber, who asks Krzysztof various questions about what will and what won’t. In particular, there will not be European Union that falls apart. But let us quote the Poles in order.

According to Mr. Jakovski, 2021 will not be an easy year. Although many people would like to rest after the difficulties and challenges that 2020 has put before us, the situation in Poland and in the world will only get worse. The clairvoyant reiterated that a serious armed conflict was inevitable, which would affect many European states. It will start before Catholic Christmas 2020 and everyone will experience “great fear.”

There will be some kind of impact on property around the world – everyone who has something will be in a panic, as states will sharply raise taxes on the rich and begin to take property. The world will see an attempt to restore the building of communism.

This will especially affect Poland, where the local ruling party Law and Justice (Prawo i Sprawiedliwość, PiS) will completely lose fear and begin to tighten the screws. As a result, even the socialism of the times of the Warsaw Pact will seem to the Poles as a children’s matinee and they will rears. By the end of the year, the PiS party will be gone and its former members will be driven through the gateways, as Poles once ran with sticks after the famous commies. 

Naturally, communism and revolutions will also affect the rest of Europe, which will systematically plunge into devastation and chaos. Ultimately, the European Union, or rather, what will remain of it will be dismantled, which will begin by the end of next year.

However, the most unpleasant thing that awaits the world in 2021 is some kind of armed conflict that will not affect Poland in any way, but will terribly scare everyone and, ultimately, destroy the EU economy. Mr. Jakowski finds it difficult to name the exact date of this conflict, since it will not immediately become global and will develop gradually, but historically its beginning will be recorded at the end of 2020. 

In addition, the famous Polish parapsychologist literally says the following:

Bad times are coming. My visions show that this will continue until 2021 and beyond.  There will be many cataclysms in the world. Every year. But in some country where we do not quite expect this, which should be strong and safe, entire cities will burn down. It will be some kind of big country.

Nicholas Aujula for 2021

The psychic’s name is Nicholas Aujula, who as he himself reports, in a past life he lived in Ancient Egypt and was a local princess: In the current call, at the age of 17, the guy experienced a cool out-of-body experience, from which he returned a little out of his mind and now works as a hypnotherapist, specializing in hypnotic regression and people who also returned from the other world and now get along badly with the world around them, not understanding how they got here again.

Psychics from Poland and UK scare with catastrophic predictions for 2021 87

Nicholas Aujula

Well, among other things, as Nicholas claims, he has various visionary incidents. Sometimes these are even just words, which, if the medium tries to interpret reality, then do not correspond in any way. But, if Nicholas later sees in his diary, then he writes, then everything comes true.

In particular, in 2020, the coronavirus came true, which Nicholas called “the flu that will stop the world” and the riots in the United States came true, the essence of which Nicholas did not see, but said that there would be dark-skinned people to fight against fascism. At the end of 2020, according to him, the Third World War will have to begin (the prophecies were made in 2018!), But now, Nicholas has again been hit with a new vision and talking about 2021.

According to Nicholas, the world governments will be able to cope with the coronavirus by next spring and the topic will gradually begin to fade, but at that moment a new virus will appear, which will be much worse than the previous one and the panic will be terrible.

Something like the “great migration of peoples” will begin – Nicholas saw how airports and train stations storm the crowds with suitcases. Some huge hospital will catch fire, but here Nicholas specifies – this may be a symbolic indication of the collapse of world health due to a new virus. But where it will burn for sure – this is in New York, in the visions of Nicholas the whole city was on fire. There will be some kind of world summit, torn apart by some kind of sex scandal, after which ultra-right politicians will begin to come to power all over the world – especially in southern Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

There will be an eruption of some huge volcano, leading to unimaginable climatic changes and which, obviously, will just cause riots that will last another three years and migration. Some kind of death of the world’s political, football and other stars will begin.

Someone will have a “broken heart”, someone will devour pills just to speed up – and so on. But most of all the people will remember Meghan Markle, who will appear on TV and begin to read all the terrible secrets of the royal family.

There will also be an attempt on the life of some famous world leader. Nicholas did not name the politician, specifying only that this leader is a man and that an attempt to kill him would literally blow up the whole world.

We do not know how right this Nicholas is in his predictions, but we noticed that the British press calls him “outrageous”.

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Fact or fiction

The main predictions of Nostradamus for 2021, Deciphered

The main predictions of Nostradamus for 2021, Deciphered 88
Servants of the false prophet and antichrist, illustration to Dante's poem

Leap year 2020 brought with it a lot of troubles and problems. People around the world are waiting for the next year, 2021, to come, on which there are already high hopes. Humanity hopes that the COVID-19 pandemic will pass, that there will be no more squabbles between countries, that it will be possible to travel without restrictions, that people will stop killing and maiming each other due to differences in political views.

What awaits people in 2021? The answer to this question can be found in the forecasts of Nostradamus, who did not predict anything good. Nostradamus is perhaps the most famous clairvoyant in human history. His predictions are written in the form of quatrain verses (quatrains), and many of them have already come true. 

There have been many predictions about the future this year that are believed to belong to the great Nostradamus. All the trials for humanity are only ahead, and it is worth enjoying the minor troubles of the current leap year.

Zombie apocalypse

A Russian scientist will create a biological weapon-virus that can turn people into zombies. The end of humanity may be closer than we think.

If there is no worldwide uprising of the dead, then especially for skeptics there is a prediction about global hunger, earthquakes, diseases and epidemics. The Prophet reported that a catastrophe of this magnitude would throw the human race into the past, and most of them would not be able to survive this “curse.” In principle, a similar situation could be seen in 2020, so this prediction so far sounds like a logical continuation of events.

Biblical famine

Nostradamus predicts that the first signs of the end of the world will be hunger, earthquakes, various diseases and epidemics. They will happen more often.

The 2020 coronavirus pandemic marks the beginning of a series of adverse events that will affect populations around the world. A catastrophe of enormous proportions will return us to the past, and most of the world’s population will not be able to overcome this curse.

Muslims will take over Europe

Further, Nostradamus decided to go over sensitive political issues. Despite the fact that the soothsayer lived in the 16th century, his predictions contain references to the terrorist problem in Europe. The bright mind of that time wrote about a camel that drinks water from the Rhine.

He will get drunk on the Danube from the Rhine, the great Camel (and) will not repent of this. Rhone and the stronger from the Loire will shudder, and the Rooster will destroy him near the Alps, – wrote Nostradamus at the moment of the revelation that came from above.

The “camel” from the prophecies of Nostradamus is a symbol of the Arab population that floods all of Europe. It is unclear whether 2021 will see a new wave of emigration, or demographic projections of low fertility in Europe and large numbers of refugees will catalyze this change.

predictions of Nostradamus: what awaits humanity in 2021
Photo source:  – NASA / GSFC / SDO

Solar storms

In 2021, there will be powerful solar storms that can cause great damage to the planet. It is believed that Nostradamus warned:

“We will see how the water rises, and the earth hides under it.”

The harmful effects of climate change will lead to a multitude of wars and conflicts as the world competes for resources and massive migration ensues.

An asteroid will collide with the Earth or come close to it

“In the sky, a person will see fire and a long trail of sparks.”

It is impossible to start a single year without the threat of an asteroid falling to Earth. This can be interpreted as impending natural disasters, but according to other interpretations of this quatrain, we are talking about a large asteroid that will collide with Earth.

Once in the Earth’s atmosphere, the asteroid will heat up and will seem like a fire in the sky. Indeed, NASA has announced that there is a very real danger that asteroid 2009 KF1 will collide with Earth on May 6, 2021.

A terrible earthquake will destroy California

States should be especially careful in 2021. According to the interpretation of the quatrain written by Nostradamus, an extremely powerful earthquake will destroy California in 2021.

Nostradamus predicts that a massive earthquake will hit the New World (“western lands”), and California is the most obvious place where it could happen. Astrologers expressed solidarity with the forecasts of the forecaster, setting the disaster for November.

According to astrologers, the verse “Mercury in Sagittarius, Saturn is extinguished” indicates the next date when the planets Mars and Saturn will be in this position in the sky – November 25, 2021.

Microchips will be implanted into the heads of American soldiers

American soldiers will become the first human robots to save humanity. The chip implanted in his brain should give us the digital intelligence we need to go beyond biology.

Pope Francis will bring people closer to the church

No matter how many years Pope Francis remains the leader of the Catholic Church, he will leave a wonderful and impressive legacy in his wake. The church will become a lifeboat for more and more people.

Apparently, part of humanity will completely lose hope, so they will have no choice but to pray fervently for mercy?

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Fact or fiction

The Indian astrologer boy predicts a Covid comeback in the coming year

The Indian astrologer boy predicts a Covid comeback in the coming year 89

Abhigya Anand, now 14 years old, is an astrologer. He has repeatedly published his views on the future on YouTube. Among them, in a short film published in August 2019, he predicted that there will be a large-scale epidemic in the world from November 2019 to April 2020. Although he did not directly mention the virus, he made it clear that China “will be severely affected.”

In the latest short film released in early November 2020, Anand proposed predictions and solutions for the coming year.

He said that in the months since June 30, the epidemic and the economy of the whole world have improved. But Jupiter enters Capricorn in November, and the disaster will begin again. From November to April next year is the next dangerous period.

He mentioned that Jupiter and Saturn will meet around December 21 and this conjunction will affect the Earth. From wars, epidemics, the second wave of the COVID-19 epidemic to economic collapse, it can happen, and the vaccine that is being developed may also have problems.

He said that before February 2021, disasters caused by the meeting of multiple planets will appear. Until November 2021, when Jupiter enters Aquarius, most of the catastrophes caused by these celestial changes will gradually disappear.

In this short film, he proposed 7 ways to seek good and avoid evil. The first and most important one is faith in God. He urged people to love nature and help lives, including human and animal lives, so that they can gain the pity of heaven.

Anand was interviewed by a YouTuber in September to explain the current world and government. He said that according to the Vedas of India, the current world regards what was originally correct as wrong, while what was originally wrong is regarded as correct. People need to fight for the truth and need to expose the truth.

He pointed out that the so-called political elites may secretly plan some evil things. If they do, they will soon be retributed, because this is the law of nature. People should do their best to do good things and do things that are beneficial to all lives created by God, otherwise they will be punished by God.

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